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The area known as The midlands in England is fairly self explanatory in that it describes the most central swathe of the country. It includes the counties of Derbyshire, Herefordshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire. Since this covers such a large area, these shire counties tend to be referred to as being within the West midlands area or the East midlands. With the West Midlands bordering Wales, there is not surprisingly some beautiful countryside to be enjoyed whilst the East midlands area enjoys miles of beautiful coastline and sandy beaches which draw visitors every year.

Outstanding Natural beauty

Within England there are many Unesco areas of outstanding natural beauty and not surprisingly the West midlands boasts five wonderful examples in Wye Valley, Shropshire hills, Cannock chase and the Malvern Hills. These are simply stunning places to visit for the breathtaking scenery and a chance to connect with the natural beauty of the world. Of course such beauty does lend an air of romance to your visit so why not combine your visit with a date with any of our sensational Midlands escorts at Foxy Kittens escort agency.
Given that these areas expect large volumes of visitors, there are plenty of hotels and various types of accommodation available for the visitor to rent. Depending on the time of year that you visit, you can add an extra touch of intimacy by renting a country cottage. Log fires and remote locations always add to the sense of seduction and since all of our amazing Midlands escorts are available for longer dates, you could make an entire weekend of it and spend your time exploring more than the local undulations of the countryside.

City escapes in Midlands

If it is the vibrant buzz of city life which fires your imagination then within the West Midlands you will find plenty to occupy your time. Birmingham , Wolverhampton, Dudley, Solihull, Walsall, West Bromwich and Coventry are all large towns and cities located within the West Midlands area with Birmingham being England’s second largest city after London! Hockley heath in Solihull makes the claim for the UK highest number house at 2679 Stratford Road and considering the volume of people in this part of Central England what is more surprising is the fact that there are not more examples like this given the dense population of the Midlands.
Everything you can enjoy in London can be experienced here although our very own Birmingham escorts are exclusive to the area and not available to those in the capital. Whilst all our Birmingham escorts and indeed our entire  Midlands escorts portfolio is happy to provide outcall appointments, they tend to stay within the Midlands area and not venture as far south as our Capital city.

Midlands claims to fame

The West Midlands has much that it is noted for although some of its claims to fame are not as well known as others. The tallest person in the UK comes from Birmingham and at 7’11 she was, until recently, the tallest person in the world although she did not reach the heady heights of the earth’s atmosphere in a balloon like two gents from Wolverhampton in 1862. The University of Birmingham has produced some great minds who went on to win various Nobel prizes for science and their discoveries have shaped the advances in medicine that we enjoy today. Of course the most famous claim that the West midlands makes is that it is the birthplace of Industry and the Industrial revolution which changed the face of society not just in the UK but throughout the world. The glass for the famous Crystal Palace in London was made here and was an astounding innovation for its time. The very first Iron framed building in the world stood in Shrewsbury and a Staffordshire company made the very first transatlantic telegraph cable in 1857. The most wondrous invention came from a Birmingham man in 1922, the very first electric kettle. This has to be up there with the television and telephone in terms of leaps forward in modern society. The West midlands is a powerhouse of imagination and creativity and none more so than our very own West midlands escorts who are young ladies to be celebrated in their own right for their adventurous and imaginative feats of ingenuity. In much the same way that the kettle has been adopted the world over, so too has the need for desirable companionship and at Foxy Kittens we are delighted to have the most desirable leading ladies in that respect.
Chocolate too makes it claim on the West Midlands with Cadbury launching their dairy milk bar in 1905 and the popular board game Cluedo was invented by a Birmingham man. Given the wonderful scenery and wild countryside in this part of the Midlands it will come as no surprise that J R R Tolkien may well have based his Hobbit books on nearby Moseley Bog, Sarehole and Perrotts Folly which were all local to him.

Rural retreats in Midlands

The East midlands may not be as densely populated as its opposite number however covering Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland, it is still a thriving economic hub, especially since this is where the extremely busy East midlands airport is located. Links to London are much more accessible which of course makes it a natural link to the rest of Europe and beyond. Our Midlands escorts and our East Midlands escorts are immensely popular with international visitors who use the East Midlands airport as a gateway to the UK. Gentlemen who have forged links with their UK counterparts often visit for a mid week break or even just for an overnight visit and they like to combine their business with some sensual and erotic pleasure. This is of course where our East Midlands escorts excel and disproves the old adage that you cannot mix business with pleasure.

The East Midlands is much more accessible than the West Midlands due to its position along the Motorway network of the UK. Those who regularly travel up and down the country for means of business or pleasure often find that locations within the East Midlands are a natural stop gap and it is at these times that a relaxing encounter with our stunning Midlands escorts is the ideal way to revitalise and rejuvenate before continuing to the final destination. Derby, Leicester, Lincoln and Nottingham and other major towns including Boston, Chesterfield, Corby, Grantham, Hinckley, Kettering, Loughborough, Mansfield, Northampton and Wellingborough are all excellent places to enjoy a tryst with our Midlands escorts. We have many local companions available In these areas and indeed the surrounding villages too and given that our Midlands escort agency provides outcall encounters, clients only need to find their own accommodation and our Midlands escorts will find you!

This is one area that is rich in natural features. Around 40 percent of the country’s output of aggregates come from Lincolnshire and 25 percent come from Derbyshire and when you consider that Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire is home to volcanic rock estimated to be around 600 million years old it is not surprising that the country is basically built from materials from this area. Barwell in Leicestershire was the site of a 7kg meteorite landing on Christmas eve in 1965 and the earth certainly moved for Lincolnshire residents in 2008 when an earthquake of 5.2 magnitude was measured. Clients would find this as no surprise as our Lincolnshire escorts are some of the most exciting anywhere in the UK and if there were no such an abundance of scientific evidence to prove otherwise, one could be lead to believe that it was simply the talents and skills of our Lincolnshire escorts which started the tremours!

Given that much of the East Midlands area is in fact forestry and rural landscape it truly is a measure of achievement that such a small urban area can boast such excellent economic output. This and the beautiful surrounding countryside is what attracts visitors in their droves and once in the area, the qualities and the talents of our escorts only ensures that visitors tend to return. For those who initially visit for the beauty and tranquil peace, Sherwood forest and its links with Robin Hood and Rockingham Forest – designated as hunting areas by William The Conqueror no less are natural locations to head for.  If you are looking for a forest hideaway, you can find plenty of private log cabins which offer the peace and privacy for total intimacy. The chance to be at one with nature and to get away from modern day living can certainly be appealing for a short time at least. Our gorgeous East Midlands escorts are the perfect partners to get back to basics with as they know plenty of ways to keep occupied both day and night. A particularly inviting evening can be enjoyed in front of a roaring log fire in the midst of winder surrounded by whispering trees. Our team at Foxy Kittens can certainly make the arrangements for you to escape the monotony of modern day living and get back to basics whenever you choose and for however long you want.

The Industrial heritage of the East midlands may not be as extensive as the West midlands however it is just as geographically far reaching. The founder of the American Industrial revolution was known to be Samuel Slater who originally came from Derbyshire. He memorised the layout of the machinery of the textile factory at Milford Mill and took it to Rhode island where it was adopted by the very grateful inhabitants of the New World. What they did not know was that he had travelled illegally and was charged with prosecution if he ever set foot on British soil again. Needless to say he made his fortune in America and never returned to face the music of his crime.

Connecting in  Midlands

Our East midlands escorts welcome those from USA who dare to tread on their ancestors home soil. With regular connecting flights from East midlands airport our high class Midlands escorts get to spend time with clients from all corners of the globe and indeed given the fact that the M1 and the A1 motorways transverse the East midlands, people from up and down the country regularly pass through although they do tend to make a point of stopping once they have enjoyed the delights that our Midlands escorts offer.
If visiting this part of England is something you have planned then do make a point of contacting our team and having one of our stunning Midlands escorts spend some time with you during your stay. No matter how long or for how short a period you are in the Midlands our Midlands escorts will provide high class female  companionship to ensure your time in this Industrial yet  rural part of England is a true success.

Foxy Kittens West Midlands Escorts

No matter how large the metropolis you live in or visit, Foxy Kittens has an escort for you. We cover West Midlands, embracing places such as Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Smethwick, Solihull, Stourbridge, Walsall, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton among other towns in the locale.

Foxy Kittens are a registered, professional escort agency and have been operating since 2005. Our knowledge of escorts is second to none and we pride ourselves on the presenting the right girl to satisfy your emotional or physical needs.

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There's plenty to go, do and see for a romantic or flirtatious liaison in West Midlands. Hotels, restaurants, clubs, bars abound throughout the shire, and it's multi-ethnic natures means the diverse range of cultures afford a memorable experience for an escort of any ethnic origin, ensuring a day or night of pleasure for both parties.

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How to Make a Kitten Purr

Many of our clients, especially regulars, like to show their appreciation for a wonderful liaison with a beautiful, capable and caring woman.

You can do similar, not necessarily with financial reward but by generosity in other areas. Why not offer your Birminham escort a meal or enquire about her taste in perfume and presenting a beautiful and unexpected gift. You can learn about your escort's tastes on her profile page.

And please be mindful that apart from being professionals in their art, they are also sensitive ladies who are attentive to their engagements but who also have feelings of their own.

Facts About Escorts - Japan

In the early to mid 17th century the Japanese feudal society was, by its very nature, denied an authoritative central government, so there could be no national legislation legislating escort services.

However, large cities such as Kyoto and Osaka recognised a consistent and ever-growing social phenomenon and - rather than condemnation - exercised a more pragmatic approach: set aside such activities within enclaves estranged from the nuclear city and designate them as 'pleasure centres'.

The devolution resulted in autonomy within the 'favours' profession and encouraged a class distinction between the escort - or courtesan - profession: the general lady of favour and the cultured 'tayu', whose considerable skills in artistic and social skills held them in a state of cultural stasis and elevated their public appearance to reverential status.

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Romantic Escorts offer an opportunity to re-engage in socialising with a prospective partner, whether through bereavement, a broken relationship or when life takes a sudden turn for good or ill and the individual feels it's time to get back into the swing of things.

We can provide that companionship with one of our West Midlands escorts, whether you want a meeting at home or at a romantic location.

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What a special lady. Sienna and Candy joined me and my wife for a very sexy and fun session. Both ladies are beautiful and fun to be around. We can't wait to have them back.

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