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History of Norwich

After the Normans conquered England in 1066, they took a long, hard look at Norfolk, more specifically Norwich. Recognising the trading significance of the town they were quick to identify the nearby high ground, clear it of any dwellings and churches and construct a castle. 30 years of reshaping and construction were to follow, culminating in the commencement of Norwich Cathedral at the end of the century. The 12th century began with the rebuilding of the castle from stone rather than wood.

Apart from sporadic fighting between late Viking instructions, a number of instances of the Black Death, squabbles over land ownership, a disturbing massacre of Jewish families and the ignoble distinction of being excommunicate by the Catholic Church for the sacking of a monastery by townsfolk, Norwich grew steadily and by the 1450s was one of the wealthiest and most populous cities in England. But the completion of the 2.5 mile city wall and the restriction on building outside the walls meant that growth faltered. Nevertheless, this did not prevent the building of some 70 medieval churches.

Norwich - 16th to 18th Century

Wool had long been the mainstay of the city's wealth, with many townsfolk producing cloth but by the 16th century heavy taxation meant than wool originally bound for Norwich ended up in the hands of weavers in Suffolk and Essex. Norwich weavers and other citizens left the city to setup cloth production and other businesses elsewhere. The start of the decline was exacerbated by two city fires which consumed large areas of the city. Even the once popular market fell into decay. Matters were alleviated by the arrival of Dutch weavers and other folk from abroad fleeing persecution. The textile industry was revived and by the 1700s Norwich was once again a major cloth manufacturer.

It was also politically divided between the Tories and the Whigs. During the century new trades flourished such as printing and brewing and to complement the ever-growing meeting houses and pubs, the Theatre Royal opened as a place for political opinion.

Leather, Shoes and Colman's

The late 1800s saw a new industry emerge - leather - leading to boot and shoe manufacturing, generating some 8,000 jobs. Moreover trade links were boosted with the arrival of the railways in 1845, connecting Norwich to London. Furthermore, Colman set up his famous mustard business in Carrow, not only producing mustard but diversifying into barley water and household products.

Industrialisation and transportation were the hallmark of Norwich at the start of the 20th century, typified by the introduction of a tram system and road improvements. Norwich factories built aircraft during the Great War, producing some 2,500 assorted aircraft. World War II saw the city ravaged by incendiary bombs, destroying or damaging over 60,000 homes but with a mercifully low death rate: 340 people. The intervening war years were a further period of housing development.

Places to Visit with your Escort in Norwich

There are 2000 years of history awaiting you and your Norwich escorts. From Roman, medieval, Victorian through to modern times, Norwich offers a wealth of architecture. Within many structures are theatres like the Royal, the Playhouse or Maddermarket with a variety of live performances. Cinema City screens classic, current and art-house films coupled with a dining area and bar, allowing for a combined evening of wining, dining and viewing.

Modern Norwich

Post war growth was a gradual process and, as with many industrial town and cities, heavy construction gave way to service industries like banking and insurance, and heralded the growth of science and research businesses. The retail sector grew steadily with redevelopment projects like the Castle Mall and Chapelfield shopping centres, the Cathedral and the Riverside retail parks, as well as a revamped high street. In the centre of the city Norwich operates a market 6 days of the week, specialising in local produce.

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