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History of Lincoln

First partially destroyed by fire then shattered by an earthquake, Lincoln Cathedral grew to its current magnificence after Hugh of Lincoln in 1192 ordered a huge program of reconstruction and redevelopment and led to further enlargement of the cathedral. 45 years later the main tower collapsed, possibly through poor architectural design or poor workmanship, but was soon rebuilt.

But Lincoln was not always such a prosperous city. The earliest signs of habitation date back to the late Iron Age but it was during the Roman period after AD 48 that Lincoln first grew to significance. Legionnaires were garrisoned on a hilltop fortress that eventually was renovated as a retirement home for veterans once the legion was migrated to York some 20 years later. Lincoln then grew around the fortress and became a Roman colony — which was probably when Lincoln escorts first appeared, satisfying the needs of the Roman conquerors.

The town grew through sea trade brought by its two rivers and enjoyed prosperity for 230 years; however, by 500 AD Lincoln's population had dwindled and the town faded into insignificance.

A Period of Growth

It would be nearly 300 years before Lincoln again rose from obscurity, aided, as were many towns during the time, by the Viking invasion, which brought trade and Danish law to many of England's sea-linked settlements, town and cities. By 900 Lincoln proper was established and an extensive building program began, culminating in the construction of the first Lincoln Cathedral and spawning numerous monasteries for the landed bishops in the diocese of Lincoln.

Lincoln survived the protracted civil war of the period and by 1150 was a very affluent town trading in cloth, the famous Lincoln Green worn by Robin Hood and no doubt also by escorts in Lincoln at the time.

And Decline

Once again Lincoln fell into disrepair. From about 1350, due to the ravages of flooding, disease and political and physical isolation the town fell into decay. And when the main cathedral tower again collapsed in 1549 through the simple decay of time it was not rebuilt. By the mid 17th century the town was almost abandoned and it would not be until around the 1750s that it would again see better fortune.

Places to Take Your Escort in Lincoln

The cathedral is an obvious candidate to visit with your Lincoln escort, a huge structure standing for over 920 years. Then there is the Norman castle, build in 1068 and seeing use even today as the city's Crown Courts.

If history fails to inspire, an evening at Brayford Waterfront, an inland marina at the heart of Lincoln supporting a number of different restaurants and cuisines: British, Indian, Italian, American, Mexican and Thai food. There is even a floating restaurant.

Whilst you are there you may want to see a film at the 9-screen Odeon multiplex or take a river boat tour.

Lincoln and Suburbs

Places to visit with your escort

Modern Lincoln

With the redredging and reopening of the Fossdyke canal in 1774, Lincoln once more had the logistics for coal and industrial materials and became a late starter in the Industrial Revolution. It was soon to emerge as one of England's great centres of heavy engineering, re-establishing itself as a viable commercial centre. The period of the Great Wars meant Lincoln becoming heavily involved in munitions and military vehicles production. The population also grew. Post-war Lincoln again adapted its industrial might to produce gas turbine and diesel engines but, although still a major employer, the economic climate of modern Lincoln - as with most of the UK - has moved away from heavy industry.

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