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History of King's Lynn

Originally a settlement dating back to the 10th century, King's Lynn (or Lynn as it was then known) came to life in 1101 when a Church was built and the townsfolk were granted the privilege to hold a weekly market. Trade then grew across the network of inland waterways and the town was firmly established - and shortly thereafter to change its name to Bishop's Lynn.

International trade with Europe was soon to follow. Trading with merchants from towns and cities in Northern Germany and the Baltics comprising the Hanseatic League contributed significantly to Lynn's wealth and justified the construction of a guildhall and warehouses during the early 15th century. Lynn was by then considered the 3rd port of England behind London and Southampton. Around the same time the town was fortified with the South and East Gates, perhaps more to monitor any control merchant taxation in and out of the town than as a defensive post.

Trade Expansion

With Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries the town's name was changed to reflect royal ownership and became King's Lynn in 1537.

Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries the town continued to grow, with a customs house added to the now two guildhalls. Farmland was claimed from fens drainage which further promoted agricultural trade, and other craft and skills developed such as glass making and shipbuilding. However, the discovery of the Americas impacted heavily on the town's maritime trade since the new merchant routes favoured the southern and western English ports. King's Lynn fell into decline. The general effects of the plague's five visits no doubt contributed to the waning population.


The arrival of the railways in the late 1800s helped to recuperate the town and the construction of public amenities like a museum, library and, in 1928, a cinema heralded the regeneration of the '30s. A new central post office was soon to follow.

Surviving relatively undamaged although not unaffected by the two World Wars, King's Lynn's post-war prosperity grew slowly with the building of housing estates upon signing an overspill agreement with the GLC in 1962, a new industrial centre and the redevelopment of the town centre.

Places to Visit with your Escort in King's Lynn

During the day there are numerous building to visit, most of which are of great historical interest, representing and illustrating the seafaring nature of the town from it's very beginnings at the start of the 12th century. Your King's Lynn escorts will know the area and can take you on an historical tour of the town.

Alternatively, you might want to get up to speed with the latest shows at the Corn Exchange or take in a film at the Majestic Theatre. And if you're feeling hungry, you can taste great local food in traditional country pubs or try a local brew like Nelson's Blood. Perhaps your escort would like an exotic treat like fresh oysters, swilled down with champagne.

Modern King's Lynn

King's Lynn has undergone further town redevelopment, heralded in 2004 by a £50 million spend: the Vancouver Quarter, a major shopping centre, complemented with a brand new multi-storey car park - voted top placement by the AA's national car park survey. Other improvements to the towns transportation hubs included a revamp of the bus station in 2005. Another initiative to attract tourists and offer value to the indigenous population was the restoration of walks in and around its park.

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