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Foxy Kittens maintain a number of out-call escorts in Cambridge who can be at your door within the hour. Our Cambridge escorts selection operate in and around the city on almost a 24-hour basis, and are available after a quick phone call. Most clients book for an hour or two but some request their escorts extend their visit - which many are happy to do.

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City of Cambridge

Cambridge is one of the UK's great seats of learning and one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements, with an archaeological history dating back some 3,500 years form the Bronze Age and including Roman and Viking settlements, therefore Cambridge escorts are not a recent attraction to the area.

Its location in a loop of the River Cam has served it well as a trading centre from the earliest recorded times. By the late 8th century and under Viking rule, the town prospered and saw further growth which soon established it as a centre of commerce. As governing powers waxed and waned Cambridge grew steadily with churches and merchant centres until it found itself under the control of a succession of kings of England.

During the mid 1300s the town was decimated by the Black Death sweeping across Europe, and it took nearly 150 years for the general population of the UK to recover. Further upheaval was shortly to follow when, as a result of Cambridge's participation in the Peasants' Revolt, the town's rights to free trading was diminished and handed over to the university authorities.

Growth and Industry

The 1800s saw the industrial revolution, the arrival of the railway and the growth of its population due to fenland reclamation, since when the charted city (1951) has seen consistent growth as well as a steady increase in the number of Cambridge escorts operating throughout the city.

Cambridge University and associated colleges was established in 1209 and a second university was added in 1992. The predominant science high-tech industries are in software systems development and biosciences. Indeed Cambridge has been dubbed 'Silicon Fen'. As well as creating revenue from these market sectors, Cambridge also generates significant revenue from tourism, some £351 annually and employing some 6.500 people.

Where to Take Your Cambridge Escorts

There are a number of restaurants of varied cuisine at which to wine and dine your escorts in Cambridge. You can learn about your escort's favourite cuisine by visiting her profile page. We have provided a selection of restaurants offering a variety of cuisines.

If the cinema or theatre is more to your taste then Cambridge has a lot to offer. The ADC Theatre is the oldest university playhouse, famous for its Footlights Review. Cambridge Art Theatre has a 75 year history of Drama, Dance, Music, Opera, and Pantomime. But by far and away the largest entertainment venue in Cambridge is the Corn Exchange offering a range of shows from stand up comedy to sell-out concerts across the music gamut.

Cambridge and Suburbs

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All of our escort images are genuine photographs, either taken at our dedicated photographic studio or submitted by the escort herself, so you know if she's busty, brunette, or an beguiling blue-eyed blonde. Visit our galleries and see for yourself. The only time we will ever cleanse a specific part of an image is to disguise any distinguishing features such as clearly visible tattoos. Discretion is not reserved only for clients; we respect our escorts' wishes.

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