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5' 7" (170.1cm)
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Jean Paul
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We are delighted to introduce Melissa who has been introduced to us by a mutual friend.

In addition to having great looks, Melyssa has a wonderful, chatty personality that will put you at ease within moments of meeting her.

She is an intelligent lady with excellent communication skills. A good listener with the ability to mix easily in any social or formal situation, she makes it very easy to spend time in her company.

Melissa takes great pride in her appearance and is always immaculately presented, even when dressed in casual clothing. Her wonderful warm and caring personality is guaranteed to make you feel relaxed, happy and thoroughly recovered from the daily stresses of life.

In her spare time, Melissa enjoys many outdoor activities, though long afternoons out and beach walks are her firm favorites.

At 28 years old, Melissa is in her prime. She is a petite 5ft 7ins tall with a smooth, lightly tanned body measuring 32c-25-32, making her a dress size 8. She has shoulder length, silky brunette hair and sparkling Blue eyes.


Key Towns Covered

ZZMELISSA EE visits across the following main town and cities: Biggin Hill Airport, Birmingham Airport, Cambridge Airport, Coventry Airport, East Midlands Airport, Gatwick Airport, Heathrow Airport, Humberside Airport, Kent Airport, London City Airport, Luton Airport, Norwich Airport, Oxford Airport, Southampton Airport, Southend Airport, Stansted Airport and across many other town and shires. Don't worry if your town is not mentioned, our escort chauffeurs drive ZZMELISSA EE to numerous destinations across the region.

ZZMELISSA EE's Escort Reviews

I had Melyssa for few hours but never was enough, I want her for cuz she is great in all in (fun,good personality and been just perfect for me). I would like her in my life. Don't lose the chance and get her. See you very soon Mell xxx

— Sam, Mk - 24/07/2016

Mylissa is wonderful - she is the best - she is a princess

— Colin, a - 12/07/2015

Fantastic, a great 2hrs spent with the very lovely Melyssa, very easy to converse with and a great laugh as well, so easy going and pleasant, an evening to remember.

— Chris , Bicester - 11/01/2015

Had Melyssa come to see me again last night. she is such a lovely person and so beautiful with a body to match. You must book this lady she is one of the best. Thank you Melyssa I will be booking you again soon x.

— Ray, Shefford - 11/10/2014

Melyssa should be the Queen of FOXY. Great girl,in one word she is PERFECT. Thank you FOXY x

— Tim, oxford - 11/10/2014


— John, Corby - 10/09/2014

I booked Malyssa on Wednesday 3rd September. She is a beautiful sexy lady in all ways. I will be booking her again soon. Thank you Malyssa X

— Ray, Shefford - 06/09/2014

You look so hot

— Lee, Minehead - 14/04/2014

Melyssa is one sexy women!!! I had a great time with her and will definitely see her again

— Andrew, Aylesbury - 15/12/2013

Lovely lady, guys treat her well and you will be rewarded with interest ;-)

— Bee , Jay - 12/12/2013

Hi looking for some good time...this is the ady to book xx

— Rajan, Egham - 09/11/2013

A very beautiful and genuinely lovely lady. Very intelligent and wonderful, relaxing company. Treat her with respect. She is very special.

— A, Kettering - 09/12/2012

double trouble what a night

— matt, didcor - 23/06/2012

when i booked Melyssa i did not know i would be visited by a Romanian princess

— edward, Milton Keynes - 01/04/2012

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