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02/03/2018 - Still Available to Book

Just so you all know Foxy Kittens are still available to book. It might be snowing out there but the drivers will bring them safely to you so you can enjoy a night in not having to go out in the snow. Foxy Kittens will come and keep you company and feeling warm inside

15/01/2018 - Dry January

Of course with every new year come the usual resolutions of being fitter, thinner, healthier and so on but a trend which has been gaining popularity for the last few years is ‘dry January’. This is where people decide that they will drink no alcohol throughout the entire month and when it started a few years ago there were only a few thousand who said they were taking part however this year there have been over 3.1 million people state that Dry January is something they will be taking part in.

The reasons that people decide to give up alcohol for an entire month vary. For many it is simply the case that they have overdone it in December and they want to give their bodies and especially their livers a bit of a break. For many people it is simply the fact that they cannot afford to go out anywhere anyway as they are faced with the credit card bills for their Christmas splurge so Dry January is a good excuse to stay in and not feel bad about not being able to afford to go out. Obviously Dry January is not good news for those businesses why rely on customers drinking and many bars and pubs have to resort to other ways of enticing customers through their doors. They will have their work cut out though as research shows that most people who say they are giving up alcohol for the month actually do manage to do it although, as we stated earlier, whether this is willpower of their own or something that has been enforced by their limited funds is a different thing altogether!

There are of course health benefits to cutting down on alcohol intake with 49% of people saying that they lose weight and 62% of people saying they sleep better of course with 79% of people saying they save money it is not difficult to see why most people do it. With all that money you have saved you could enjoy many different naughty encounters with our sexy escorts, in fact your naughty tryst could actually work out cheaper than spending a boring night down the pub so there are those benefits too, not that the charity Alcohol Concern will focus on that benefit too much!

Alcohol plays a big part in all our socialising. We often pop out for a drink when we meet with a new date or even include it in our business deals however drinking alcohol does not have to be the excuse to enjoy a night out, nights in can be enjoyed even more if you are in the right company!

Our gorgeous outcall escorts do not have to rely o alcohol to make them more imaginative and fun. Our stunners will bring the party atmosphere to any occasion and all without the aid of alcohol so if you are thinking of joining in with dry January campaign, then why not reward yourself with a naughty tryst with one of our beauties. The added benefits will also include sleeping better as you are totally relaxed and in most cases exhausted, weight loss as intimate encounters can be often be better than an entire workout and a healthier heart as cardio work gets the blood and pulse rate pumping and exercises your organs for tip top health so as you can see perhaps we should start a ‘wet January;’ which includes something totally different to alcohol!

Why not try it for the month and see how much better you feel. You wont be any worse off financially either as the money you have saved on alcohol have funded the entire month of pleasure. Win-win!

15/01/2018 - Pornhub Christmas Stats

Pornhub has today released its Christmas stats on what their users were searching for over Christmas. Whilst most of us have spent Christmas stuck indoors with various family members that we are unlikely to see again until next year, others have been getting it on alone whilst searching for festive porn. The different types of porn will certainly offer something more interesting than the festive TV schedule although you would definitely need to be away from those distant cousins, aunts and uncles in order to watch it in peace!

Whilst much of the country was settling down to watch LoveActually or The snowman, others were getting their groove on to a Christmas orgy or a Christmas threesome. Elf sex was a popular search as was a Christmas gangbang and santas horny helpers. Dick in a box was a rather odd choice of search but apparently with a 570% increase over the Christmas period it certainly seems to slide someone’s sledge!

These stats from Porn Hub only go to show that our tastes is our desires can be as wild and wonderful as could possibly be. Our imaginations know no bounds although what people search for online compared to what they are willing to engage in, is an altogether different thing. Our own beautiful outcall escorts are always ready to try something new and if that involves dressing up as Santa’s little helper then so be it but you would be surprised as to how few gentlemen actually ask for this. There seems to be a certain degree of shyness in our clients asking for what they actually want and this is something that we at Foxy Kittens would like to change.

The encounters that our sexy escorts at Foxy Kittens offer should be all about excitement and personal expression. Our girls love to enjoy new and imaginative pleasures and are often the ones to suggest something new. Our clients, of course, thoroughly enjoy these new experiences but are not always the ones to suggest them. We would like to see that in 2018 our clients took that extra little step in being much more open about their wildest dreams and the things that tickle their fancy. Our service is one in which our clients can let go of their regular lives and allow themselves to become who or whatever they want for the duration of the date so if that involves a little bit of roleplay then that is great.

Roleplay is something that adds that extra little kick to an encounter. It can make things even more exciting than clients can ever imagine. The reason we watch TV or films is to escape reality so why not include this in our personal and intimate encounters too? Roleplay is sometimes seen as something that is childish or something to make fun of however it allows the mind to be set free and our desires to take over from our minds and allow us to fully enjoy the moment as two bodies rather than the people we have moulded ourselves to be. Roleplay allows us to release tensions that we hold onto in our everyday lives. We can let our imaginations run wild and simply let our desires take over. Tests have shown that total relaxation has positive benefits in all aspects of our lives from our productivity to our relationships and personalities in general so the next time you book a date with one of our stunning escorts at Foxy Kiittens, have a look at pornhub first and see what the most popular searches are for some inspiration!

15/01/2018 - Sex Appeal

It is well known that historically men thought that blondes were more appealing than brunettes however with so many popular stars and celebrities, who are famed for their sex appeal and their beauty being brunettes, we would have thought that the tide had turned and that brunettes were finally getting their share of the limelight, however according to new research from Minnesota university, men still prefer blondes it seems!

Researchers at a University in Minnesota apparently had nothing better to do than to research this subject and from their findings it was deduced that men rated women with lighter colour hair as being younger and healthier than those with darker hair colours. The researchers showed 110 men computer generated images of women with blonde, brown or black hair and the men were asked to rate them in order of preference for a number of different things. These things ranged from perceptions as to health, youth, mothering qualities and long term relationship potential and interestingly enough the men chose the brunettes the most as being the favourite for long term relationships and their mothering qualities! Blonde women were judged as being more promiscuous than their brunette haired counterparts which seems that the old adage of blondes have more fun is still perceived the same today as it has always been.

There has always been the thought process that men preferred blondes as dates and brunettes as mates but this research shows that despite equality drives and measures to ensure that women are treated equally in the work place, men it seems still have a lot of catching up to do! It was thought that this school of thought came from the cavemen age when lighter hair was deemed as a woman being more fertile however science has shown that lighter hair actually naturally happens when a woman is less fertile and older so even though the science has it, the pop culture still has quite a bit of catching up to do.

Whatever your preferences, at Foxy Kittens escort agency we have a number of beautiful brunettes and gorgeous blondes who are all available for dating. We don’t believe in long term relationships, so gents do not have to wonder whether their brunette date is seeking something more permanent as all our girls are happy to enjoy a brief liaison and nothing more. The beauty of the service we provide is in the fact that all our escorts, regardless of their hair colour, are not interested in any form of commitment and only want to have fun with their clients for the duration of the date. The lack of emotional baggage means that the encounters can be wild and free just like our stunning escorts themselves so science and research accounts for nothing in the service we provide!

We would like to think that our clients are a little more open minded than those who took part in this latest research and that our brunette escorts are every bit as sexy, exciting and fun as our blondes but rather than take the world of just 100 men in Minnesota, why not make a date with our brunettes and our blondes and find out for yourself. You can do this by booking a duo appointment with any of our escorts and you can mix a blonde with a brunette and see what happens. It is likely that you will fully engage with both beauties and at the end of the date will know that blondes and brunettes are just as fun as each other and hair colour has nothing to do with anything!

15/01/2018 - High Winds in the Midlands

The Midlands has started the New Year with a bit of a weather bashing. At the start of the working week and indeed the start of a new year at work, many people woke up this morning to find that they had no power in their homes or cities. Over 2000 homes and businesses across the Midlands have been affected by Storm Eleanor which hit the UK in the first week of January and road and rail networks across the country has had to battle with fallen debris and uprooted trees which of course disrupt services.

The winds which have reached over 100mph in some parts have put lives at risk on the roads with HGV lorries being blown off the motorways in parts of Cumbria and with flood warnings in over 65 places across the country there has never been a better time to enjoy a ‘duvet day’. Of course having a ‘duvet day’ is no fun on your own so why not make a single call and have one of our beautiful Midlands escorts come and visit you to make the whole day a lot brighter. Our outcall escorts are local so they don’t have to battle through many storms to get to you and they can ensure that there is plenty to keep you occupied until the power is restored. There are a great many things that are made more difficult by a lack of power and electricity however our beautiful Midlands escorts have wonderful imaginations and can usually think of something to do to pass the time that doesn’t involve electricity – battery power is a different thing altogether!

Our Midlands escorts are bright, beautiful, energetic and adventurous. Father Christmas has brought many of them new and exciting toys to play with and they are eager to try them out. There have been some wonderful innovations in the desire department this year and many of them have involved technology in some form or another so if you want to keep up to date on the latest gadgets and gizmos for sensual pleasure and fun then it is worth calling us and booking that encounter with our stunning escorts in the Midlands.

Birmingham is known as the second city of the UK. It is a technology and innovation hub and is where most of the new technology is created and designed so it stands to reason that our Midlands escorts are often the first beauties to get hold of all the new gadgets. They are imaginative and creative enough to want to invest9gate anything that will add a new dimension to their pleasure and heighten the experience for themselves and their clients so if you want to make your encounter as electric as possible during a blackout then this is the way to go!

In most cases, the power for property and business is never out for long. The authorities usually make it a priority to ensure it is restored as fast as possible so that normal service is resumed, and the area can continue to work as always however during those times when there seems to be nothing else to do it can be worthwhile to stop stressing and simply enjoy the surprise free time you have and make a date with our beauties in the Midlands. Our outcall service means that our escorts can usually get to you in a short space of time and they are not bothered by any travel issues as a result of storms or power problems. Why not make the most out of some surprise spare time and give our Midlands escort agency a call!

08/01/2018 - Time to Think of Your Summer Break

Devon and Cornwall may be idyllic places to visit in the summer. Indeed, we see millions of people visit for their annual summer holidays in the UK due to the beautiful sandy beaches and excellent surfing opportunities however in the winter time, the location of these towns on the south west tip of the UK means that these places are often the first to suffer when bad weather from the Atlantic hits.

This has been the case at the start of this year as storm Eleanor smashed into Britain. The seafront at popular holiday destination Ilfracombe suffered huge waves and swells which smashed into the seafront dragging everything off the promenade into the sea. Portreath in Cornwall did not manage to escape the fury of the storm either as the harbour wall was pummelled so much that it collapsed under the sheer battering of the wind and the sea. Water breached the sea walls in Dorset too, a place where the wealthy like to have a bolt hole. Dorset is one of the most expensive places in the UK, despite being so far from the Capital as this is where there are some amazing views off the edge of the country and the properties built here are super expensive with cutting edge technology and décor to take advantage of it.

The weather offices have issued severe weather warnings for much of the country and of course travel plans for many people have been disrupted by fallen trees or other debris on their train tracks or roads. This is on the day in which most people have just returned to work after the Christmas break so is just another thing to add to the depression of it all. Whilst most of the bad weather has been reserved for the South West corner of the country, London has not escaped either. The M25 has been closed in sections due to fallen trees and this of course has resulted in major traffic problems. Not something that concerns our beautiful escorts in the Southwest though as they have other weather related issues to think about.

Even though most people in the rest of the UK think of areas such as Devon and Cornwall as places to visit in the summer, there are many innovation centres in the area which attract visiting businessmen throughout the year. As everyone returns to work, lots of high fliers find themselves travelling down to the far reaches of the country, wondering whether they can still enjoy the liaisons they are used to in their home towns but fear not as our beautiful Foxy kittens escort agency offers outcalls in all areas of the country and we have galleries that include ladies who are available in all areas of the South West. Our outcall escorts can visit clients in Devon and Dorset as well as Cornwall and Somerset so if a client is used to enjoying an encounter with a beautiful woman he does not have to forgo the pleasure just because he is not in the city anymore.

Our outcall escort agency offers an ever-changing choice of kittens and the fact that our outcall service covers the entire region means that no matter where a client is staying he can always choose a suitable companions regardless of her own location. A single call will confirm your booking although if you prefer to book online we can make arrangements this way. Of course, it goes without saying that all encounters are discreet and professional as one would expect an escort agency our our calibre to be. Why not call and book a South West escort tonight!

08/01/2018 - Our Beautiful Outcall Escort

2018 could go down in history as the year in which scientists found the cure to hair loss. The boffins at Indiana University have been using stem cells to see if they can generate new hair follicles and whilst testing has been limited to mice at this stage, they have been so successful that plans are now being made to extend tests into figuring out how to replicate the natural growth of hair follicles in humans which is great news for those who suffer from hair loss.

Men suffer more than women and it was previously thought that hair loss was a result of high volumes of the male hormone testosterone, which actually means that a bald man or something who is suffering from thinning hair is a more potent male and much more virulent than someone with a full head of hair. Something of a backhanded compliment!

Our beautiful outcall escorts are not bothered by the amount of hair their clients have. They know that most gents who suffer from hair loss have high sex drives and this is confirmed by previous scientific findings in hormone levels. People worry far too much about how they are perceived by others rather than how their actions are perceived, and our stunning outcall escorts know that actions certainly speak louder than words or appearances for that matter!

Despite the fact that the results of the scientific study will be welcomed by many men across the world, our Southern escorts are only interested in the gentlemen who are in their part of the world in the South. Our outcall escorts cover areas such as Cornwall, Devon and Dorset as well as Hampshire, Kent and Somerset, so if you happen to be located in these areas then our Southern Foxy Kittens are the ones to seek out.

Exeter Science Park is the place in the South West where all the technology and science is conducted. Here, the STEMM Cell is something a little different in that it stands for Science, technology, engineering, Maths and Medicine. This group of scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs seek out new ways to improve business productivity and innovation. They look at ways in which we can create new fuels and energy efficiency across the globe, so this is where the true innovators can be found. Our Exeter escorts are available for those who visit the various presentations that take place at the Science Park as these attract speakers and delegates from around the world. Our beautiful local escorts in Exeter are available for encounters once all the science work is over as even scientists have to have a few hours of downtime too!

Exeter boasts more than just a science park though. It is an historic ancient city which dates back to Roman times and beyond. There is an ancient Roman wall which surrounds the entire city and evidence of Saxon settlements have also been found. Of course this is in the area of the famous Stone circle at Stone Henge and many people who visit this world heritage site often travel onto Exeter in Devon afterwards. Exeter is the second most populated city in the county and swells in the summer months with holidaymakers both domestic and international. Not only do the beautiful beaches attract people but Exeter Castle, a Normal landmark and other heritage sites also being visitors in. The town centre has a vast choice of shops for those who are not interested in the sand or surf. Our beautiful Exeter escorts are busy throughout most of the year though, so we would always advise booking in advance where possible.

08/01/2018 - January 8th is Known to Lawyers as ‘Divorce Day’

Once Christmas and New Year are over there are only the bills and bad weather to comfort us in January! January is known to be the bleakest month of the year as the festivities come to an end and the reality of having to pay for it all hits us. Returning to work after , what is for some, a protracted holiday break is often more than people can stand however for others the chance to get out of the house and away from enforced family gatherings is a godsend!

January 8th is known to Lawyers as ‘divorce day’. It has become known as such as this is the date when they see the most enquiries to their offices about starting divorce proceedings. It seems that this spike is due to the fact that already unhappy couples have had to spend an extended period of time together over the Christmas break and this has forced them into making a decision that the relationship is not something they want to continue.

One of the biggest relationship charities, Relate, sees a peak in calls over the entire January period with an additional 24% of the population seeking their guidance of the month. Oddly enough a survey by the charity revealed that 10% of those who eventually got divorced stated that if they had received guidance earlier then they felt that their relationship could have been saved but then that of course means that 90% stated that it couldn’t.

For many people, it is the fact that they are thrown together with not just their immediate family but extended family too. There are always those cousins or brothers and sisters or of course those in-laws that we cannot stand and for most of the year we can get away from them however at Christmas time it is more difficult, and this can often lead to relationships being tested beyond their limit.

At our escort agency over Christmas we do see a slight dip in the regularity of many of our clients. This is because they have commitments elsewhere and their regular patterns are disrupted. This can lead to resentment and hostility and a feeling of being trapped as these clients are unable to follow their usual patterns without the excuse of work.

Many of our outcall escorts at Foxy Kittens are available over the Christmas period as our agency has been able to stay open as our ladies offer outcalls in all areas of the country so even if they have returned home to their family towns, many have still been able to meet with local clients. Our agency covers all areas of the country, not just a specific county or town. The fact that we are an outcall agency means that even if our beautiful escorts are temporarily located in a different part of the country they can still meet with clients local to their area and maintain their relationships and bonds with our valued clients.

The chance to get out and enjoy an illicit liaison might just be the single thing that keeps you on track and maintains harmony at a time when everyone’s nerves are a bit frazzled and rather than having to seek out a divorce lawyer in January, you can simply go back to your usual life pattern as before with no disruption whatsoever. This is often the best option for everyone as stability is often the key to a successful relationship and so perhaps just the odd encounter here and there could be the release you need to ensure that all other aspects of your life remain stable and intact!

27/12/2017 - Weather Conditions

Most people in the West Midlands area have started the week knowing that the snow bomb which had been predicted by the weather forecasters had finally arrived. All over the weekend the snow had been falling and in many cases, it did not stop until the early hours of Monday morning meaning that all schools across the region were closed for the day with the following day in doubt too.

It was not just the schools that were in chaos but every public service in the region too. For people relying on public services, there simply were none! All the roads were icy sheets of glass and public services for bus and train lines were simply not operating, all in all the area was in a complete lock down so for most people in the area, Monday was a chance to have an extra day off and go out and build a snowman!

Despite all the news of a deluge of snow, given the fact that this is the UK, the authorities were once again found to be unprepared and because of this road, rail and almost all public services have been affected to the point of complete shut down. The amount of snow which has fallen in this area has been around 5-10cm which, is not exactly blizzard conditions, at least not in the eyes of people who come from countries where snow in winter is usual. Many of our very own Midlands escorts come from places like Lithuania and Poland and even Russia which sees snow and ice for many months of the year so 5-10cm of snow is a light dusting as far as they are concerned. This is excellent news for us at Foxy Kittens escort agency as it means that our Midlands escorts are perfectly happy and prepared to be able to visit their clients in the local area, especially at a time when most of them are enjoying an unexpected day off and staying at home or at their hotels.

It is not just the public services which have been affected by the weather though as the local airport has also grounded most flights. This means of course, that there are hundreds, if not thousands of businessmen who are stranded in their Birmingham hotels as their flights have all been grounded. Of course, given that our beautiful Midlands escorts are all located close to the airport hotels this means that thee businessmen have plenty of time on their hands with nothing to do. Our beautiful Midlands escorts are all able to get through the snow in order to spend time with these gentlemen and have found themselves very much in demand!

At Foxy Kittens escort agency we do not allow anything to stop our beauties getting to their clients in all areas of the Midlands region. Luckily, the airport complex is well maintained which means that accessing the airport and all of its services is not as disrupted as most of the general area in Birmingham and the midlands region. With more snow forecast for the rest of the day the chances of getting a flight out of Birmingham in the next couple of days and indeed given the chaos and backlog that the airport will be under when services do resume, means that spending time with our Midlands escorts looks like the best way to pass a few hours in the foreseeable future!

If you happen to be stuck at the airport in Birmingham then it seems the best way to pass the time is to give us a call and our beautiful Midlands escorts can be with you in no time at all.

27/12/2017 - Know the Law

As we fast approach the end of another year, we often lookback to see what changes, if any, have been made during the year which have made our lives easier or, in most cases, harder. This year we have seen plenty of new laws made which actually affect a great many areas of people’s lives and those with families have found themselves most affected but what happens to old laws when new laws are passed by government? It is usually the case that where a law is updated, the old law is officially repealed but in many cases over the years, old laws which do not apply to modern society just simply get left on the statute books and ignored however they still remain as laws and people who break them could officially be punished for them. Whether or not they would stand up in a court of law is another question and for the most part, police and other authorities tend to simply ignore them but for instance, playing the harmless (if annoying) game of ‘Knock down ginger’ can actually get you a prison sentence!

There are few people who have not played this game at least once in their childhood. The game is used as something of a dare in that children knock on someone’s door and then run away, usually hiding somewhere to see the homeowner open the door. Under an 1839 law this game is actually illegal to ‘wilfully and wantonly disturb any inhabitant by pulling or ringing any doorbell without unlawful excuse’ and indeed if one were to have servants, one could not expect them to clean the windows or paint them by standing on a sill as it is also illegal under Victorian law. Whilst these laws are not likely to ever be enforced, it is interesting that they were obviously necessary to be put in place in the first place!

The Easter act of 1928 made it illegal to celebrate Easter on any other day than that which was fixed by law and a law which has been in place for hundreds of years means that if you have the plague or any other infectious disease, you were breaking the law by flagging down a taxi or entering any public transport service without first informing the driver. We would imagine that if you had the plague you probably would not want to be travelling by public transport!

The oldest law which is still in place is one which was originally set in 1313 and applies to entering the houses of Parliament. It is illegal to enter the Houses of parliament in a suit of armour which explains why we see politicians only wearing regular suits today! There are no laws which state that you cannot enter in your birthday suit so technically you would not be breaking the law in that respect!

The fact that we are in the UK and us Brits are well known for their skills in queueing is all down to a by-law which was introduced in the Victorian times. It was made illegal to jump the queue in the ticket hall of a train station, a crime which could attract many years of imprisonment. The people of the time became so used to obeying the queueing law that it become second nature to line up politely everywhere and the term first come- first served was one which pervaded all aspects of our lives to this present day. At Foxy Kittens we also operate under this rule, unless clients have booked in advance and given the fact that our Midlands escorts are always so popular it is always advisable for gentlemen to book in advance so as not to risk spending most of their time waiting for our stunners to become available.

27/12/2017 - Childhood Games

As we fast approach the end of another year, we often lookback to see what changes, if any, have been made during the year which have made our lives easier or, in most cases, harder. This year we have seen plenty of new laws made which actually affect a great many areas of people’s lives and those with families have found themselves most affected but what happens to old laws when new laws are passed by government? It is usually the case that where a law is updated, the old law is officially repealed but in many cases over the years, old laws which do not apply to modern society just simply get left on the statute books and ignored however they still remain as laws and people who break them could officially be punished for them. Whether or not they would stand up in a court of law is another question and for the most part, police and other authorities tend to simply ignore them but for instance, playing the harmless (if annoying) game of ‘Knock down ginger’ can actually get you a prison sentence!

There are few people who have not played this game at least once in their childhood. The game is used as something of a dare in that children knock on someone’s door and then run away, usually hiding somewhere to see the homeowner open the door. Under an 1839 law this game is actually illegal to ‘wilfully and wantonly disturb any inhabitant by pulling or ringing any doorbell without unlawful excuse’ and indeed if one were to have servants, one could not expect them to clean the windows or paint them by standing on a sill as it is also illegal under Victorian law. Whilst these laws are not likely to ever be enforced, it is interesting that they were obviously necessary to be put in place in the first place!

The Easter act of 1928 made it illegal to celebrate Easter on any other day than that which was fixed by law and a law which has been in place for hundreds of years means that if you have the plague or any other infectious disease, you were breaking the law by flagging down a taxi or entering any public transport service without first informing the driver. We would imagine that if you had the plague you probably would not want to be travelling by public transport!

The oldest law which is still in place is one which was originally set in 1313 and applies to entering the houses of Parliament. It is illegal to enter the Houses of parliament in a suit of armour which explains why we see politicians only wearing regular suits today! There are no laws which state that you cannot enter in your birthday suit so technically you would not be breaking the law in that respect!

The fact that we are in the UK and us Brits are well known for their skills in queueing is all down to a by-law which was introduced in the Victorian times. It was made illegal to jump the queue in the ticket hall of a train station, a crime which could attract many years of imprisonment. The people of the time became so used to obeying the queueing law that it become second nature to line up politely everywhere and the term first come- first served was one which pervaded all aspects of our lives to this present day. At Foxy Kittens we also operate under this rule, unless clients have booked in advance and given the fact that our Midlands escorts are always so popular it is always advisable for gentlemen to book in advance so as not to risk spending most of their time waiting for our stunners to become available.

27/12/2017 - Brit Awards

Coventry is a city preparing for a year in the spot light. It has recently been awarded the coveted prize as the UK’s city of culture in 2021 and for the next four years it will be working hard to make sure that when 2021 arrives it will be ready to host a variety of events designed to highlight everything the city and the surrounding Midlands area has to offer to the rest of the country and International investors alike.

The city of culture designation is an initiative administered by the governments department for Digital, culture, media and sport. It is a prize which enables the winner to host many prestigious events such as The Turner prize, Brit awards, Man Booker prize and Stirling prize ceremonies. All of these events attract huge investment and media coverage of the areas in which they are held so it is an important benefit to be awarded the title for any city. Our own Coventry escorts are aware of the benefits the title brings to the area and indeed we are already seeing that there has been a great deal of government and private investment in infrastructure and regeneration in Coventry as a result. Our Coventry escorts are ideally placed to provide the sensual and physical companionship that many visiting businessmen require during their stay so for the next few years alone, our girls are gearing up to ensure that they fulfil increasing demand for their time and services.

The prize is also a way to get private business involved in the regeneration of an area. The media coverage and promotion that the winning area receives is of huge importance and this coverage extends beyond the UK and, so it is a great way to attract overseas investment as well as that which is UK based. Cities which are awarded this coveted role can expect to be highlighted in all aspects of media coverage and therefore gain additional economic status through tourism, both domestic and International so it is no wonder that this is something which UK cities spend millions of pounds on when putting their bids together.

Coventry is one of the youngest cities to have won the prize. With the average age of the local population being just 33, it is expected that this city will put forward some of the more fun and exciting aspects to its bid and certainly make the most of it throughout 2021 and in the years leading up to it.

Being the winner of such an exciting award, Coventry and its residents have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into making the area one that people will want to visit, not just in 2021 but beyond. There are many new tourist attractions planned as well as regeneration of all public areas so that when the gates open to welcome people to the city of culture in 2021, it will be that attractive that many people choose to never leave and therefore boost the economy for ever more.

Our Coventry escorts certainly hope that others see the things that attracted them here in the first place. The exciting night time economy that the city boasts as well as all the beautiful countryside which surrounds it. Access to the Capital is set to be improved in the next few years as is housing and other types of infrastructure that will only make life more enjoyable for residents and visitors. Of course with all the people that are expected there are plenty of hotels currently being built so if you do happen to pay our beauties a visit, you will always have somewhere comfortable and luxurious to stay.

27/12/2017 - Birmingham International Station in Solihull

The Midlands has been enjoy9ing something of an economic renaissance over the last few years. Birmingham has provided the perfect space to become the economic hub of digital business and with its major redevelopment of the city centre, Birmingham is now considered to be the second city of the UK, with only London deemed more successful and economically greater. It stands to reason then that with Coventry being awarded the prize of City of culture in 2021, that growth should be sustained for the years ahead and the announcement that there will be a new major transport hub located here means that this part of the UK could even outstrip the importance of London in years to come.

Birmingham International station in Solihull has just been granted a £286 million which allows it the chance to build a multi-modal transport and business hub. The site will bring together high speed transport services that are already planned for the area and blend them in with existing road, rail and pedestrian needs. Located close to unction 6 of the M42, this existing farmland will be developed as the gateway to the Midlands and bring the Birmingham airport, motorways and train services together at a single junction point. Obviously, there will also be big business and social amenities here too and so the die is cast for a future where perhaps the Midlands will be the centre of everything in the UK, which actually makes more geographical sense for those situated around the rest of the country.

The fact that the new HS2 has been granted for service here means that the Midlands will not only have super-fast transport around the UK but the fact that it will be situated next to the airport and NEC conference centre means that international visitors are more likely to prefer to arrive in the UK at the Midlands than in London as it provides them easier access to the rest of the country. One only has to look at all the new openings and local regeneration in parts of Birmingham to see that there is a plan that simply has not been announced yet for the area and its economy. Our own Birmingham escorts and Coventry escorts can see it as they already reap the benefits of all the people coming to the area from abroad. There has been a sharp increase in the number of international visitors to the area over the last couple of years so, since these are the people who know what is planned, the perhaps we should follow their lead and prepare for the Midlands to be the heart of the country as it was in the Industrial period.

This new social and economic hub is planned to be developed by 2025, which is actually not that far away when one considers the amount of work that must be undertaken from now until then. Our Midlands escorts in Coventry and Birmingham and of course all the surrounding areas in the region are prepared and ready for an influx and have a warm welcome waiting so if you find yourself being given a fact finding task for your business in this area of the UK, then come and see our stunners who can show you just how great a time you can have in Midlands.

Most businesses like to be at the head of any new operation or investment. This is surely one of the largest the UK has ever seen in the last century, so it is an ideal time for businesses to ride the crest of the wave whilst there is still opportunities to be had. Call now and make a date with our Midlands escorts so that you may enjoy a relaxing encounter when you come to visit.

27/12/2017 - Christmas Lights

It is the time of year where it is difficult to go a mile in any direction without seeing plenty of Christmas lights. The shopping centres, pubs, houses and even trees are sparkling away adding that little touch of Christmas magic wherever you go. Of course, there are always those people who have to go one better and light up their homes as if they were in competition with Time Square of Blackpool and these are usually done in order to raise money for good causes or just out of spite. Yes, spite lights are a thing in the modern day and are starting to become more common place with every passing year.

Spite lights start out harmless enough. New family move in and put up the festive lights outside their house. Neighbour complains or makes a less than pleasant comment and from then on, it is all out war. Every year the house with the lights gets brighter and brighter and it gets attention from local media and sometimes even national media on TV and in the newspapers. The problem is that these light displays are usually quite tacky and can actually lower the value of the house itself and that of its neighbours, so it is no wonder that people in the street are less than happy with the lit decorations.

In America, a new craze that has been gaining a following is to light up the houses with displays that move in time to music. Many of these are actually very good and professionally done and they cause no noise nuisance either as visitors must tune into a chosen radio channel in order to hear the music. They are usually done to raise money for a good cause and are only lit at certain times every day so as not to cause a nuisance to their neighbours. This is of course a little different to the ones we see in various places in the UK as ours seem to have no cohesion or design factor and many look like they have simply been thrown at the wall!

Christmas lights certainly have their place in adding a little magic to the season but usually the magical aspect is by way of fairly lights or gently sparkling lights, not a full on flashing type of thing that could actually start an epileptic fit! Our Midlands escorts love the Christmas lights although they too prefer the more understated glamorous ones rather than the whole Blackpool illuminations type of lights but of course, each to their own, unless you happen to be unlucky enough to live next door to someone who insists on putting up their spite lights at this time of year!

Our outcall escort agency covers many different areas in the Midlands region including Bedford, Birmingham, Coventry and Derby and in all of these major cities there are some very special light displays. Some of our local escorts even attended the light switch on events in November when the Christmas shopping season was officially launched. Whether you love them or loathe them, sparkling or flashing lights are here to stay until at least the 6th January when it is customary to take them down. There is a tradition that there is bad luck to be had if the lights and other Christmas decorations remain in place after the 6th January but this is of course superstition and simply the end of the 12 days of Christmas and an end to the Christmas celebrations. If you do happen to be living under the shine of Christmas spite lights, just remember that they will be gone in a couple of weeks and karma will make sure the spiteful pay in the form of their electricity bill in January!

24/12/2017 - Derby Escorts

Derventio is the ancient Roman town name for Derby. The area is rich in ancient history and has always been one of the preferred settlements for Saxons, Vikings and of course the Romans. Initially one of the fiver boroughs of the Danelaw, Derby has its own important industrial history within our times too. It was the primary place for silk weaving and this is where all the Royal silks and fabrics for everyone who had a title came from. Transport has Derby to thank throughout the early 20th century as much of the parts for steam and electric trains came from Derby too.

Derby is the known birthplace of the industrial revolution. In the 1700’s there were more patents granted for new inventions in cotton mills, machinery and automated spinning wheels than anywhere else in the entire world and by the time the trains arrived in the area, the local industrial output meant that Derby was the economic capital of the western world.

Engineering soon followed and factories which made parts for new fangled contraptions such as airplanes and cars started to appear. All the beautiful minds of the time were attracted to the area and so it seemed that Derby was at the heart of all possible innovation in every aspect of our social growth. Artists, builders, doctors, scientists all came from here so it was understandable that the philosophical society founded by Charles Darwin was set here.

In 1977, Derby was finally granted city status by the Queen which was exceptional since it was one of the few places which had a cathedral of its own and a proud industrial history but had not been recognised for its service to progress. Today, Derby still considers itself to be amongst the most innovative in the country and the wide range of new businesses and ideas generated in the are is proof of the fact.

Whilst Derby may not be the hub of all the new inventions, it still plays an important role in leading the way in leisure time. A new Canadian themed whiskey and waffles bar is set to open in the coming weeks and ‘True North’ aims to capture the market with its interesting and exciting cocktails and new twist on old American favourites. Our own Derby escorts are excited for its opening as it will be yet another choice to enjoy an exciting night out in the company of their Derby clients.

The Strand Arcade in Sadler Gate is the location for this new opening. Currently enjoying a refurbishment, the new bar and restaurant promises an unusual selection of whiskeys as well as 16 bespoke cocktails that are bound to delight and perhaps help to ignite the passion for the rest of the evening. The flavours certainly sound delicious and include pecan, maple, smoked butterscotch and bacon washed whiskey to name a few. There will be freshly pressed waffles available at all times and these can be washed down to a backdrop of classic rock tunes and good times. The bar is planned to be casual and fun and the ideal place for an icebreaker encounter between our Derby escorts and their companions. If you happen to be in the Derby area for business or indeed if you are a resident in Derby then this is a great place to look out for and perhaps even enjoy their opening night. Of course the way to make your night more enjoyable is to book a tryst with our gorgeous Derby escorts to ensure that even when ‘True North’ shuts, you still have an evening to remember ahead of you!

19/12/2017 - Time to Party in Birmingham

Given the time of year, more and more people like to head straight to a bar after work to let off steam and get into the festive mood. In Birmingham there are plenty of party bars in which to do so and we have a round up of a few good ones that you might want to visit if you happen to be in the vicinity. Of course, no party night out is complete without a sensational partner to enjoy the night with and at Foxy Kittens escorts agency we have lots of gorgeous midlands escorts you can enjoy a date with in the perfect setting.

Digbeth is fast becoming the place to be in the evening. Once a totally Industrial part of Birmingham it has been given something of a Shoreditch makeover and it is now the trendy place where all the nightlife happens. It also has plenty of shopping facilities to satisfy those retail needs but for the most part it is where everyone I the know heads to for a great night out. Our Midlands escorts at Foxy Kittens have plenty of favourite places here that they like to let their hair down but certainly, top of the list has to be The Night owl. This is a drinking den which is crammed with character and is great for those who love Old skool vibes. They play a mix of 70’s and 80’s hits as well as some Motown and even some Northern Soul on certain nights. A sprung wooden dance floor is the perfect place to jiggle and wiggle your way into the small hours and the drinks are not too pricey either. A great place to start your night and keep going until the small hours although do save some energy for the rest of your date as our Midlands escorts have plenty of ideas on how to keep you grooving throughout the night!

If you have the raucous Aussie appetite for partying and you want to turn the night up a notch, then head to walkabout bar in the centre of Birmingham. The venue in Broad Street has been the location which has lit up the entire area with wild party nights to end all others. With amazing cocktail creations and a brilliant choice of craft and draught beers this is the place to get you in the mood for a wild and energetic night ahead. If you are only planning on popping out for a quick drink with your chosen Birmingham escort, then this may not be the place to go as it is difficult to leave once you get in the swing of things. A visit to this bar has a habit of turning into an all-nighter so don’t say we didn’t warn you!

The Rose Villa Tavern is unquestionably Birmingham’s quirkiest bar. By day it is a regular cosy pub but when the lights go down over the city this turns into a party place of epic proportions with smooth beats and sumptuous cocktails flowing until the early hours. This is actually a great place to enjoy a date with our beautiful Midlands escorts as it is not too trendy and fairly comfortable so that you can actually hold a conversation whilst still enjoying the music. Of course, it is not just conversation that will make your night because the best party of partying is when you continue your own private party together back at your hotel or home. Our outcall escorts are available every day of the week and also at weekend so you never have the excuse of not having anything to do.

19/12/2017 - Winter is Here

The official first day of winter starts on December 1st however this week we have all experienced a polar blast that has set our teeth chattering! Forecasts have warned of a bone chilling wind that, despite temperatures still sitting above freezing (just), the arctic winds will make it feel many degrees colder. It is officially time to get that hat and scarf out and find ways to keep warm!

Towards the end of the weekend, temperatures are set to rise a little but don’t think that it will mark the start of better weather as that is the time that weather forecasters predict that the Midlands could be in for some snow! Only parts of the region are affected so if you live in or are planning to visit anywhere in Staffordshire or parts of Stoke-on-Trent, Telford or Wolverhampton then you had best get your wellington boots out and prepare for the white stuff!

With snow forecast this close to Christmas, of course betting offices have been inundated with bets for a white Christmas day. Whist it is still a little too early to predict it might be that once we have got through this cold spell that the mercury gradually rises a little bit. We always find that it is January and February which are the worst months in winter and in the past few years we have even had a flurry of snow in March. The seasons certainly seem to be pushing back a little so if you are thinking about going somewhere warm to replenish your vitamin D levels then perhaps a break in the sun at the start of the New Year is the best time to think about going.

There are benefits to a few winter flurries though. When it is freezing outside and there is a light dusting of the white stuff on the cars and houses outside it is a fantastic opportunity to light a real fire and sit and listen to the crackles and pops of the real flames. Whilst real or open fires are not that common in homes anymore there are still plenty of places where you can enjoy the warmth and the feelgood feeling you get when you stare into the flames.

Pubs with real fires always find that they have more customers than usual at this time of year. It is such a cosy feeling to sit in a room with all that warmth and it can be mesmerising watching the flames flicker whilst enjoying a few drinks. Certainly, it will help in relaxing you amidst all the Christmas pandemonium so whilst you are out doing a spot of Christmas shopping, leave enough time to pop into one of the Midlands pubs which boast a real fire.

The Prince of Wales in Mosely is the place to head as it has many cosy nooks and crannies for you and your Midlands escort to hide away in private whilst enjoying an ice breaker date together. Whilst the summer time is reserved for their cocktails in the tiki bar, it is the comfort of the real coal fire that will attract people here in the winter. We have Midlands escorts in Mosely for you to spend time with so you won’t have to sup your drink alone. The Spotted Dog in Digbeth is another with an open fire and this pub is in the heart of the city so ideal to stop and get out of the chill whilst on a Christmas shopping spree. At Foxy Kittens escort agency we have plenty of city escorts in Birmingham who can join you so this pub really is the ideal.

19/12/2017 - The Fat Pug in Leamington

Drinking has seen something of an artisan revival in the last year with Gin taking all the headlines. A previously boring spirit, Gin has shown that it can be infused with different flavours and spices to create wonderfully crafted cocktails that even those who hate the spirit usually can enjoy. The same is starting to happen for whiskey as there have been quite a number of bars and clubs advertising their whiskey nights as special themed events. In Birmingham, which is of course at the head of everything new and innovative, there are a few bars of note that you should try and visit if you happen to be in the area.

The Fat Pug in Leamington has started to host whiskey tasting events where customers get to try whiskey flights of different flavoured drinks so that they can see how the aging process changes the flavours of the drink. Not quite the party night that some are looking for but interesting nevertheless. If you are located in the city centre of Birmingham, then you should head over to the American diner at Buffalo & Rye. Whilst this venue is more restaurant than bar, their bourbon serves are twisted to produce quirky cocktails from the famous Bitters and twisted team. If you always manage to work up an appetite after drinking then this is the ideal place to satisfy that hunger with pure protein, American style. Obviously, our Midlands escorts cater to a different appetite altogether and the hunger that their clients experience is not something which can be satisfied with sticky ribs or a burger. Why not make sure that you have somewhere private to go and let our Midlands escorts quench your thirst for pleasure and ease that aching for something pleasurable.

If you are a whiskey purist, then you will love the fact that the Bubble Lounge in the centre of the city is the only place to stock whiskies from the Scottish Malt Society. You can relax in the opulent surroundings whilst enjoying a selection of the finest whiskeys and of course this is the perfect setting in which to enjoy a date with any of our elite Midlands escorts. If we had to choose then this would be a perfect setting for a tipple over ice whilst you get to know one another a little better. It also does not try to create a party atmosphere, relying instead on their customers creating their own fun. Our midlands escorts certainly know how to do that so why not give our outcall escort agency a call and see which of our Brummie beauties are available tonight.

For those who want to experience something a little more exotic then The Victoria pub in the city centre stocks a wide range of whiskies from much further afield than Scotland. They boast a wide range of malts from Ireland and also Japan and if you want to wander over to the sweeter bourbon side then there are plenty of American flavours to choose from too. This is a more traditional setting which is perfect to fully appreciate the caramel flavours of the various whiskies on offer. Of course, whiskey may not be your thing at all and you might want to skip drinks altogether and simply focus on the sweetness of your chosen Midlands escort. Our midlands escorts don’t tend to drink very much when they are out on a date with their clients anyway, they may have a few sips of a drink but they are more focused on enjoying other pleasures with their gentleman companion. Why not give us a call and make that date for tonight, with or without the whisky!

12/12/2017 - Of to The Theatre in Warwickshire

With Stratford-Upon-Avon being such an historic place, it will come as no surprise that much of the Christmas events and entertainment revolve around the work and life of its most famous son. The town centre is blessed with the most beautiful medieval and Tudor buildings which provide the perfect backdrop to the annual Victorian Christmas market that is held here every year. With over 150 stalls there is bound to be plenty to offer with the promise of the colours, sounds and irresistible aromas of Christmases past and present. There will also be chimney sweeps, stilt walkers, a Victorian carousel and barrel organ music. You will feel like you have been transported back to a time when Dicken’s A Christmas Carol was a contemporary work although don’t expect there to be snow on the ground as this area is not forecast as having to ensure any snowy weather any time soon!

Given the fact that plays an theatre are so prominent in this part of Warwickshire it should come as no surprise that this play is being performed at the Royal Shakespeare theatre every day right up until February however if you want to enjoy something which adds a slight twist to this Dickensian novel then how about enjoying the much smaller and more intimate performance of the Haunted Christmas Carol Tour. This is a one man act which recounts the story at Tudor House. Performances are set here as it provides the ideal creepy setting which could rival the home of Marley himself. A perfect location to recount the creepy tale although there are only ever 14 tickets on sale for every performance, so you will have to book in advance to ensure that you don’t miss out. This is a performance that you will not want to go to alone and what better way to enjoy a date with our beautiful Midlands escorts then to enjoy some festive theatre together before perhaps going back to your own hotel and making things go bump in the night yourself.

Everything in this part of Warwickshire centres around Shakespeare and his plays or Dickens and his stories so whether you are looking for a real work walking tour that will give you chills to a welcoming and warming evening in a local authentic tavern, our beautiful Warwickshire escorts are the ideal companions to enjoy the evening out with. There are of course other places within the county that are not linked with either of these two writers and Warwick castle is one of those places with plenty of history which pre-dates both of these famous men.

Warwick castle will take you back to the times of the Normans which are equally as interesting if not awe inspiring that people of these times could build such beautiful castles without the machinery we have today. Of course all these types of buildings were made so beautiful because of the skills and craftsmanship of the stonemasons and carpenters. A whole day can be spent wandering around enjoying the historic nature of the place and then when the sun sets you can gasp in awe at other wonders that are available, although these are slightly more up to date!

Why not call our escort agency in Warwickshire and indeed in any part of the Midlands area and have one or more of our beautiful Midlands escorts come and spend some time with you. You could of course completely ignore all the history of the area and focus instead on the delights that our own beauties have to offer and for that we wouldn’t blame you one little bit!

12/12/2017 - Out Calls in the Midlands

It is fair to say that given the fact that Foxy Kittens operates as an outcall escort agency, where our beautiful Midlands escorts travel around the entire Midlands region, they spend a large proportion of their time on the road. Some of our Midlands escorts drive themselves but most of the time they have their own drivers who whisk them from one location to another as their diaries dictate. Today the big news around the country, not just in the midlands is the fact that there is a new practical driving test which comes into force this week and is the most significant change to have been made since the theory test was introduced in 1996 over 20 years ago.

For those who have been living under a rock, the driving test is one which forms two separate parts. There is the initial theory test which requires learners to answer questions relating to safe driving and to undertake a hazard perception test which is essentially a virtual reality test where applications must identify potential hazards to drivers in various driving situations. The learner must pass this test before they are able to undertake the next stage of the examination process, the practical test. Before 1996 there was only a practical test. One could in fact take a few lessons and book their test within weeks and be driving on the road with around 10-12 hours’ worth of practical driving experience at that time. The government and official driving agencies felt that this was not enough and, so they introduced a theoretical test which meant that more emphasis was placed on the rules and various situational concepts of driving. This also meant that learner drivers would end up having at least 30 hours’ worth of instructional driving and made the whole process take much longer.

The practical driving element of the test has remained the same for many years and this latest shake up has removed various manoeuvres which were deemed to be less common for drivers today. This has actually caused much fuss amongst existing drivers as it is felt that these manoeuvres are not unused at all and should still be tested and practised in order to aid the new drivers. The manoeuvres which have been taken out of the test include, reversing around a corner and a three-point turn. Now whilst they may not be used in everyday driving, they are certainly things which should be perfected. It does seem like the driving agencies have only focused on the type of driving that takes place in a city as opposed to driving in the countryside where there are not junctions at every mile. It seems that new drivers may find themselves on a long country road where they need to turn around but with no knowledge of how to manoeuvre the car where there is no junction to turn around! Whilst reversing around a corner may not be one of the most used elements of daily driving it is still something which new drivers should be able to master simply because it could actually come in handy.

Unfortunately, all these manoeuvres have been replaced with things like, entering a parking bay, which would be useful if it were, reversing in a parking bay. How many times have we seen some pretty diabolical parking in our local town centres? Another element to be added is the unassisted driving following directions from a Sat Nav. Quite frankly, if you have passed your driving test and cannot use a Sat Nav then you have no business driving at all!

12/12/2017 - Stratford-upon-Avon

Stratford-upon-Avon is known throughout the world as the birthplace of Shakespeare and lies within the county of Warwickshire just over 20 miles South East of Birmingham. It is one of the places in which our Midlands escorts are very popular especially due to the fact that, so many tourists and visitors travel to this beauty spot given the links with the famous Bard.

Stratford-upon-Avon actually welcomes over 2.5 million visitors every year, so it is not surprising that our Midlands escorts are very much in demand in the local area. Not only visitors but residents too like to spend time with our beauties so our Midlands escorts are always available locally for those last-minute liaisons and brief encounters.

Before the introduction of road and rail transport, Stratford-upon-Avon was the gateway to the rest of the country through its connection with all the different canals and waterways. It is a beautiful and picturesque place which has managed to remain largely untouched by the modern world although it is not a quiet backwater by any stretch of the imagination. Many visitors are often surprised by the fact that the local area is so modern and yet still retains much of its local beauty and heritage which so many come to see and the new announcement of the £30 million shopping redevelopment of The Courtyard has only enhanced the prospect of many more visitors in the foreseeable future.

Bell Court in Stratford-upon-Avon is a beautiful new shopping and leisure complex which looks to offer plenty of choice for shoppers and those who want to enjoy their leisure time. This shopping development is slightly different to others in the fact that there are a high number of independent retailers in relation to the number of regular high street chain brands. Farringdon and Forbes are the local home store which sells home fragrances, furnishings, gifts and decorations, The ladies of Stratford-upon-Avon have plenty of choice when they want to keep up with the latest fashions with independent retailers Gemini woman, lush cosmetics and department store Debenhams. With all the energy spent visiting the shops there should also be time set aside to enjoy a great blended coffee and this can be done at Bardia’s where visitors can also buy hand tied bouquets, plants, gifts and candles. Of course there will be a wonderful choice of hand made cakes and treats to enjoy to make it that little bit more special.

Our Stratford-upon-Avon escorts are, as always, the ideal companions with whom to enjoy a dinner date or an evening out and as well as all the other venues in this beautiful part of Warwickshire, the Bell Court centre also offer lots of different restaurants and bars in which to have a great evening. Having enjoyed such a large investment it is not surprising that all the new and modern dining and drinking concept bars want to be located here. One of these is the new Italian wine café Veeno. ASK and Nandos have a presence here too as does the modern cocktail bar All Bar one. This is a great place to go for those after work drinks or simply to enjoy a great night out after a hard day sightseeing. We think The Bard would certainly approve.

The fact that Stratford-Upon-Avon is such a wonderful and popular tourist destination means that leisure time and leisure events are at a premium here. Our beautiful local Warwickshire escorts in the Midlands ae always available to provide that feminine companionship and sexy female company we know our clients enjoy. Why not call and make a date for the next time you plan to be in the area.

12/12/2017 - Birmingham and Wolverhampton miss the Snow

The snow showers which featured heavily in the news all last week seem to have dissipated and not caused as many problems as were initially feared. The country managed to carry on with the few flakes of snow that actually arrived in parts of the country. The Midlands area was largely unaffected and those areas which suffered the wintry spell were more bothered about the cold winds than any notable snow fall. This week the cold snap seems to have moved away from the UK and we can look forward to seeing brighter skies and slightly warmer weather this week.

The Yorkshire dales was the most affected by the snow flurries however places like Birmingham and Wolverhampton remained unaffected with conditions only affected by biting winds and rainfall. Revellers who braved the cold on the first weekend in December did not seem to be letting the cold winds affect their evenings, as lets face it, us Brits are made of sterner stuff than the weather forecasters would have us believe! This week though those in the Midlands region can look forward to temperatures that are in double figures again, at least until the weekend starts then it is back to frosty mornings and biting winds.

Our own Midlands escorts don’t let the cold weather get in their way of having fun. They know all too well that there are plenty of ways to ensure that keep warm during the winter months. They have plenty of ways of keeping the blood pumping and the pulse rate up, so much so that their companions won’t need to adjust the heat setting when they are in the company of our beauties! Of course when you see all of our stunning Midlands escorts the words which spring to mind are things like sizzling, scorching and molten so this at least gives you an insight into how hot these stunners really are and it is not just their looks that will have you panting hard, it is their naughty knowledge and sense of carnal adventure that will certainly give you plenty to think about and render the usual British conversation of the weather into obscurity!

Another aspect of winter and this time of year is the fact that the light disappears so quickly. As we approach the shortest day of the year, December 21st, the sun has set by 3.56 pm and the nights draw out however this is not necessarily a bad thing as it simply means that there is more time for a sexy liaison with our stunning ladies of the night! Of course, our ladies are also available for daytime trysts too and they are not only available when the sun goes down, but this is simply a terminology that people use to describe the fact that most people’s thoughts turn to sexy scenarios when it is dark.

The fact that the cold snap does seem to have passed does make it much more enjoyable when out and about in the evenings. There are so many different things to do after work with plenty of places having their Christmas markets and festive events, many of which take place outside, it is more enjoyable if you can still feel your fingers and toes! Since the Midlands area is home to many listed buildings and National Heritage sites, these have really pulled out all the stops to create sparkling and magical Christmas events designed to put the magic back into the long dark nights and this is also what our stunning Midlands escorts do – they add that touch of Christmas pleasure to any evening.

30/11/2017 - Birmingham Comedians

One of the biggest modern pop culture events has to be the comic con festival and this week visitors and residents in Birmingham might have noticed that there were a large number of super heroes in the area. The event is a twice yearly festival which focuses on characters of popular video games, sci-fi and cosplay in the UK, USA and Japan. The comic con events are held in various places throughout the country and indeed the world and in Birmingham these are held twice yearly in March and November. They started out in 2001 as a one day event and have grown in popularity and size to the three day events held twice a year that we all know now. They have grown from being a small, geeky event to something that attracts people of all ages and genres and many people who would not actually consider themselves to be fans of sci-fi at all.

It is the costumes that always attract such press coverage with fans going to amazing lengths to emulate their idols. The make-up, costumes and props are now difficult to distinguish from the real thing and the media tends to go wild with all the coverage of the event. It is quite amusing for anyone who happens to be in the area at the same time as they seen hoards of super heroes and villains waiting for buses and trains on their way to and from the event. The event itself is a huge merchandising opportunity with some amazing items available to purchase and die hard fans can literally spend thousands on a replica weapon or costume of their favourite character. It is not just the activity and engagement of the fans but also the chance to meet with the stars of the films and shows. In these events it is not unusual to find many stars of the Marvel films who have come all the way from Hollywood in order to promote their characters or latest films. This can attract hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life and make it worth going to the event just for this alone.

Our Midlands escorts are used to seeing weirdly dressed people in the streets around the time of the comic con shows and indeed once everything has been packed away they are asked to enjoy dates with people who are visiting for the event. Whilst we certainly have no problems in arranging dates with our escorts for those who are visiting to go to the show we do ask whether clients will be attending their dates whilst dressed in costume. This is of course not a problem as our Midlands escorts love a bit of role play it is just so that we can offer the chance to enjoy some fantasy fun with our escorts and feel the feel of the weekend going for our clients.

Fantasy fun and role play is a choice that is becoming more and more popular. People want to step outside of their normal lives if only for a little while. The chance to enjoy role play and fantasy fun means that they can live out their sexual fantasies and enjoy pleasures that they might not otherwise feel comfortable enjoying. Role play allows us to experiment and use our imagination a little more so we love it when the comic con event comes to Birmingham. If you want to make a date in advance of the next show in march then we recommend that you do so at your earliest convenience as you can imagine, our Midlands escorts are always very busy during these times.

30/11/2017 - Santa Clause

During the last few days of the month it is likely that as well as there being plenty of Christmas markets, parties and events that are winter themed, there is probably at least one Santa dash taking place in your area. These have become a popular way to raise money for charity and of course only take place around this time of year. They can be excellent events for fun as the sight of hundreds of people all dressed in Santa suits running around the local streets will be plastered across all the local media for weeks and even months ahead, they can also be great ways for a company to raise their own profile, (not that Foxy Kittens is likely to host or sponsor one of these local events).

Santa runs always attract several hundreds and sometimes even thousands of spectators. People from miles around gather at the start point and cheer on all the runners creating something of a party atmosphere and where there is a party there is an opportunity to sell something. There is a marketing rule that state where there are crowds then there is a chance to sell something! This year in the Midlands region there is a huge santa fun run happening in Lichfield with a star Santa heading up the race. An actor from the TV series The Bill and also all of Wolverhampton town's panto team will be starting the charity dash at Stowe Pool which is expecting over 300 runners, al dressed as Santa to enter. There will be live music and of course hot chocolate, coffee and tea ta the event with a few mince pies at the finish line for the runners. If you are planning to go then you might want to book a date with our stunning Midlands escorts afterwards in order to warm up a little but if you are taking part then of course our Midlands escorts are all very good in the art of massage and can help ease those aching joints! If you cant make it to Lichfield then there are other Santa dashes planned to take place in other areas across the Midlands including Birmingham town centre and also Walsall.

Lichfield is located around 16 miles north of Birmingham and is best known for the fact that it has over 230 listed buildings. It is a place which welcomes plenty of visitors and tourists who come to marvel at the beauty of the area and the historic buildings that are very well maintained. It is not just buildings that hark to the amazing past of the area because in 2009 the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon gold was discovered just a few miles away in Hammerwich. It is known as the Staffordshire hoard and was probably buried or lost at some point in the 7th century! The very last public burning under Queen Mary I (King Henry VIII catholic daughter) took place in Lichfield in 1612. Market Place was the location of the public execution of Edward Wightman who was burned for heresy because he promoted himself as the new saviour of the world so its a good job that David Icke (who was born in Leicester) was not around at that time!

If you are planning to visit the Midlands during the Christmas period then you might want to make a point of visiting Lichfield too. It has an amazing amount of history and some beautiful buildings and scenery and of course there are also some pretty stunning Midlands escorts from Foxy Kittens with whom you can share your spare time. Our Midlands outcall escorts cover all areas of Lichfield and beyond so why not give us a call and we can make the date happen for you!

30/11/2017 - Wolverhampton Escorts

In a slightly smaller story this week, Peter Kay was not the only well known person to promote his visit to Birmingham. The Prime Minister, Theresa May also visited Birmingham although she received less publicity and people were certainly not buying tickets to go and see her on stage despite the fact that she was there to unveil pans to spend £250 million on extending the Birmingham metro. Under the new plans Dudley and Brierley Hill will be connected to the local rail network for the first time since the 1960s, there will also be new lines to the Wolverhampton interchange and also to the HS2 terminal in Birmingham city centre. The DY5 enterprise zone in Brierley Hill is set to receive extra funding too and this looks set to become the Midlands equivalent to the Cambridge enterprise zone which also receives huge amounts of funding to help the businesses and local area.

All this means that there will be a gradual boost to the local economy and plenty of new people coming into the area for work purposes and with any new infrastructure that is announced, it invariably leads to the success and demand of other services in the immediate and local area. For those who enjoy a date or two with our beautiful Midlands escorts, there is likely to be a greater demand in the future for time with them, especially since the enterprise zone is likely to welcome plenty of International visitors who come to the area as part of their business. Birmingham is already known as the UK's second city and with all this additional funding and government investment, it looks set to make Birmingham a city that eventually equals that of London.

As part of the announcements which the Prime Minister made were funds allocated for the UK car industry. She announced funding for creating electric car charging points in the area which are necessary to keep to the governments plans to have driverless cars on the road by 2021. This is a modern technology which will be coming sooner than you thing as developers of this technology will be able to test their cars on the UK roads nationwide within the next couple of years. There will come a time in the not too distant future when no-one will be able to, nor will they need to actually drive a car themselves. In the next couple of years not only will petrol and diesel cars be banned from the roads but these driverless vehicles will be in operation in all the big cities. They should cut car accidents to a zero level and may even herald the end of car ownership altogether so the future, as they say, is upon us!

Our own Birmingham escorts and escorts in the Midlands do rely on their cars quite a bit. As we offer an outcall escort service our Midlands escorts travel around the region in order to meet with their clients so the chance to ride in a car which is automated could actually be a good thing. Whether this ends up being the case or whether it simply means that the roads will become even more overcrowded with people who could not legally drive suddenly having access to their own vehicle remains to be seen but rest assured that our beautiful Midlands escorts will always offer a visiting service as it is one which our clients thoroughly appreciate.

Outcalls are helpful in areas that welcome a number of transient guests. If people who don't know the area do not have to navigate unfamiliar streets then the chance to enjoy a relaxing and sensual encounter is increased.

30/11/2017 - Peter Kay at NEC Complex

The internet was alight this weekend as news of popular comedian Peter Key's tour dates were announced. People in Birmingham have been delighted with the fact that he is playing a string of dates at that Genting Arena in Birmingham in 2018 although some took to twitter to express their annoyance at finding they were 47,000 in the queue! As always with shows that are immensely popular, tickets were finding their way to secondary ticket sites and screen grabs were being shown on social media of tickets that were being sold for over £900 each!

The comedian is only playing a few of the big arenas up and down the country next year and he has been appearing on lots of TV shows this weekend in order to promote the tour however he didn't have to work so hard at promotion as it seems that all of his shows have completely sold out within a matter of hours. Our own Birmingham escorts love attending the comedy events at all the arenas in Birmingham. We are lucky that we have such an excellent venue so close and that so many people like to visit. Usually when there is a big event being held at the Birmingham arenas, lots of people come into the area and stay at many of the different hotels in and around the city. Lots of gentlemen like to book dates with our Birmingham escorts for after the various shows and it is often the case that our beautiful escorts in Birmingham are invited to attend these events as gusts of their companions so that they share a wonderful evening together for the duration of the night. Our Birmingham escorts and indeed all our Midlands escorts can be booked for a variety of different events and durations so whether you want to spend a single hour with one of our beauties or an entire weekend, our agency can help make all the arrangements for you.

Genting arena has a capacity for 16,000 people and was built as part of the NEC complex. It regularly hosts many major comedy, music and sporting events and as well as Peter Kay playing here in 2018, other comedians like John Bishop are also booked here too. Bands like Iron Maiden and the Script as well as the X Factor live tour attracts tens of thousands of people at various dates throughout the year so you can see why our Birmingham escortd are always extremely busy and many of our beauties are booked well in advance. With the Peter Kay tour being set for April in 2018, there are already over 16000 people visiting the area and again with Iron Maiden sett8ing their tour for August next year you have tens of thousands of people who already know they will be in the Birmingham area and staying in local hotels during this time. This is why our Birmingham escorts always seem to be booked in advance and this is because visitors who already know they will definitely be in Birmingham on a set date, sometimes six months or more in advance.

We understand that it can be annoying to potential clients, especially those who live locally, who want to book a last minute date with our beautiful outcall escorts but when they call up, they find that all of our beautiful escorts in the Midlands area are completely booked. This is always why we urge clients to book with as much notice as possible however unlike those who sell tickets to events, you wont find a date being touted anywhere else for a higher price. Once our clients have booked their dates then we stick to the arrangements.

21/11/2017 - The Holidays are Coming

The tag line 'The Holidays are coming' is pretty well known in the modern world and people up and down the country have been getting excited because the Cocoa Cola brand released the dates of where their Christmas truck would be going. For the Midlands area, expect to see the big red lorry in Bradford on the 21st November, Birmingham on the 9th and 10th December and Coventry on 11th December. Whilst the lorry tour is all about promoting Cocoa Cola they do try and engage people who make the effort to turn up at the stops. Visitors can project their selfies onto the side of the truck, obviously enjoying the mini coke drinks they have been given out and of course all these pictures will go on the company's social media feed so, you never know, instant stardom could await! It is not only individuals who will appear on the side f the trucks but a very special animation is to be shown when it gets dark with of course the star of the show being Santa himself. This little animation is hotly anticipated to rival even the John Lewis advert in that it is starting to get a bit of a cult following!

If you want to visit the truck at any of the locations in the Midlands area don't forget to go along with one of our beautiful Midlands escorts. Our ladies will be more than happy to spend a couple of hours with you watching the animation and braving the cold as long as you make a point of spending some quality time in private together afterwards and you can enjoy either a warming drink to bring the life back into your limbs or perhaps something a little stronger than the popular soft drink! Cocoa Cola has a main rival that has previously been a little left behind in the marketing stakes. Cocoa Cola has managed to link itself with Christmas, which is no small feat for a company that has actually nothing to do with the festive season and its main competitor has been left out in the cold somewhat, until now! Pepsi cola has just launched a new flavour which is certainly being received very well by consumers and is set to reach new heights of sales levels for the company along the lines of when coke released their new cherry, vanilla and coffee flavours. Some of our Midlands escorts have tried the new salted caramel flavour and it does have a smooth and enjoyable taste, perhaps you can both try it when you are out on your date together in the Midlands.

There is so much going on this season in all areas of the Midlands that it would be a shame to miss out and if you are likely to not go somewhere just because you don't have anyone suitable to go with then the fact that you can enjoy a date with any of our Midlands escorts will mean that you never have to miss out on anything again! As you will see once you browse our portfolio of stunning escorts in the Midlands that our ladies are beautiful, fun and genuine. There are so many escort agencies in Birmingham, Coventry and other parts of the Midlands that are simply not genuine and whilst they may entice bookings by displaying stunning pictures of models, once the date is made and the escort arrives the client soon realises that the escort is not the lady he booked. At Foxy Kittens, all our Midlands escorts are 100% genuine and the lady you see promoted on our website is the Midlands escort who will come and see you.

21/11/2017 - Advent Calender's

Advent calendars have been around for many years, delighting children and adding anticipation every day during the month of December in the run up to Christmas but those savvy marketing people have realised that it is not just children who should feel the building anticipation of Christmas but adults too.

There have been a number of companies who traditionally cater to the more adult market and these have jumped at the opportunity to tailor their products and merchandise towards the advent calendar in an effort to link their brand and effectively get ore sales. The advent calendar is an ideal way of introducing new ideas and flavours of an already well known product as the 24 doors are the perfect opportunity to diversify and encourage people to try new things. Our own Midlands escorts are always encouraging their clients to try new thing and diversify their sensual enjoyment although we have yet to come up with a way of incorporating this into an advent calendar!

Greggs the baker are perhaps the most unlikely company to join the advent calendar market however they have announced that they will be launching their very own limited edition advent calendars next week. Of course it would be difficult to include an actual sausage roll or fresh cream cake behind every door so what the company have done is include a money off voucher which can be exchanged for a different treat on their Christmas menu every day. On Christmas eve – which as we know is always the best surprise, a £5 gift voucher can be claimed and in some limited edition advent calenders there are a few surprise £25 gift vouchers hiding inside! It is pretty safe to say that most of us will pop into Greggs for that hot sausage roll when we need to fill a gap and so if you know of any die hard bake fans, this could be the ideal advent calendar to give. Greggs have also shown their more playful side as no advent calender would be complete without a festive picture behind each door and this company have decided to include their baked goods as the stars of the show in each one. You may find the shepherds paying homage to a sausage roll in a manger or maybe a festive bake being kissed under the mistletoe,, either way they are sure to put a smile on your face, even if it is only because you don't have to buy lunch!

Not everyone loves pastries and if this is the case then there are plenty of other options to choose from. So many celebrity make up brands are bringing out their beauty advent calendars which include mini versions of their most popular and newest make up and skin care offerings. Alcohol too is another favourite where a mini version of the drink is opened every day. Craft beers and various flavours of gin are popular ones so if you know a drinks aficionado then these could be the perfect choice.

Our beautiful Midlands escorts usually receive various gifts from their regular clients at Christmas and last year one of our escorts in Birmingham was lucky enough to receive a prosecco advent calendar. Each day there were different varieties and flavours of prosecco to enjoy which we think was a lovely idea. Companies today are thinking of new ways to delight their customers and add value to their items and indeed this is exactly what our beautiful Midlands escorts do every day. Obviously if you want to create your own advent calendar and make a date with any of our beauties every day leading up to Christmas hen of course we can arrange this for you, just let your imagination run free!

21/11/2017 - World Kindness Day

November 13th is World Kindness Day. You may not have heard too much about this in the mainstream press but it is officially a nationally recognised day in the UK and many countries worldwide, in which people are encouraged to perform good deeds and individual acts of kindness. The aim, of course is to fill the world with kindness and therefore unite all people in all counties and whilst this may be a bit of a big ask, it does recognise the fact that this can only be achieved, one act of kindness at a time.

You will probably notice that your timeline or newsfeed is full of quotes which relate to kindness.. One of the best we have seen today is from Mark Twain 'Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the Blind can see' which is quite a nice one we think. Acts of kindness can come in all guises and we like to think at Foxy Kittens escort agency that the care and consideration we show to our clients is a form of kindness and respect in itself. Our non-judgemental approach to pleasure in all its forms ensures that our clients always feel valued and appreciated. Our clients often come to us because they feel that they cannot achieve the satisfaction they seek anywhere else and so it is part of our responsibility to ensure our clients enjoy their encounters to the fullest, regardless of whether someone, somewhere disagrees in the form that it may take.

The world is becoming much more accepting to alternative types of pleasure. What was considered as kinky a few years ago is ow seen as exciting and playful fun. Bondage was always something to be wary of in the past. It was even deemed as harmful in previous generations but today it is seen as exciting and sensual, partly because of the popularity of the '50 shades of grey' books. It only takes something to be accepted into the mainstream for it to become less frightening or odd. Kindness is simply the act of not condemning someone for their beliefs, it is not being judgemental of their actions, it is the quality of being generous and it is the act of consideration for others. All these things are all part of the regular service we provide to our clients however we do not consider ourselves as being kind, just human!

Many of our Midlands escorts have chosen to follow their own paths into the world of escorting as it offers a chance to enjoy the pleasures they love with people who are as like minded as them. There are many clients who come to us because they fear rejection from others for their desires. They understand that our Midlands escorts will always encourage and accept and also share the pleasure they feel without any judgement or ridicule. Society can be very cruel so it is always good to know that there is the option of a safe haven in which to relax and let yourself be yourself but today with thoughts being focused on showing generosity, of performing a service then perhaps this is one step towards total acceptance of everything that is possible.

One single day of kindness is not going to bring about world peace and complete acceptance. There will always be the fear of rejection and with this in mind it is a good time to recognise the fact that at Foxy Kittens, every day is a day of acceptance and kindness, not in a patronising way but in total agreement that everyone is different and their life experiences have guided them to the destination they find themselves in. Release comes in all shapes and forms and it is our belief that we offer the environment in which to do so freely and with pleasure.

13/11/2017 - Midland University Boffins

Midland University boffins have been having an interesting time lately. The research scientists at Coventry University and Oxford University have been doing research into psychological and social sciences to see if being more sexually active as you get older makes you more intelligent! The findings have actually shown that those who enjoyed sex more often scored higher in tests that measured their verbal fluency and their spacial perception than those who refrained from sex. This is all wonderful news and something that we at Foxy Kittens have known for a long time. Many of our clients are gentlemen who are older than 50 years and their intelligence is somewhat sharper than other gents we know who are half their age.

Our Midlands escorts in Birmingham and other surrounding areas love spending time with their older clients as they have such fun together. When asked, our Midlands escorts say that their older clients tend to me more open minded about what they want to try than their younger counterparts, they are also less inhibited and have excellent and varied conversation. We tended to put this down to more world experience but apparently it is simply because they have more sex, who knew?

Now, if these findings don't make you rush out and book an encounter with any of our sensational Midlands escorts then nothing will. The promise of more intelligence and a better ability to perceive objects around you has to be a great incentive to enjoy a tryst with a beautiful young woman. Of course the findings do not suggest that by having extra sex than you would normally, that this would increase your intelligence but simply that if you continue to enjoy it as you get older it stops brain cells dying off. We would certainly advocate a study into the effects of increasing the amount of sex everyone enjoyed just for scientific purposes of course!

This study involved people who were between the ages of 50 and 83 and whilst some people will raise their eyebrows at the thought of an 83 year old still enjoying an active sex life, it is more common than you might imagine. There are so many people out there who are still sprightly and sensual in their later years and plenty of people who you would not believe were actually octogenarians. At our Midlands escort agency we tend not to ask people's ages but really only find out when someone mentions it themselves. There certainly is a link between our brain function and our physical function and it is thought that the release of Oxytocin and dopamine to our brains during and after sex is the reason that the brains are stimulated just as much, if not more, than other parts of our bodies. Our Midlands escorts are definitely in favour of all this scientific study as it simply confirms what our ladies have known all along.

The reasons that many older people have cited for their lack of sexual encounters is the fact that they do not have a partner with whom to enjoy themselves. At this stage of life it may be that a relationship has broken down, the person does not feel as attractive as they used to or that their partner has passed away. It is these elements that set them apart from younger generations as these people tend not to go out looking for a new long term partner and instead accept the fact that they will continue to be alone. Our Midlands escorts prove that this is not necessarily the case and that gentlemen at least (for the most part) can enjoy an active life in this area for many years to come. They do not need to be in a relationship to do so and can simply enjoy the company that our Midlands escorts bring.

13/11/2017 - Pineapple Benefits

Pineapples are a versatile fruit. They are also a bit weird looking. They are most associated with a tropical and exotic feel and indeed are used to create wine in Maui but for the most part and certainly in our part of the world they are simply used for their fruit. Many people buy the ones that look a little green and keep them for a few days in order to ripen up but this is actually a mistake as once the pineapple has been picked it stops ripening so the fruit you see in the supermarket is as ripe as it is ever going to get. Once exposed, the fruit only actually has a shelf life of about two days so if you buy a fresh whole pineapple then you had better get eating quick!

There are plenty of health benefits in eating and drinking pineapples as they contain the enzyme bromelain. This has been effective in being an anti inflammatory, muscle relaxant and aid in digestion. Other studies have shown that if a man eats it, it makes their seminal fluids taste sweeter, however there is no actual scientific evidence to prove this, there is scientific evidence to show that it is a good food to eat to prevent cancer as the bromelain interferes with the growth of tumour cells so an all round winner really! The pineapple is a lot of things but probably the most unusual has been its appearance as a jack-o-lantern during the Halloween period. Now we suspect that someone, somewhere simply left it too late to buy a pumpkin and used a pineapple instead, to excellent effect, and the idea caught on well the imagination and creativity of people has moved this on a step further and this week we have seen pictures of pineapples masquerading as Christmas trees all over social media so this is likely to be the next trend.

The Christmas tree has to be the one thing that we all instantly associate with this tradition and as we all know they tend to be fir trees or pine trees, not pineapples however for small flats and apartments they could fit quite well although don't forget that as a real fruit, these things do go off after a while so don't think that you can drape your fairly lights all over it and leave it till January as you might start to notice a bit of a stench! The only problem with using a pineapple as a creative Christmas tree is the difficulty in finding one which is around 6 feet tall!

Our Midlands escorts could also be considered as being extremely creative, although their creativity does not usually extend to using pineapples, however we all have very open minds and whatever a client wants is always considered!

Birmingham is full of Christmas trees at the moment, although these are the fir or pine tree variety and the city has tended to follow a more traditional route in its choice of Christmas decorations. The big light switch ons have been happening in various places with some still to be enjoyed so it is wise to keep an eye out in the local press to see if the event in your area has happened yet or is still yet to come. Our beautiful Midlands escorts are available to book as companions for these events and this could be combined with a private and intimate encounter afterwards. We have a number of clients who are not local to the area who like to book their dates to coincide with their visits so why not give us a call and see which of our local Midlands escorts are available. Whilst we may not have many Midlands escorts who hail from the same place as the humble pineapple in South East Asia and Thailand, our Midlands escorts in Birmingham are not less exotic themselves so why not give us a call and make that date.

13/11/2017 - UFO Sightings

When out of this world encounters are referred to in the press they tend to focus on areas such as Suffolk and Norfolk and places which are typically rural however it is a little known fact that there have 11 different UFO sightings in the West Midlands area in recent years and whilst X Files it might not be, there has been enough interest for there to have been a specialist web site created so that people can log their experiences.

Our own escorts provide an out of this world experience however these are not the kind of things that you would log on this website. This is the place where encounters of an extra terrestrial kind are expected, like flickering unexplained lights in the sky or giant hovering orbs and even unexplained beings. It seems that the West Midlands are full of people who claim to have seen the unusual and unexpected and there is certainly a captive audience who are keen to hear the stories!

None of our Midlands escorts have claimed to see any of these unexplained lights or beings. Neither have any of them ever experienced anything like this themselves and they spend a great deal of time travelling around in order to visit clients so if there were lots of extra terrestrial activity going on in the Midlands areas, then it would not be unreasonable to think that perhaps at least some of our Midlands escorts would know about it. It does seem like The Midlands area has something that attracts these kinds of sightings. Perhaps it is the extra growth around the airport or the fact that Birmingham has grown so much that the city is such a magnet for those who seek to find out more about us. Whatever it is, it does not seem like they are leaving us any time soon and with more and more people interested in the experiences and sightings that people have had this website is set to only get bigger and bigger.

Birmingham may be best known as an urban area, a concrete jungle for commerce and business however it actually has more parks and open spaces than anywhere else in Europe, 2,200 acres in total. Perhaps this is why there seem to be many unexplained sightings of unusual lights. The heathlands, wetlands and woodland areas are perfect for privacy and indeed, exploration and on many occasion, our Midlands escorts have ventured out in the company of their dates for an alfresco encounter that promises excitement and privacy at the same time. Of course when it comes to an intimate date then you cannot beat the privacy afforded in a serviced apartment.

These are new types of accommodation that are becoming very popular in towns and urban areas. In the more rural places there are of course little tucked away cottages that are miles from anywhere but you can enjoy the same sort of feeling with a private apartment. Obviously the view would be a little different however the fact that you can do as you please without anyone knowing your business is the ideal situation in which you can entertain whoever you like without hotel staff knowing who is coming and going. Idyllic cottages also offer the same amount of privacy and if you have transport of your own then these can make for great little retreats from the world where you can hide away for a few days and let your dreams and desires run away with you. Our Midlands escorts love these types of encounters where they can let their sense of adventure run wild and really get back to the basics in life, which is of course letting our desires rule our actions. Perhaps these are the reasons for unexplained lights in the distance!

13/11/2017 - Entertainment Complex Birmingham

Birmingham, like many other areas of the country has its fair share of exclusive property and high class homes. The fact that the city has grown to become the second most important in the UK after London means that with that title comes wealth, and in Birmingham and the outlying areas, there is plenty of wealth.

One of the most expensive streets in Birmingham is Farquhar Road in Edgbaston. Most properties along this road are in excess of £1.5 million and whilst they may not look like mansions from the outside they do tend to have a great deal of land and the properties feature all the latest luxury must haves for those who have become a success in business, sport and media. Our own Edgbaston escorts regularly visit places in this area as gentlemen like to have parties which would include lots of beautiful young ladies but one property in particular has caught the eye of local media as, whilst it look perfectly ordinary from the outside, it has a few quirks that set it apart from the rest inside.

We can all agree that luxury mansion houses should include an indoor pool however this property which is currently up for sale in the road features one which is within the kitchen. So lets get this straight, you can enjoy your dinner or pop the kettle on and then hop in the pool. Actually not only that but you could also jump in the hot tub or enjoy a sauna in the same room too. Odd. That is not where the astonishment ends though as this property also features a huge commercial style gymnasium on the lower ground floor, some 200 square feet of workout space but it seems the owners liked to celebrate a great workout with a private wine cellar within the gym. This particular property comes with a £2 million price tag so if you have eclectic tastes and a few quid in your pocket this could be the one to go for. These types of quirks certainly show that people do make their homes into their own fantasy pleasure havens. We have clients who regularly invite a number of our beautiful Midlands escorts back to their for an impromptu party which includes all our girls and just them. Our clients like to be the star of the show and our Midlands escorts do not disappoint.

Our portfolio of stunning escorts in the Midlands means that there are a varied choice of beauties available at all times. Our model escorts in Birmingham are all experienced and enthusiastic girls who come from all over the world originally. This variation means that our clients get to enjoy a tryst to suit their personal needs perfectly and as we can see, if their homes are anything to go by, then our clients prove that they do not lack anything in the imagination department!

If you are looking for houses which really fire up the imagination then you will find plenty in the Birmingham and Midlands area. Henley-in-Arden is a small village located in Warwickshire in the West Midlands and boasts a stunning property of château like proportions. This is a property which really goes to town and has its own nightclub in the 'entertainment complex'. This is a place where the owners would not be satisfied with just one swimming pool but it has two, one indoors and one outdoors of course. So no expense is spared here and we are anticipating the prospect of a visit for our beautiful Midlands escorts once a suitable owner is in place. If that is you, why not give us a call and fill out that nightclub with some stunning Midlands escorts.

06/11/2017 - Midlands Escorts

Birmingham tends to get much of limelight at Christmas or indeed at any other major time in the year. Whilst it is indeed the UK's second city and always has plenty to offer, there are other places in the Midlands that should not be ignored. This is also why our Midlands escort agency covers not only the major city in the region but also the towns and villages that make up the West Midlands and are so often ignored by the rest of the country.

Walsall in the Midlands is a lovely place to visit and it is where many of our Midlands escorts are available to visit clients on an outcall basis. Our Walsall escorts are available every day of the week and of course at the weekend for lively and intimate encounters as our clients desire. Over the Christmas period Walsall may well see an influx of visitors due to the fact that it is hosting the Christmas on the Beacon event. Running across two weekends in December this might be seen as preparing a little in advance but given the popularity of the vent it is best to purchase tickets sooner rather than later in order to avoid any disappointment, the same should be said for dates with our beautiful Walsall escorts as demand always seems to spike as clients realise that there is only limited time left before the holidays.

The Barr Beacon nature reserve in Walsall promises a Christmas spectacular with live music, indoor and outdoor food courts and street food, a licensed bar, reindeer food making events and a theatre show. The event is promised to be bigger than last year and so it is advisable to book tickets in advance as they are limited on capacity. Our Walsall escorts who visited last year enjoyed it so much that they do plan to visit again and what would make the experience even more enjoyable is if they can visit in the company of their valued clients. Our beautiful Walsall escorts are available for single evening trysts but they also offer overnight dates too. This means that you can get out and about in the area and enjoy their company whilst not having to worry about losing any intimate time with them. Of course if you live locally then you may just prefer to have one of our Walsall escorts pay you a visit at home and this is often the case for those who do not want to take advantage of all the events that go on throughout the year.

Of course this is just a pop up event in Walsall that only happens over the Christmas period but throughout the rest of the year there are still plenty of things to keep the local population and indeed visitors busy. Lying on the outskirts of Birmingham,visitors to the city often stray a little further out to discover delights that are off the beaten track and of course some of those delight are provided by our stunning escorts in Walsall. If you prefer not to traipse around historic buildings or to spend your evenings at the various bars and restaurants you can enjoy pleasures of a more personal and intimate nature with our beauties. They offer a warm welcome in their own distinctive style and, whilst they do not feature in any tourist guide, they are certainly a reason to visit. At Foxy Kittens Midlands escort agency we have a number of local escorts in Walsall who will be more than happy to show you exactly what makes them worth spending time with so why not call and make a date for your outcall appointment today.

05/11/2017 - Coventry escorts

The West Midlands is such a diverse area that they really have the ideal opportunity to show it all off at Christmas time. All the big attractions and events tend to be held in the city centre in Birmingham however there is also plenty to keep everyone else happy even if you didn't want to go into the centre at all. Every year locals in Birmingham can look forward to things like the floating market, big wheel and ice rink and even though there is plenty of building work going on in the city, they have still managed to find locations to host all these annual delights. Our own Birmingham and Midlands escorts are certainly looking forward to them so will you be visiting in the company of one of our girls?

The floating market takes place on the canal alongside the National Indoor Arena. Canal boats and narrow boats are transformed into floating shops selling all sorts of crafts and Christmas themed gifts and even if you are not into the Christmas shopping mode, it makes for a great day and evening out with all the boats being bedecked with fairy lights which reflect off the water. If that doesn't float your boat then maybe a magic lantern festival is more your thing? The Birmingham Botanical gardens are holding their magic lantern festival again this year where visitors can enjoy viewing the hundreds of handmade lit installations all made with a Christmas theme. They also have a magical lights trail which feature trees dripping with lit ice crystals and spaces to enjoy some mulled wine, spiced cider or other infused concoction under a sparkling canopy. Whilst this may not be party central, it does get you into the spirit and is a lovely way to spend an hour or so and break the ice with your chosen Birmingham or West Midlands escort.

Something which is more appealing might be the Apres ski party at the Old Crown in Digbeth. Whilst there isn't usually a lot of skiing to be had in Birmingham they can still enjoy the after party. The beer garden is transformed into a magical ski lodge with falling snow, piste maps and pine trees but to keep the cold out you can warm up in the heated marquee with themed cocktails, European beers and of course the old skiing favourite Schnapps. There will be street food stalls to satisfy your appetite but of course you may be concerned with an appetite of a different kind that only our own ski bunnies can satisfy. Given the fact that the temperatures are likely to be somewhat chilly, our Midlands escorts will have no problem warming you up. These are the girls that can light up any evening, no matter what you choose to do or where you choose to go with them. Of course they do not need outside influences in order to ensure that you have a fabulous night as their imaginations are usually enough to create an electric atmosphere all of their own so if you are at a loss for things to do in the run up to Christmas, just give us a call and our team can ensure you are matched with the ideal Midlands escort for your needs. You might want to take advantage of the fact that the Love Actually film is being shown in the symphony Hall at the beginning of December with a full orchestra performing the music live. An immerse and innovative experience it will certainly have you feeling that love is all around, you'll just want our beautiful Midlands escorts to show you in person!

04/11/2017 - Escorts in Birmingham

The South Americans really know how to have a good time and they have brought their lively and lavish flavour to Birmingham in the form of the extremely popular Bodega restaurant and bar. This is one of the most popular spots in Brum and you have to book up in advance to ensure you get a table. Our Birmingham escorts at Foxy Kittens love to enjoy a night out here, especially if they are spending the evening with one of their visiting clients as they get to show that Birmingham quite rightly deserves its title as the UK second city.

This Latino venue is such a hit because it offers a combination of imaginative food, a comprehensive drinks menu and a lively buzz. The food and drinks are enjoyed against the backdrop of sexy salsa beats and once the kitchen closes, the venue takes on a carnival atmosphere with live DJs and heady Caipirinha cocktails. This is a great venue on a Friday night which is full of Birmingham professionals all there to let off steam so why not join them with one of our beautiful Birmingham escorts and start your weekend the right way!

Birmingham might be a fair distance away from South America but Latin fever certainly takes hold in this part of town. The sexy samba beats and the tequila slammers certainly pave the way for letting your inhibitions down, not that our super sexy Birmingham escorts at Foxy Kittens have any and even if our ladies are not originally from the Latin American countries of the world they can sure shake their maracas like a local!

Of course given that Birmingham is a city with a booming night time economy you don't have to go all Latin to have a lively night. Sabai Sabai is a Thai restaurant of great repute. Tucked out of the way with only 25 covers it promises a place where servers have enough time to offer great service and an intimacy that delivers privacy as well as fabulous food. Whilst Thai food is known to be a little spicy you can have your dishes cooked to your own taste so if you want to tone it down a little, then it is not a problem. In the same way, our Birmingham escorts will tailor your encounter to suit your personal needs. If you want to experience something new and exotic our ladies are always ready to introduce a new flavour to your fun but if you want to stick with something more traditional and vanilla then our sensual stunners will be more than happy to oblige.

Our stunning Birmingham escorts can bring the party to you without you ever having to leave your home as our ladies have the imagination and sense of fun that can liven up any evening without even having to go out. They have a range of accessories and toys that can add a new element to your tryst so that if you wanted to make some new sensual discoveries they will be more than happy to make your date as explosive or as romantic as you wish.

Our outcall escort agency has a different selection of stunning outcall escorts available in all areas of Birmingham. We don't just stick to the city centre as our ladies are happy to visit clients in all the surrounding towns and villages too. If you prefer not to get involved in all the local action then you can make some action of your own and tailor make your evening to suit your personal needs. If you want to party we have the beauties who can light up any evening or alternatively if you want to enjoy something more relaxed and laid back then we can help in that respect too. Why not call and find out which of our Foxy Kittens Birmingham escorts are available this week?

01/11/2017 - Foxy Kittens in Buckinghamshie

Halloween is fast approaching and plenty of historic castles and manor houses expect to receive visitors in record numbers however it is not just historical buildings that are pulling out all the stops to make your Halloween the creepiest and scariest ever. Lots of bars and pubs are getting in on the act too, especially those which were built in the medieval period and stood the test of time. It seems that live action scare events have become so popular now that visitors are seeking a more immersive, live action experience. The fact that we are now used to seeing fantastic movie productions means that we are no longer happy with simply dressing up and having a hanging skeleton rattle some chains beside us.

Today's visitors require an altogether more horrific experience that makes them feel terrified with anticipation and fear so pub owners are setting up live scare events that employs local production companies to provide 'scarers' to pursue visitors. Of course once the visitors have come out the other end alive and well, if not a little shaken they are ready for the hot food and drinks available. A great marketing ploy, designed to raise brand awareness at the local bar and drive new traffic via new initiatives.

One of the best events around is the Scare Maze at The Inn in Hazelmere. The usually not so scary community centre has been transformed into an old haunted bar in which visitors need to escape the maze whilst being pursued by ghosts, ghouls and an evil inn keeper. Our Buckinghamshire escorts haven't yet experience this as it is such a new event but if it is likely to be held in future years, depending on how popular it is, then our ladies are certainly likely to goo. This is an adults only event which should show that it is not for the faint hearted although our Buckinghamshire escorts tend to prefer other types of adult only encounters where their companions and themselves are totally alone and they make things go bump in the night themselves.

Some of our clients are not really into the whole Halloween thing believing that it is a marketing event imported from America which is used to drive sales in various bushinesses and whist this may be true it still does not take away from the fact that with these experiences becoming more immersive, they are even more enjoyable, especially when experienced as part of a group.

Our own Buckinghamshire escorts like to offer an immersive experience although they tend not to want to put the fear of god in their clients. A date with any of our Bucks escorts can be enjoyed in your own home or at the hotel of your choice as our Buckinghamshire escorts are happy to provide an outcall service and visit clients at their location rather than the other way around. Our Buckinghamshire escorts can get to all clients over a wide geographical area which includes all the main towns and outlying villages in the county.

Not only do our Buckinghamshire escorts visit clients for an intimate and private tryst they are also available to accompany clients to any and all events that happen in the area so if you want to go on a night out in Aylesbury or perhaps enjoy dinner in Henley-on-Thames or maybe visit a castle in Marlow then any of our escorts in Buckinghamshire will be more than happy to be the partner of choice for the event. Our ladies are not only beautiful but intelligent, eloquent and attentive. As the saying often goes, it is not the event that is remembered but the company enjoying it and when you have one of our Buckinghamshire escorts by your side then this is certainly the case.

31/10/2017 - Escorts in Derby

The rise of the 'gintepreneur' has come about because of the massive revival of the spirit. Mixologists and bar tenders call this drink the 'vodka for grown ups; because it has such a variety of flavours that can be played with. The distinctive junpier drink can be infused with botanical flavours and distilled with extensive variations giving each recipe a fruity or spicy element. Fans of the drink have taken on an almost snobbish air to see who can determine the cucumber or liquorice notes in each drink and whilst our beautiful Derby escorts love to enjoy a night out with their companions at any of the new cocktail bars or gin bars that are popping up in the city, they certainly do not claim to be gintepreneurs.

The fact that there are now so many different micro distilleries means that the gin festival has taken over somewhat from the popular beer festival. Towns and cities and individual bars are coming around to the fact that if they advertise one of these events they are likely to see the head count in their bar peak to previously unattainable limits but it does come with a downside as a recently organised event in Derby found out.

More the 2000 local and not so local people attended the Big Time Gin event held at Derby's Roundhouse over the weekend to try some of the 100 different gins on offer but apparently not only did these visitors find the service somewhat slow due to the event being over subscribed but that the bar staff were not perhaps as knowledgeable as they would have liked. It seems that it is not enough for the average gin drinker to have their drink served to them but they also want too enjoy a 'gin experience' with the bar tender having in depth knowledge of the notes and flavours of the individual gin at the same time.

Whilst this might perhaps be a reasonable expectation at a specialised gin bar, at a general gin festival event it is not unreasonable to expect the bar staff to have been drafted in just for the event and this means that they are unlikely to have any extensive specialised experience with gin flavours and distilling processes nevertheless visitors to this Derby event took to social media to complain about their expedience which saw long queues at the bar and to even demand their money back. Some of our own Derby escorts attended the event and they felt they had a great time, although their visit was more focused on the company they were attending with rather than the actual drinks themselves.

The organisers have taken all the comments and critiques on board and vowed to return again next year with an even bigger and much more streamlined approach. It may well have been the fact that since this was a new event to be introduced to the area that they simply under estimated the demand for it and we find that this is very much in line with the services we offer at Foxy Kittens. Our Derby escort service is always very much in demand so much so that at peak times we often have our ladies fully booked well in advance and are always open to representing new escorts in Derby to meet demand. For those who spend time with our Derby escorts regularly, they know that they need to book in advance in order to ensure that they meet with the Derby escort of their desires as all too often we have to disappoint some clients with the news that their favourite lady has already been booked. At our Derby escort agency, we never want to disappoint clients so we do urge gentlemen to book with as much advance notice as possible, especially if there is a specific event that they wish to go along to with the most beautiful Derby escort on their arm. With events such as Christmas and New Year fast approaching it is more important than even to ensure that all your social events are organised and you have the partner of your dreams attending with you so why not give us a call today.

30/10/2017 - Derby escorts

At Foxy Kittens escort agency we offer outcalls to areas all over the region including the county of Derbyshire. Our Derbyshire escorts spend a great deal of time travelling around to all the towns and villages in order to spend time with their valued clients so spare a thought for our girls if you make your booking for the areas around Long Eaton in Derby as they are facing traffic gridlock throughout October, November and December.

The problems have arisen by the county council's decision to attend to traffic works in multiple locations around the town. This has resulted in queues which extend a normal 5 minute journey of 2 miles to around 55 minutes! There is no escape either as these roadworks have been positioned on every route in and out of the town so our Derby escorts are having to leave a great deal of time for their travelling if they have bookings with clients around this area.

The roadworks are causing a great deal of anger with local residents who have taken to social media to vent their frustration and anger. The various repair companies have responded with sympathy but no action and simply state that their work is essential and the dates that they intent to be completed. This is not a great deal of help to those who are finding themselves stuck in lengthy delays and indeed, even the local bus company have sought to change their route so that they avoid the queues. Many of our Derby escorts have been looking at different routes but in many cases where their clients are located in the town centre there can be no escape so do please bear this in mind when making your appointment.

The work looks set to cause even more delays since it covers the busy run up to Christmas. Some of the world are set to finish in November but other parts have stated that they will not finish until the early part of December so if you are planning to do some Christmas shopping then it might be better to go elsewhere and avoid the town altogether. This is of course a shame for the local shop owners and businesses in the area as they are the ones to suffer as a result.

That being said, once you do get into the town then make the most of your location and enjoy the various bars and restaurants on offer. Our Derby escorts are available to visit clients for single hour appointments but they are also happy to enjoy dinner dates and overnight trysts too. With the travel chaos expected in the area t might be more worthwhile to book a longer appointment with your chosen derby escort and perhaps even extend it to an overnight encounter. This could mean that you dine out together and simply walk back to your hotel to spend the rest of the evening and overnight without any travel worries whatsoever.

Whilst this is certainly an annoyance there is still plenty to attract people to the beautiful county of Derbyshire, not least our stunning outcall escorts. At Foxy Kittens escort agency we like to ensure that we promote and represent only those most beautiful, friendly, open minded and fun escorts in the Derbyshire area where all the people are known for their down to earth spirit and warmth of personality.

Whilst these roadworks are causing a little annoyance in the area of Long Eaton,there are still plenty of other areas in Derbyshire that our Derby escorts will travel to and so if you plan a trip to this beautiful part of the Midlands then it might be worth considering a chance of location. Why not call and speak to one of our team who can give you the latest update as to the availability and preferable locations of our Derby escorts.

29/10/2017 - Generation Y

Generation Y or 'millennials' as they are otherwise known are often negatively characterized as being lazy, narcissistic and somewhat coddled. They are the trophy generation who have grown up with the expectation of reward for minimal accomplishments in the form of money and fame so in a generation of people who are concerned with self image, the publication of an open letter to the local newspaper Bedfordshire on Sunday, which savaged Millennials for their sense of entitlement, immediately received a response in defence. It seems that if the generation were offered the same opportunities of their parents, they would be happy, or so the Millennial stated and it seemed that the opportunity to go to University, travel the world and generally be able to enjoy an extended childhood funded by parents would be immediately forsaken if only they could jump on the property ladder.

Bedford did not respond well to this claim with many readers making their own comments both by social media and the old fashioned pen to paper in disgust and irony. It seems that this view of our latest adult generation isone which is shared by much of the world, not just Bedfordshire as there have been many social reports produced in America which tend to state the same thing so are they all wrong?

At Foxy Kittens escort agency our Bedfordshire escorts cover both Generation Y (Millennials) and generation X (born in the 1970s) our generation X escorts are considered to be our mature Bedford escorts and whilst we do understand and indeed can relate to the findings in many of these reports we also sympathise with Millennials in the fact that society does have to take some of the blame for their actions, as they are in fact reactions to the world around them.

Our beautiful Bedford escorts are perhaps a little different from the rest of their generation in that they still hold true to the values that our beautiful Bedford escorts have always been known for. They are articulate, beautiful, fun and adventurous but they realise that they are in control of their destiny rather than taking a ore passive role, that much of their generation seem to do.

When you book a date with any of our Millennial Bedford escorts you can expect a high quality encounter with a beautiful young woman who will not display the characteristics of her peers and that, it certainly something our Bedfordshire escort agency can boast about.

Our Millennial beauties are in their early 20s and perhaps simply because of the generation they come from are far more accepting and open minded in general. They are much less inhibited and happy to enjoy duos and threesomes with the more bohemian approach to pleasure and satisfaction. If you are looking to enjoy a party encounter then these are the Bedford escorts to spend time with but this is not a quality that is simply reserved for those in Bedford, all of our Midlands escorts are just like this. Whether our outcall escorts visit clients in Bedford or Derbyshire, Berkshire or Buckinghamshire, we seem to have found those beauties with just the right mindset and qualities to ensure that al our clients are fully satisfied and delighted.

It is often unfair to make sweeping assumptions on a whole generation just by the actions of a few and with that in mind we invite gentlemen to see for themselves that many of these so called Millennials are every bit as fun and open minded as the ladies of the generation before them but the only way we can help to do that is when an appointment is made so why not cal now and make a date with our sexy 20 something Bedford escorts.

24/10/2017 - East Midlands

Mass tourism is not something normally associated with the Midlands, unless of course you include those passengers who use the East Midlands airport as a useful gateway to the NEC however Thomas Cook, the father of tourist travel actually came from Leicester. Our Midlands escorts in Leicester are certainly grateful to this humble cabinet maker from Market Harborough as his one day rail excursion launched a whole new empire and social change which greatly benefits our beautiful Midlands escorts directly today.

Thomas Cook's vision of travel wasn't about seeing the world and expanding ones mind. Initially it was more about diverting people's focus from drink dependency by getting them away from their usual habits which is somewhat ironic when one looks at the issues facing such places as Magaluf and Tenerife. Since air planes were not invented at this time, all excursions took place via the newest transport mode available, the train. For the princely sum of a single shilling, tourists were able to travel the 12 miles from Leicester to Loughborough or even as far as Nottingham and Birmingham. These trips were a great success and were quickly followed the next year by a trip to Liverpool which even had the added benefit of the worlds first travel brochure.

Travellers today tend to expect to go a little further afield and with the advent of the internet, the humble travel brochure may well be experiencing its last days of production. Our own Midlands escorts are very well travelled and indeed a number of them are not originally from the area at all. All this diversity of the community has come about because of one man and his idea for travel and however humble its beginnings, the world has been changed forever because of it.

Thomas Cook is now wholly owned by a German company which is perhaps a quite fitting in a modern world which blurs the old boundaries but it is one of the best loved companies in the UK and beyond. Our own Midlands airport works alongside Thomas Cook airlines and passengers can easily catch a lane from here to 72 different destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe an North America. A far cry from that single 12 mile journey across the Midlands over 150 years ago!

Our Midlands escorts do love travelling and many of our girls would be more than happy to act as your travel companion should you plan a trip for business or pleasure. Even if you are planning to keep your feet firmly on the ground and stay local to the Midlands our escorts in all areas of the East Midlands and the West Midlands will always be more than happy to offer outcalls so that they can come to you without you having to do any travelling at all. Obviously they would not be needing to fly anywhere but as we have seen from the early ideas of Thomas Cook himself, big trees stem from little acorns!

Even though the Thomas Cook brand takes passengers to many exotic locations in the world, our clients are never happier than when they are in the company of our very own exotic beauties in the Midlands. Our Midlands escorts come from Europe, Asia and South America and are blessed with their own unique qualities that our clients find so appealing. Why not take a look at our daily galleries and choose your favourite companion to spend time with. The weather may not be great in the Midlands but the company certainly is! A single call to our team at Foxy Kittens will secure your date with our desirable Midlands escorts.

23/10/2017 - Halloween

As it is coming up to Halloween, English Heritage have released a list of England's most spookiest castles and the top two are located in the Midlands area. Bolsover castle in Derbyshire, West Midlands was voted first with Kenilworth castle in Warwickshire, East Midlands coming in second so if you want to enjoy (or not) one of the most authentic Halloween experiences then we would recommend visiting one of these heritage sites in the next few days. Of course you will want to have someone to hang onto during your visit so why not invite one of our fearless Midlands escorts to accompany you for the evening.

Our Midlands escorts have of course visited these sites on previous occasions and never actually experience any ghostly goings on however the staff who were surveyed have reported incidents which included hearing muffled voices, slamming doors and even feelings of being pushed. Security guards have seen ghostly lights and even an antique cot seemingly ricking by itself! All these reports should be taken with a pinch of salt through as they have been reported by members of staff who, it has to be said, may well be not as impartial as they could be given that their jobs depend on high visitor numbers but that being said, it is always the anticipation of other worldly apparitions that heighten the excitement.

Of course if you book a date with any of our Midlands escorts either with our West Midlands escorts or our East Midlands escorts your anticipation will be focused more on real world action. Our ladies will certainly deliver every time so you will not be able to blame outside influences on things that go bump in the night! Even if you do not encounter anything inexplicable during your visit to these wonderful heritage sites, the amazing history and insight into the past will leave you breathless with wonder and delight and this of course is something our high class Midlands escorts aim to bring to each of their dates too.

The Midlands area boasts a wealth of history and sites of importance that are not necessarily haunted and for visitors to the area there is plenty of choice that does not include being scared beyond belief. Stokesay castle in Ludlow, Shropshire is a striking 13th century manor house complete with moat whilst Witley Court in Worcestershire is a ruined Italianate mansion of epic proportions. All of these beautiful places are fantastic days out to enjoy and made even more enjoyable when you are in the company of our stunning Midlands escorts. Our outcall service means that our Midlands escorts are able to visit clients in all counties, towns and villages. Our ladies are happy to travel to all areas within the Midlands so why not combine your visit with a date with one or more of our escorts.

Halloween is not something that tends to be celebrated in the UK as it is more of a tradition we are starting to import from the USA however there are still plenty of bars and evening venues which will mark the date by holding fancy dress parties and the like so if you are planning to go for a night out in any of the local towns and require a sexy companion to join you then why not give our Midlands escort agency a call and we can make the arrangements for you. Do remember to let us know if your event is likely to be fancy dress or not so that our Midlands escorts can arrive suitable attired. You might just decide to give it all a miss and simply hide away together until it is all over!

22/10/2017 - Stanstead expands

Blue escorts is an escort agency which offers outcalls throughout all areas within East Anglia. Our wonderful clients are made up from local residents who live in the tons and villages in the east of England but also we cater to the many international visitors who come to the area via Stansted airport. News this weeks could see our wonderful East Anglia escorts spending more time with many more international visitors as the airport is reported to have requested an increase in the number of passengers it serves.

Stansted airport currently has an upper limit of 35 million passengers per year however it is currently seeking to increase this to 43 million. This means that our beautiful East Anglia escorts should expect to be a great deal busier than ever before!

As you might expect, local residents in the area are none to keen on this turn of events and we expect to see a number of protests against any increase. The airport say that they plan on serving these extra customers without increasing the number of flights although they do not expand on how they plan on doing this but either way, our escorts in east Anglia are obviously part of the group of people in favour of any expansion.

When passengers use Stansted airport, a number of them stay overnight in the airport hotels before continuing their journeys to London or other parts of the country. Obviously not all the passengers desire the company of our beautiful escorts in East Anglia but given the fact that so many businessmen fly in and out of the UK through Stansted, there is a high demand for the services our ladies provide. The fact that our portfolio incudes beauties from all over the world ensures that no matter where the gentleman comes from,he will always find an escort in Stansted who meets his needs.

At Blue Escorts agency clients are able to book outcall encounters in all areas surrounding the airport too, and indeed, throughout the entire area of East Anglia. This covers a number of different counties in the East of England not least Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire. Clients therefore can make their bookings for the location in which they are staying and are not limited to the area in the immediate vicinity of the airport. Our East Anglia escorts are happy to visit clients at their various hotels or at their home addresses and indeed any location that the client chooses. Of course, a large proportion of our clients like to spend the few hours they have spare in their hotel airport doing something a little more interesting than simply watching pay per view!

Of course in an airport of such size there are also the needs of those who work there to be taken into consideration. The airport is open at all hours of the day and night and so plenty of workers stay in hotels rather than make the daily commute to work. This means that once they have finished their shifts, they have plenty of spare time and little to do. Our East Anglia escorts and of course our local Stansted escorts always have plenty of ideas for ways to pass the time.

Stansted is becoming something of a small town in its own right. It has its own very transient population and plenty of accommodation to suit all budgets. The fact that everyone goes about their business without any heed to anyone else makes it the ideal environment to enjoy an illicit tryst. Anonymity is assured and of course appreciated by our regular clients who always make a point of spending time with our Stansted escorts whenever they touch down or arrive for their flights. Gentlemen even make their reservations for the night before their flight just so that they can fit some play time in with one of our beauties.

22/10/2017 - Leicester Escorts

Smart phones have certainly changed the way we live our lives since their inception in 2000. It is widely believed that the very first smartphone created was the iphone however this is not the case since the touchscreen Ericsson R380 was the first to market the term 'smartphone'. The iphone was not ready for market until 2007 and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today our smartphones practically dominate all aspects of our lives. A recent study by the Government's cyber aware campaign has shown that more than a third of people in the West Midlands spend more than 3 hours a day on their phones with more than half even admitting to taking their phones to the toilet with them! Even dinner with loved ones, family and friends do not escape the addiction of the smart phone with nearly half of all people surveyed in the West Midlands area saying that they would check their smartphones during the meals. Whilst we understand the draw of these pocket devices we like to think that turning your smartphone off is one of the first things a client would do when he meets up with his chosen Midlands escort at Foxy kittens escort agency.

At Foxy Kittens we like to think that our escorts in the Midlands have a wealth of knowledge and a particular skill set that ensures the absolute attention of all their clients. Whilst 15% of the local population are sneaking a peek at their mobiles under the duvet after lights out, we know that the other 85% are so busy enjoying themselves in the company of our Midlands escorts that they have forgotten about their mobiles entirely! Our beautiful West Midlands escorts would take it as a personal slight if clients were more interested in what is going on in the virtual world when they are there and ready for action in the real world however luckily this has never happened that we know of and our clients are totally engaged with our beauties throughout their tryst.

At Foxy Kittens escort agency we do understand the importance and usefulness of the smartphone, indeed we have mobile enabled websites which allow our clients access to bookings and images and information about our Midlands escorts just so that they can make their bookings whenever it suits them. All that is needed is a wifi connection and perhaps a little privacy and the wondrous world of our stunning Midlands escorts is available anytime, anywhere. Perhaps this is what people are doing when they are glued to their phones rather than paying attention to the real world activities that are going on around them!

Whilst the government survey revealed that most people were in favour of a national abstinence of smart phone usage, how successful this would be in the real world is unlikely because for all the complaints about intrusion on daily life, they tend to add more benefit in most people's eyes. At Foxy Kittens we will still encourage the use of these devices for promotion of our Midlands escorts and of course their safety.

Regardless of where you are located in the Midlands our beautiful Midlands escorts are happy to travel to your location, sometimes using the GPS on their mobile phones in order to find you. Our outcall service means that our beauties can be with you no matter where you are located and our ladies can spend anything from a single hour to an entire weekend or longer if you desire. Why not use that mobile phone to its fullest extent and view our mobile gallery of gorgeous local escorts in the Midlands.

03/09/2017 - Stevenage Escorts

Fulfil Your Dreams with the Stevenage Escorts

From the moment, you book an appointment with, you will realise in no time that why we are considered to be the best escort agencies in the small town of Stevenage. By booking our Stevenage escorts you can simply expect a wide range of new experiences which are full of excitement and fun.

Stevenage is a small town and borough in the county of Hertfordshire located in the southern part of England. The town is located to the east of the junctions 7 and 8 of the A1 (M) and it lies between the Welwyn Garden City in the south to the Letchworth Garden City in the north. Stevenage is at a distance of about 50 kilometres north from Central London with a population of around 84000. The small town is developing at a rapid pace in the recent times. The place has very good transportation facilities. The railway station of the town is Stevenage on the East Coast Main Line which provides regular services to Cambridge and London.

Stevenage is famous for the football club of Stevenage FC. There is also a cricket ground known as Ditchmore Lane. This small town of Stevenage has a numerous other sports clubs that are very much successful. A noted one among those is a women’s football team called the Stevenage Borough Ladies FC. Apart from the sporting activities, there are several multiplexes, restaurants, clubs and shopping complexes to provide the people with the required facilities. The best places to eat and drink in Stevenage are The Fisherman, Salt & Good and Coast to Coast American Restaurant which will just be a treat to the taste buds. The wine served at these places is of top quality. The main points of interest in the town of Stevenage are Knebworth House, Cromer Windmill, Benington Lordship Gardens, Hampson Park, The Stevenage Museum and Welwyn Roman Baths are to name a few.

Even though Stevenage is a small town but we as an escort agency promise to provide you with some of the hottest and the most beautiful escorts. Once you book an escort from us you will realise what you would have missed if you have not done so. You can expect some immense pleasures and fun with our Stevenage escorts that you are going to love and you would definitely want to have it again and again.

Our Stevenage escorts are perfectly skilled and adequately trained along with several years of experience that makes them just the ideal companion for our clients. They are capable of providing you with some of the best moments of your life relieving you of all the stress and worries providing you with a refreshing energy. They are quite seductive in their appeal which would arouse your feelings to an extreme level. Booking an appointment with us is extremely simple. You just need to give us a call in the helpline number of our agency and we will deal with the rest. You can have a fun with the Stevenage escorts.

03/09/2017 - Newmarket Escorts

Choose from the Best of the Newmarket Escorts and Have a Wonderful Stay!

We are one of the best escort agencies in Newmarket, and we take pride in providing our customers with the best quality Newmarket escorts in all the aspects. We allow our customers to from the wide range of escorts available in our agency.

Newmarket is a market town in the English county of Suffolk. It is known as the birthplace and headquarters of thoroughbred racing, training and breeding. It is the location of the historic Newmarket Racecourse. It offers various interesting things to see and do for everyone, ranging from sports to arts. It has easy connectivity and takes approximately an hour from London to arrive at Newmarket.

National Heritage Centre for Horseracing and British Sporting Art has the world class amenities for cultural and sports events. It also houses retired racehorses and conducts retraining of racehorses. Out of the five British Classic Races, two are hosted in Newmarket. This makes Newmarket more glamorous and fascinating place, especially during July festival. You can be a part of the roar of the crowd and enjoy the thunder of hooves for an experience to cherish for a lifetime at Newmarket racecourse. Visit Newmarket gallops and racing yards, seemares and their foals at the National Stud. Not just limited to this, you can also watch jockeys and horses train during the daytime, meet the staff and trainers. It is just incredible experience with friends and family. All Saints church and Hollis Wealth Story Pod are also famous attractions in Newmarket.

Newmarket is a place which unfolds leisure and adventure in an incredible way. There are many cosy and relaxed restaurants and cafes to savour the food after a day at the racecourse. There is no dearth of options of independent eateries to sip and bite. Wavertree’s coffee shop, The Pantry, Roxana bar are some of the places to suit every taste.

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03/09/2017 - Escorts in St Albans

Enjoy Your Tour with the St Albans Escorts

A short tour to the city of St Albans would not be complete without the St Albans escorts. You can simply take you enjoyment to the next level once you come to us. We will provide you with some of the best escorts so that you can enjoy your tour to the fullest.

St Albans is a city in Hertfordshire in England. This is the major urban area of the city and is situated in the district of St Albans. It lies to the west of Hatfield and to the east of Hemel Hempstead. St Albans is located at a distance of about 31 kilometers north west of central London. It lies at about 13 kilometres south west of Welwyn Garden City and about 18 kilometers south east of Luton. The place is well connected with roads and railways with two railway stations to serve the city. One is the St Albans City station located at 800 meters to the east of the citycenterand the other is St Albans Abbey station at a distance of 1 kilometre south west of the City station.

St Albans experiences an oceanic climate which ranges from 1 degree Celsius in the winters to 22 degrees during the summer season. The cultural life of St Albans is just vibrant with concerts and theater productions on a regular basis. The well - known venues for these events are Trestle Arts Base, Maltings Art Theatre; The Alban Arena are to name a few. One of the finest delicacies of the world is available at St Albans with some of the best restaurants and pubs located in this area. La Italiana is one of the famous Italian restaurants here. Cote Brasserie is famous for serving great regional French dishes along with the best wine. One who loves grilled food and fish can go to the Lussmanns without hesitation.

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03/09/2017 - Cambridge escorts

Avail the Most Sensuous Cambridge Escorts who Will Take Care of All Your Needs

Cambridge is a city in eastern England, and it is located on the River Cam. It is home to prestigious University of Cambridge, dating to 1209. Cambridge is well connected with good transport access; the distance from London is approximately 50 miles.

Cambridge University is split into 31 architecturally stunning colleges. The Kings College is famed for its choir and towering Gothic chapel. There are exhibits on archaeology and anthropology, polar exploration, the history of science and zoology in the University museums. You can enjoy at the soothing Botanic Garden in Cambridge University, gaze at the magnificent 24 carat gold Grasshopper, the Corpus Clock on Corpus Christi College's Taylor Library.

Beautiful museums and art galleries are the inspiration for many. There is free to entry at University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum which displays world-class collections of art and antiquities spanning centuries and civilisations. Grantchester Village, Great St Mary's Church, Queens' College are other must-visit historical sites.

Cambridge is a truly idyllic place to explore, for a leisure canal holiday you can visit nearby Cambridgeshire Fens to relax in the stunning view or enjoy the boat ride. Shopping is always a good idea; you can spend time in market square which has a blend of independent shops and high street brands. There are plenty of options for refreshments including tea rooms and cafes restaurants and pubs. Fitzbillies is a Cambridge institution and one of the oldest spot for a traditional afternoon tea. Theatre lovers can delight in the student’s theatrical production, shows at Arts Theatre or enjoy live music at Corn Exchange.

After all, if you simply want to spice up your stay in Cambridge, then you should go for hiring an escort which is bound to make your stay here in Cambridge, a worth remembering one. The Cambridge escorts are especially known for their sensuousness, and their attractive figure is sure to make you irresistible.

There are several escort agencies in Cambridge that offers a wide range of choices of escorts for the clients which in turn makes it very easy for the clients to select the one of their choices. Different types of rates are charged by the agencies which are usually on an hourly basis. One thing is to be remembered that there is no scope of bargaining but you can be sure that the money you spend would give you full value. Both the in – call facility, and the out – call facility can be availed from the agencies as per the requirements of the users.

The Cambridge escorts act as the perfect companion for, and you would simply forget all your tensions in life in their companionship. The booking of the escort girls is extremely easy and convenient. You just need to give a call to the escort agency, and all the necessary details would be provided to you. You can select the girl of your choice but one thing is to be kept in mind here is that the complete payment has to be made in advance to the agency before hiring the escort services.

03/09/2017 - Bedford Escorts

Execute your Wild Fantasies with the Our Gorgeous Bedford Escorts Just for You!

Bedford Escorts are here to offer you the most sensual and the most discreet escort services. If you are looking to hire a high-class escort for your visit to Bedford, you are at the right place. Our escorts are the most alluring escorts that you can find here. We have escorts from diverse backgrounds, while some are university students, some are high-end models, and others are sexy sales girls. One thing that is common among them is that they have charismatic looks and incredible intelligence that will blow away your mind.

Bedford is the country town in the Bedfordshire, England. The place is known for its beautiful riverside setting where one can enjoy the panoramic view of the river Great Ouse and the remains of the Castle Mound that was destroyed during a siege in 1224.

There are a number of places to see in and around Bedford. Some of the top ones are Higgins Bedford, Eagle Gallery, Panacea Museum, Glenn Miller Museum, Shuttleworth Collection and much more. If art and culture are not your things, you can opt for a river cruise on the River Great Ouse. You can hire a boat and discover the town’s unique heritage from the water. If you feel that you need company for this, you will not find anyone better than our Bedford Escorts.

You can also visit the Woburn Safari Park to see some of the world’s most exotic and endangered animals. You can also explore a ride on tractors, hatchery and even handle a bird at Bird of Prey & Activity Farm. You can visit the magnificent spire of St. Pauls Church to experience the treasure of medieval and the Victorian era. Our Bedford escorts can take you around so that you do no waste time on something that is not worth seeing. They are great travelers and enjoy seeing you having a good time with them.

There are many restaurants and pubs in Bedford that you can try out. For the ardent music and art admirers, there are events featuring performers from the world. There are various options to tickle the taste buds; some of the well-known and affordable places for a delicious meal are Chiff Chaff Café, Afternoon tea at Barns, A Different Brew. Influence of Italian cuisine is seen in Bedford as it has the highest concentration of Italian migrants in the UK, you can find a wide variety of Italian bars and social clubs. Our Bedford escorts can take you to the best restaurants and show you how well they can mix in any environment.

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03/09/2017 - milton keynes Escorts

Hire Exclusive and High-End Milton Keynes Escorts

We offer the very best selection of ladies for our clientele. We cater to singles, couples, ladies and also clients with special needs. Our quality of escorts is much higher than our competitors, but you will find our rates to be reasonable. We always have a superb selection of ladies to choose from, ranging from different ages and nationalities.

You can take a glimpse of what type of escorts are available with us through our galleries. When you book with us, you can be sure to be with a Milton escort that you could only dream of.

Milton Keynes is a large town in Buckinghamshire, England. It is locally abbreviated as MK; this place offers some of the most exciting activities and divergent entertainment experiences. It can be said that Milton Keynes is the entertainment zone of UK. If you are in the town for some business, you can hire one of our gorgeous ladies who are available to make all your fantasies come true.

It has diverse culture ready to be explored which is further enhanced with the best combination of adventure and serenity with a wide range of options. For the nature lovers, there are breathtaking beautiful landscapes, cycling by the countryside for sightseeing, parks, catching fish in the zone or even trying hands on the golfing skills. The options are varied for the adventure seeker as well, such as skiing any time of the year. People can visit Wake MK for wakeboarding and the Xscape for wall climbing. There are options for indoor skydiving and thrilling activities.

The stupendous heritage can be unfolded by visiting Church of Christ the Cornerstone and Bletchley's high street "Queensway", Milton Keynes Museum, Bletchley Park, Aerial Extreme The National Museum of Computing among others. There are even more things to do in the countryside like enjoying a safari. Milton Keynes Theatre is home for touring west-end musicals, operas, and ballet for theatre enthusiast.

The Centre Milton Keynes shopping centre is the great regional shopping destination. Milton Keynes Central railway station is a short walk from the main shopping centre, and easy access is enabled to explore the surrounding areas. To savour good food, there are traditional English, Chinese, and Italian restaurants across the city. The Hub, the Theatre District offers pre and post-theatre meals. Having such hearty meal without a companion can get boring. Thus, it is best to hire a Milton escort from you to give you company no matter what you are in a mood for.

Making an appointment with us is very easy. All you need to do is call us, tell us about the lady or ladies you pick and we will confirm their availability to you. If they are available, they will meet you at your choice of place. If you have any queries about our services or our ladies, our trained receptionists are there to assist you quickly and efficiently. There is no obligation whatsoever, and your number is not saved with us if you do not want to.

03/09/2017 - Northampton Escorts

Pick from our Zealous, Attractive and Sexy Northampton Escorts

We offer a discreet and professional escort services in Northampton. We provide stunning Northampton escorts for every occasion and experts who are carefully selected for their charm, sophistication and friendly attitude. Once you spend time with our escorts, their sensation will not be easy to forget. When you book with us, be prepared to laugh and enjoy each minute that you spend with them.

Situated in the East Mainland of England, Northampton is the county town of Northamptonshire, and it lies on River Nene. Northampton is one of the largest towns in the UK and about 67 miles north-west of London and 50 miles south-east of Birmingham. The climate is warm and temperate.

Northampton reflects the traditional qualities of rural England from the medieval times. There are miles of walks, beautiful country parks, canals and substantial areas of ancient woodland which can be a relinquishing experience. The aetiological evidence dates back to Bronze Age, Roman and Anglo-Saxon periods. The main streets radiate the town’s medieval trade such as Sheep Street, Gold Street and Silver Street.

Famous for its historic charm, the places to visit in Northampton are –

• The Charles Rennie Mackintosh House & Galleries is an award-winning historic house, near the town centre.

• Central Museum and Art Gallery is the home to the world famous shoe collection, located on Guildhall Road, in the town centre. This museum displays shoes from Roman times to Queen Victoria's slippers and David Beckham's football boots.

• Becket's Park near River Nene

• Abington Park - Abington Park Museum and the Regimental Museum which occupy a medieval manor house is located in Abington Park. It also accommodates The Museum of Leathercraft collection.

• Other well-known attractions are Stanwick Lake, Phipps NBC - The Albion Brewery, Royal & Derngate Theatre, etc.

For the organic and environment enthusiast, great tasting farm produces sourced in season from British farmers and growers are available at Smith’s Farm Shop. Northampton has a plethora of eateries some of the popular ones are The Wheatsheaf Pub & Dining Room, The Lamplighter is for exotic food whereas places like Whitehills, The Good Loaf, etc. are good for affordable and tasty food.

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08/11/2016 - Technology takes over

It seems that there is nothing sacred anymore and the constant intrusion of our work lives into our private lives gets further and further every day. Now the simple pleasure of grabbing a fast food burger is under threat with the addition of the new tablets at all the tables in the MacDonald’s restaurant in Rayleigh.

Visitors can choose to order their food, pay for their food and even enjoy table service with the new tablets however not only can you connect to the restaurant staff using the new technology you can also check your emails, read your newsfeeds and connect via social media. Whilst the advance of technology is great it also has drawbacks and this is sometimes why clients choose to enjoy a date with our sensational Essex escorts so much. A date with any of our girls will ensure that the last thing on your mind is how many likes you received for your post or the need to document every moment of your day. Our Essex escorts positively discourage the use of mobile phones during their dates, notwithstanding possible emergencies of course however they feel that the time you spend together should be for the two of you alone and shared with no-one else. It seems that all our clients agree.

Rayleigh may be the first to bring in this new technology however it won’t be the last in the Essex area, indeed the whole of the UK. Pitsea and Canvey Island are next on the list with over 400 branches of the fast food chain ‘benefitting’ from the new technology by the end of the year. Whilst we at Foxy Kittens embrace new technologies, we do still appreciate that sometimes, you just want to get away from it all and focus on the really enjoyable necessities in life. For those, there can be no comparison to real human contact!

08/11/2016 - Cromer Carnival

Summer season is well underway in the coastal towns around Norfolk and this year is set to be a real belter with the Cromer Carnival arranged for next week. The Red Arrows no less, are set to appear however there is another aerial display which is causing a stir and that is the smoke trailing bi-planes of the Wildcat display duo. Given the topical location of Cromer, out over the sea with soaring cliffs, the aerial acrobatics are extra difficult but when putting on a display of epic proportions, we think spectators will agree that they are quite simply amazing.

Soaring to new heights of pleasure is not something new in Cromer. Our local Norfolk escorts regularly help their clients find new heights of pleasure. Our ladies are there to push the boundaries of limitations and the sky is the limit in their search for your satisfaction. If you are planning a day out in the sunny coast then do consider the Norfolk area of Cromer. Not only will you enjoy all the usual seaside fun but the presence of our local Cromer escorts will ensure that as the sun goes down , your fun does not have to end. Call today to make a date, especially since this weekend is set to be such a hot one!

Our Cromer escorts won’t be able to guarantee keeping you cool as our sensational stunners are daring and adventurous in their own right. Why not book a hotel room along the seafront and enjoy waking up to fresh air, sun, sea, sand and…. A beautiful companion by your side. All our Cromer escorts offer outcalls so they are accessible to all who come to this beautiful part of Norfolk. Overnight encounters are available and all you need to do is call our team who can make all the arrangements.

08/11/2016 - Norfolk dismay

Great Yarmouth is a very popular coastal and seaside town that welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The summer season is the lifeblood for many locals especially during the height of July and August. The beach is heaving with sun worshipers and day trippers and so it was a huge blow when the local shopping precinct became the victim of an horrific blaze. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of merchandise went up in smoke in what was feared as the death of the local economy, however as most of us Brits have the Dunkirk spirit, life has resumed as near to normal as possible to salvage what is left of the summer season.

Whilst the coastline and the beaches are a draw to the area, so too are our Norfolk escorts. Our ladies are wonderfully warm and welcoming and offer that much needed companionship, our clients adore. Most of our Norfolk escorts are local to the area so you can enjoy the fact that when you visit Great Yarmouth you can spend your evenings or daytimes with a local Norfolk girl. Despite the rumours, all our Norfolk escorts have the correct number of digits and are not the result of very close family ties – just to put that one to bed! Most of our Norfolk escorts do not have the native accent as successions of London overspill since the war has diluted the native twang.

There is nothing else that is diluted though as our Norfolk escorts are every bit as erotic and exotic as you would hope for. As with everything in life you will only find out by deciding for yourself and when you view our gallery of gorgeous Norfolk escorts we trust you will be every bit as delighted as we are with our sensational escorts in Norfolk.

08/11/2016 - New plans for Woodbridge

If you live near the Suffolk area of Woodbridge then you will be excited to know that you are about to get a whole new shopping centre. The local council are about to approve plans to revamp the Turban centre to include better walkways, lighting and new shopping facades. It is hoped this could lead to new stores coming to the area and increasing the local economy. All improvements to the infrastructure of an area are always a good thing as it attracts new trade and therefore new jobs. Of course our very own Woodbridge escorts in Suffolk welcome anything that will attract new clients, even though they tend to attract plenty of their own!

Our Woodbridge escorts are available to those who live locally and also to those who visit. Our East Anglia escort agency ensures that almost all of our Suffolk escorts are also available throughout the region so whether you have come out to East Anglia from the city or from further afield you can always rest assured that you will receive a warm welcome from our local beauties.

Indeed, we say local but we mean this in the sense that our Suffolk escorts live in the general East Anglia area. Many of our stunning escorts in Suffolk are actually from much further afield, from Europe and South America in some cases so they could hardly really be called local! No matter where our Woodbridge escorts are from, they all share the same sense of fun and adventure you clients can rest assured that they will have the most amazing time in their company. What more could you ask for? Other than a gleaming new shopping centre of course. Our Woodbridge escorts will provide the delight you are looking for a little sooner than the planned works in the area though – just something to bear in mind.

08/11/2016 - Suffolk skies alive

It is well known that there are many military bases in the Suffolk area and indeed our very own beautiful Suffolk escorts have long provided the companionship that many servicemen require. If you have looked to the skies in the region over the last couple of weeks you may have noticed a rather large aircraft flying about, in addition to the usual military craft that are seen all the time.

RAF Woodbridge has recently taken possession of their newest aircraft carrier the Airbus A400M. it can fly at over 500 miles per hour and is a colossal monster in the skies. Despite the fact that it arrived at the end of 2014, it has only just been going through its paces in the skies and what a sight it has been! The military base is expected to receive a further 21 aircraft like this in the next couple of years so this sight is one which will become a regular occurrence and certainly not something that will be taken for granted.

Our very own Suffolk escorts are a similar phenomenon. Our beauties are revered in the area and the service they provide is also something of a necessity. The beauty of our Suffolk escorts evokes the same sense of awe that is inspired by these magnificent aircraft although our ladies are decidedly smaller and a lot quieter! If you are a military man and find yourself posted to RAF Woodbridge then you can rejoice in the fact that on days off, you too can enjoy the exotic advances of our stunning Suffolk escorts and whilst they won’t visit you on base, there are always plenty of hotels close by to spend time together. They say that airmen take pride in their cockpit – is that true? Call Foxy Kittens and make your date now.

02/09/2016 - First Fridays

Have your Friday’s become predictable, spent in the same bars with same people at the same time every week? Well, luckily Norfolk has the answer! Now in its fourth season, the ‘First Fridays Downstreet Party’ has plenty to offer, bringing you a variety of music, food and drink and a beer and wine garden. The next one to look forward to is taking place on 2nd September at TCC Plaza, 300 Block of Granby Street. If you are a fan of 80’s music, you do not want to miss this! Popular with all age groups and running from 5pm – 8:30, there is something for everyone. There is even enough time to go for a romantic meal or a few drinks afterwards (if you aren’t already full from the selection of delicious food available!).

Whilst this is great, the event is only running on the first Friday of the month. So, what do you do with the rest of your spare time? At Foxy Kittens, our well-established and professional Norfolk escorts will keep you busy and entertained at whatever time of the day. You can guarantee that you will never find yourself bored or lost for things to be getting excited about!

Our beautiful blondes, busty brunettes and sexy redheads will without a doubt satisfy all of your personal requirements. You should also know that our girls are (amazingly!) just as stunning in person as they are in their pictures and are poised with elegance, sophistication and class. Happy to accompany you to any social event and available for incall and outcall services, our girls will make all of your private dreams a reality! To have the time of your life, call Foxy Kittens and arrange to meet one of our naughty Norfolk escorts on 07986 596 592!

02/09/2016 - treat yourself after all the stress

Across the nation this Friday, it is likely that you will be seeing teenage boys in dirty clothes and chaos in the streets because it’s national lazy mum’s day! Yes, you heard that right! Our beloved, well organised and caring mums are going on strike and taking a day off from doing laundry, washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom and preparing dinner. Whilst we can’t blame them, we all know that this is recipe for disaster. Without a doubt, this will most likely result in children lying in bed until 2pm, husbands being late to work and the pet dog, Rover, not being walked! But how can we prevent such chaos you might be asking? Well, we have a suggestion! Bribery and flattery. What happened to kind gestures, such as breakfast in bed or a ‘you look nice today mum’ every now again? Admittedly our reasoning behind treating our most perfectly amazing mum’s (it’s never too early to start) is not entirely selfless but we have just realised that we are nowhere near as capable of running an entire house as our mum is! Maybe this is the wake-up call we all needed – we need to appreciate our mums and offer a helping hand every now and again!

You might now be in a state of panic, wondering how the world will keep spinning! Don’t worry, we have something to calm your nerves and relieve any stresses you may have! Foxy Kittens is a highly professional escort agency, with stunning East Anglia escorts, Midlands escorts and Airport escorts available to meet you at whatever time of the day. All of our girls are absolutely stunning, whether you’re seeking a blonde, brunette or redhead, our gallery of discreet and elegant are sure to meet your every desire. Here to make you happy and offer you one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life, our beautiful escorts are just one phone call away. Contact our charming Foxy Kittens escorts on 07986 596 592!

02/09/2016 - Dont bite off more than you can chew!

If you’re a lover of hot food or not, we all have our limits. Whether the hottest spice you can tolerate is a lemon and herb chicken nandos or a spicy tikka masala, we know what we can and can’t eat! But, what if you were challenged to eat what is apparently the world’s ‘hottest’ noodles? There are always claims on menus of the ‘hottest’ or ‘spiciest’ dish, but when we try it, how many times do we really find the claims to be true? Because you’ve probably destroyed some of these dishes in the past you may have built up some confidence so you now you find yourself trying anything and everything. Well, be careful!

For one adventurous individual who was travelling through Indonesia, things took a turn for the worse when he visited a restaurant that served ‘death noodles’. Of course, the name of the dish wasn’t enough to deter him. During the young man’s first few bites, it was apparent he was struggling as his face suddenly resembled a ripened tomato and his body broke into an uncontrollable sweat. Things got much worse though for the backpacker who lost his hearing for an entire two minutes before being violently sick. Oops!

Although new experiences are exciting, sometimes it’s nice to know exactly what you are going to get! At Foxy Kitten Escorts we can guarantee that when you meet one our gorgeous girls you will get nothing but the very best. Our gallery of beautiful redheads, blondes and brunettes is sure to have everything you could ever want! As gorgeous as all of our escorts are, they are also of the most elegant and graceful caliber of women you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Whatever your deepest and most private fantasy, our girls are available throughout the week to make these come true. Our East Anglia escorts, Midlands escorts and Southern escorts are available throughout the week to meet you at your earliest convenience! Call Foxy Kittens escorts on 07986 596 592 today!

02/09/2016 - Calling beer and cider lovers!

St Albans Beer & Cider Festival 2016 kicks off 28th September! With an array of live music on offer and a selection of mouthwatering beers and ciders, this premier event in Hertfordshire should be at the top of your to do list! Situated in the Alban Arena, there are plenty of local buses so travel doesn’t need to be a worry. There are also many different types of accommodation available to suit all pockets so you can enjoy the festival without worrying about getting home after all that beer! Corporate and organised party packages are also on offer for large groups of 10 or more. So, if you’re thinking this might be something you can enjoy with friends you can start planning ahead.

When planning which accommodation, you would like to stay in, remember to consider one final thing – who will you be taking back with you? Foxy Kittens can put you in touch with the girl of your dreams. Offering a courteous and discreet service, our beautiful girls will give you a night to remember! With a diverse range of cultures and a gallery of gorgeous girl with amazing bodies, Hertfordshire escorts differs to other agencies in the area, guaranteeing you a memorable experience and night of pleasure. Whether your preference is a feisty blonde, adventurous brunette or glamorous redhead, your wildest dreams and most secret fantasies will become nothing but an addictive reality as our stunning escorts want nothing but to make you happy! Available for incall and outcall services 24/7 and able to meet you at a location of your choice, you will never find yourself lonely – even after all of your friends have left the festival! For the most thrilling and unforgettable night of your life, call our irresistible Hertfordshire escorts on 07986 596 592 now!

02/09/2016 - .....And relax!

After a busy summer, it’s only right that you take some alone time and treat yourself. Offering luxury and tranquility, East Anglia’s spas will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Surrounded by a backdrop of idyllic landscape, some of the best spas for relaxation include; The Seckford Hall Hotel & Spa, Suffolk, The Hoste, Norfolk and The Varsity Hotel and Spa, Cambridge. Offering sensual beauty treatments and an opportunity to escape from the chaos of everyday life, the popular spas are definitely worth a visit!

However, if you are looking for an alternative, Norfolk is home to some of the most beautiful and relaxing parks which are perfect for a lazy summer picnic! Chapelfield Gardens, Eaton Park and Earlham Park have all been listed in a recent article as being Norfolk’s finest and are guaranteed to take your breath away!

As renowned for their beauty as the East Anglian scenery, our Suffolk escorts and Norfolk escorts provide various services, catering to all of your personal requirements. All of our escorts conduct themselves with grace and elegance and are all absolutely beautiful. Whether you are looking for discreet companionship or a gorgeous lady to accompany you to as a date for evening’s romance, Foxy Kittens has exactly what you are looking for.

With a gallery of busty, curvy, petite and tall girls, you will have a difficult choice to make! Our stunning escorts are available any day and at any time, so you will never yourself without company. Not only that, all of your deepest fantasies and desires are sure to become that of a reality as our experienced girls are here for your pleasure. If you want to make your day interesting and memorable, contact Foxy Kittens on 07986 596 592 to arrange a date today!

24/08/2016 - Pimms and Punting

Enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike, a punting experience is on the top of the to-do list in Cambridge, one of Britain’s most beautiful and historic cities. Float back in time as you glide down River Cam elegantly, listening to the fascinating tales from your expert tour guide as you marvel as the unobstructed views of the less-seen College Backs. Pass by the world-famous buildings of Trinity College, Kinds College Chapel and the Bridge of Sighs, surrounded by grand stretches of immaculate lawns and willow-trees lined banks. The mile-long River Cam is world-famous for punting as it is the ideal way to appreciate the stunning architecture of Cambridge University’s most historic buildings.

As you take a tranquil cruise down River Cam, the next best thing you need to take in besides the glorious views is Pimm’s, a quintessentially British drink. Best mixed with lemonade and mint, mixed fruit and cucumber, nothing beats the unique experience of punting and savouring the refreshing flavour of English summer. Additionally, pack a picnic so you can indulge in some alfresco dining over the water. If not, there are plenty of opportunities to moor up on verdant spaces and settle down for some lunch in the sun. Punting is especially popular during the summer months due to the warm weather of course.

Punting can be an extremely romantic experience, especially when in the right company. Our own Cambridge escorts are ideal dates for messing about on the river. We have a number of escort sin Cambridge who would be perfect playmates for such an excursion and once you have enjoyed your punt, you could perhaps enjoy punting of a different kind? Call our East Anglia escort agency and make a date with our Cambridge escorts for a day on the River Cam.

24/08/2016 - No summer holiday? Stay in Beds

Escape to tranquil and idyllic Bedfordshire for an ideal weekend getaway! Whether you want a romantic weekend, a culture-filled weekend or simply a quiet weekend, Bedfordshire have everything to make your weekend unforgettable, including stunning Bedfordshire escorts. Here are our recommendations on the best of Bedfordshire:

Immerse yourself in absolute peace and relaxation at Luton Hoo Hotel, an 18th century Grade 1 listed Mansion House which has been transformed into a five-star hotel. Situated within its historical and lush 1065-acre estate, the picturesque gardens, serene fountains, rolling pastures and a 50-acre lake is the perfect setting for a peaceful respite. While you are here, pamper yourself at the Luton Hoo Hotel in-house spa. Revitalise your body, skin and soul by with their broad spectrum of unique treatments inspired by the flora and herbs that flourish around the estate.

Indulge in classic British fine dining at Paris House Restaurant, a stunning Victorian Tudor-style manor house surrounded by acres of glorious parkland. The property is now owned by head chef Phil Fanning, who prepares special and inventive dishes for your delight. Sample the gastronomic tasting menus or take the chance with the ten-course surprise menu within the elegant dining room. To top it off, complement your delectable dishes with the comprehensive list of fine wines.

One of the favourite attractions in Bedfordshire is Woburn Safari Park. Situated on the 300 acres of Woburn Abbey Deer Park, the wildlife park is home to over 1000 animals. Take a relaxing trip around the park as you get close to the rhinos, giraffe, elephants lions, bisons and more. Our Bedfordshire escorts are perfect dates no matter what you choose to do although they are perhaps best enjoyed in a more romantic and relaxing setting. If you are more of an action man, then a safari might be more your style and as you play Tarzan, our Bedfordshire escorts can be your Jane.

24/08/2016 - Luxury living in Norwich

When we think of supreme sumptuousness, London often pops into mind. However, Norwich has an exclusive penthouse up for sale that is bound to raise quite a few eyebrows with its premium £1.35m price tag.

Welcome to the highest penthouse on the soaring Westlegate Tower, the tallest residential building within the walls of the city centre. Previously sold for £1m in 2014, this award-winning apartment is now up for sale again, allowing Norwich’s most affluent folks to take a chance at it. This exclusive abode boasts three spacious bedrooms, a sky lounge resembling a ski resort and a beautiful three sided roof terrace. To top it off, this property also has its own lift to a private floor, and only a few will gain access to unparalleled panoramic views stretching all the way to Norwich International Airport, Norwich Castle and the tranquil wind turbines at Scroby Sands.

Designed by an internationally acclaimed interior designer, the entire outlook of the penthouse is kept in-line with its original country heritage from 1959 yet blending seamlessly with contemporary fittings.

According to the estate agents who are selling it , “Owning this Penthouse would be synonymous to owning a one-off painting or a tailored sports car… people are well-prepared to pay for something that no one else can own and for its exclusivity”. Exclusivity always comes at a price however at Foxy kittens a date with our sensational East Anglia escorts wont set you back quite as much however the delight you will enjoy from spending time with any of them, not least our very own Norwich escorts, can make you feel like you have won the lottery!

Our elite East Anglia escorts offer outcalls to all areas within the region so no matter whether you own a penthouse or not or whether you are staying at a local hotel, our Norfolk escorts will be more than happy to visit.

24/08/2016 - Lasting Latitude fun in Norwich

Latitude festival may be over, but the adrenaline level that goes on in Norwich is still as high as ever if you know where to go. In this student city, mainstream dance music is nothing compared the vibrant underground scene. A majority of these student hedonism nights are helmed by the undergrads at UAE so to stay in the loop, make sure you dig deeper and get in the know for some dancefloor gold. For those who may not know where to start, here is our rundown on three of the city’s most prominent clubs:

Bedford’s Crypt

There is nothing more underground than Norwich’s most famous 15th-century crypt. This quaint venue is famed for being a premier live music venue showcasing the finest talents in the UK. With its distinctively vaulted ceilings, the acoustics are undoubtedly more superior. Gather your friends or better still one of our gloriously gorgeous Bedford escorts for an intimate night with excellent DJs and live bands here at Bedford’s Crypt.

Karma Kafe

Head down to Karma Kafe for an unforgettable night with their casual party vibe! Open seven days a week, Karma Kafe has perfect intimate spaces in old cellars called ‘The Vault’ for you to hold private parties such as Hen, Stag or birthday parties. Each vault boasts its own bar and they come to life every Friday and Saturday evenings with their resident DJs spinning the best of underground and electro beats.

The Birdcage

The favourite hang for Norwich’s most creative, The Birdcage is everything artsy. From their hipster vibes to unique mixology to delectable tipples to gallery space for the best local art, The Birdcage is where you want to be for an eclectic night out. Nestled in the heart of Norwich Lanes, The Birdcage is sitting with a historic building dating back to 1859. It also hosts many poetry slams, cabaret nights and many other one-of-a-kind events that must not be missed! Our Norwich escorts are a true delight and will make sure you enjoy a memorable night in their company.

No matter where you enjoy a night out in East Anglia just make sure you enjoy it with one of our East Anglia escorts.

24/08/2016 - Enjoy a spa day with our escorts

Home to a broad range of luxury spas, Essex offers ample opportunities for you to relax and unwind in style while catching a glimpse of its picturesque coast. From countryside retreats to contemporary hotel spas, there is definitely one within the diverse spectrum of spas that will tickle your fancy. Of course the best way to enjoy a spa in Essex is in the company of one of our beautifulessex escorts so here is our roundup of our three favourite spas in Essex:

Elemis Spa

Nestled within Colchester, one of the most beautiful hotels in the area, Elemis Spa provides bespoke spa therapies using top of the range products from both Elemis and bare Minerals. Their extensive spa treatment menu offers treatments that work in natural synergy with our body, skin and mind. Rejuvenate your weary body and pamper yourself with Elemis Spa’s world-class therapies.

Kukana Spa

Located at Orsett Hall Hotel within 12 acres of picturesque Essex countryside, Kukana Spa is a serene boutique-style spa offering a broad spectrum of spa and beauty treatments. This privately-owned facility is fully equipped to help you gain new energy, strength and vitality.

Reflections Spa

Situated in the enchanting grounds of Pontlands Park Hotel in Great Baddow, Reflections Spa is jammed-packed with the best facilities to revitalise your body, skin and soul. With two spacious heated pools, two Jacuzzis and an alluring steam room, Reflections Spa is perfect for anyone seeking a quick respite from daily work stress. Our Essex escorts know all about relieving stress so if you can’t get to a spa then why not simply make a date with our companions for a revitalising and refreshing encounter in Essex!

17/08/2016 - National relaxation day!

It was national relaxation day yesterday and rather than raise the stress levels by the fact that we missed it, we think it is only right that we celebrate it today! What better way to relax than to enjoy a luxurious afternoon in the best company possible. Our sensational Cambridgeshire escorts are on hand to offer all the relaxation you need in whatever form it may take.

Whilst most people think that relaxation involves sitting about doing nothing, this is not always the case. Anything that soothes the mind can be relaxing, including intimate companionship. Research has shown that certain chemicals are released in the brain after intimacy that reduces stress and is very beneficial to the overall wellbeing of the body. In such stressful times, it is good to enjoy some form of release and our experienced escorts in Cambridgeshire certainly know how to do that!

Massage is a wonderful way to relax the mind, body and soul. It has been used throughout the ages for a number of physical ailments and throughout many of the ancient cultures. The Chinese, Hindus and Indian swear by its usefulness for all sorts of things and we ever have many erotic massages which aim to enlighten the soul and free us from modern strains and even physical problems. Whilst our East Anglia escorts may not all be professional masseuses they certainly know their way around the body and they can follow your indications as to whether something feels good or not.

Relaxation is all about wellness and whether your massage is given by someone who has passed exams or not should be irrelevant when seeking pleasure. Obviously for injury and repair then that is a different matter but in terms of feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for everything that life can throw at you we highly recommend an hour in the company of our gorgeous escorts. Why not give us a call and see for yourself! We are celebrating national relaxation day after all.

17/08/2016 - Nibble and lick not suck!

Nibble and lick from the bottom up and absolutely no sucking. This is the advice from a top food futurologist (apparently it is a real job!) when dealing with those troublesome ice-lollies.

Hmm, yes we know what you thought.

Apparently we have been enjoying our favourite summer treat all wrong. Most of us, that is a resounding 98%, start from the top and work our way down, sucking our ice lollies so that they don’t melt. Most of us will end up in a sticky mess, except those who bravely bite their way through them (weirdoes). Apparently research has shown that the best way to ensure that we get to eat the ice-lolly before it melts off the stick is from the bottom up. Now aside from the fact that clearly someone, somewhere, was paid to research this isn’t that part of the fun? At Foxy Kittens East Anglia escort agency we cannot disagree with the fact that starting from the bottom up is a great idea but then that is something else entirely. Perhaps some university with an overblown budget can pay us to do some research – our Essex escorts are very thorough!

Uber recently hot the headline when their free ice-cream delivery service turned out to not be all that it seemed. The service was only available in 17 different areas, one of which was Cambridge and some of our Cambridge escorts felt a little disappointed by the fact that the ice-creams promised turned out to be ice-lollies instead. As most people will agree, the two are entirely different and where Uber couldn’t seem to understand the problem, we associate it as being the same as if a client booked one Essex escort with brunette hair and a blonde arrived instead. Not the same at all! Ice-cream or Ice-lollies, blondes or brunettes it is important to get it right!

17/08/2016 - Get real!

Genuineness is a thing of the past since the introduction of social media. It seems that science has proven the fact that we feel a sense of obligation to like things that our friends post on their feeds, even when we don’t. The need to support and nurture our friends publicly seems to come before our own feelings and has increased the amount of two faced actions on our social channels.

This study followed the actions of over 500 different people posting on social media. It followed those who posted numerous gym selfies, details of exercise, workouts, holidays and children. It then measured the number of likes that these posts accrued and actually asked the ‘likers’ of their private opinion afterwards. Results showed that nearly 70% had simply liked the post because the person was their friend and secretly they did not in fact like it at all.

Our need to be validated and feel socially superior to others places a huge amount of strain on relationships of all kinds. The kind of ‘bragging’ we see on websites like facebook and instagram is turning friends into foes. Other recent reports have shown that spending too much time on social media actually lowers self esteem as we feel that we are not equal to other people. Our beautiful Essex escorts never have that trouble as they know their own worth and have the confidence and the experience to show it. Our escorts never post about their encounters on social media so clients can rest assured that their privacy is safe in the hands of our glorious escorts in Essex and all the other areas of East Anglia that we cover. Perhaps think, the next time you hit the ‘send’ button.

17/08/2016 - National Tell a Joke day

Today is National Tell a Joke day. The idea behind the day is to spread happiness and humour and generally put a smile on everyone’s faces. Most of Social media and mainstream media is awash with the old ‘knock- knock’ jokes and the ‘three men walked into a bar…’ type humour. Of course, as you might have noticed there are plenty of Essex girl jokes out there too. These jokes tend to follow the pattern of dumb blonde jokes although most of them are explicit in their nature (and not in a nice way). It follows the widely accepted attitude that Essex girls have a bad reputation. Now whilst this may be seen as a bit rich coming from an escort agency with plenty of Essex escorts, our ladies are just that – ladies.

Most of our clients are aware and also very appreciative of the fact that there is a vast difference between our Essex escorts and the type of girls that someone may meet in an Essex bar on a Saturday night. Our ladies offer a professional service and are experience and measured in their roles. Whilst we don’t want to put a damper on everyone’s fun we do feel that some jokes can come across as offensive and should be shared with caution – especially on social media for all to see!

National Tell a Joke Day has never been promoted very much before and there is little history behind it. Most of these national days tend to be arranged as a way of getting people involved in social media and have no basis in the real world but it certainly gives everyone something to talk about.

So, what’s the difference between an Essex girl joke and a Foxy kitten? Foxy Kittens will put a smile on your face. Yeah, ok it was weak.

Make a date today and let one of our Essex escorts put a smile on your face by calling our East Anglia escorts agency.

17/08/2016 - Pimms and punting

The river Cam runs through Cambridge and onto the North sea at Kings Lynn. It is used a great deal for various forms of leisure and whilst angling and even swimming are popular, punting the main pastime that the river is known for. There are a small number of companies which operate on the river and hiring a punt is something that can be enjoyed by individuals, couples and even groups of people. Some punts can carry up to twelve people although the best way to enjoy the beautiful scenic views are just the two of you together cuddled under one of the blankets provided and someone else to push the boat along. Braver individuals can try paddle boarding although there is a high risk of getting drenched unless you have excellent balance.

A great day out in Cambridge is to enjoy some Pimms and punting. How much more British can you get? Many of our International clients request the company of our British escorts in Cambridge for a spot of punting along the river and on a warm day it can be a wonderful experience. A real taste of the British summer as your personal tour guide regales you both with tales of the various sights you pass. Once you have messed about on the river why not return to your hotel together and relax in the comfortable surroundings. Our beautiful English escorts are a true delight to spend time with and given that most have always been local to the area they may have some tales to tell of their own.

Of course if the refreshing Pimms drink is not your thing and you prefer something a little more bubbly then we can arrange for you to enjoy a champagne punt too. Whatever you desire our team are always on hand to assist so all you need to do is give us a call and let us know which of our Cambridge escorts you would like to see and how you would like to spend your date together. Our team will do the rest

27/07/2016 - West Midlands Escorts

West Midland is one of the most beautiful counties to settle in. It intertwines the city life with the rural life. Along with the natural scenery and history of the county are the West Midland escorts. These pretty women are provided by Foxy Kittens escort agency. The agency was started in 2005 and is licensed to offer escort services to the public. With the rise of escort agencies all over UK, Foxy Kittens has still managed to stand out as the best among them. Its services, confidentiality and the escorts’ level of beauty cannot be rivaled easily.

Below is a list of reasons why you should choose West Midland escorts from Foxy Kittens;

The west Midland escorts are pretty and of high caliber. You do not have to send a cab to deliver them at the agreed destination. The models have their own cars, apartments and houses. They easily work within the hours and deliver their services on time when needed.

Foxy Kittens is widely known all over the United Kingdom. Their services are not only available in the West Midlands but other counties like Norfolk, Nottingham, Oxfordshire and many more. The escorts are trained to know every part of their county as well as around the county. This gives them the upper hand in providing tour guide services to their clients. Apart from the tour experience, the escorts are able to arrive at the client’s destination without supervision.

Professionalism; Foxy Kittens escorts agency is known to be very professional in their services. West Midland escorts are reliable, efficient, and time efficient. These are virtues that are most appealing to clients. Apart from being professional, they are known for their beauty and sexy bodies.


West Midland Escorts are stunning and elegant. Just visit Foxy Kittens for more details on how to hook up with one of these escorts.

10/07/2016 - WHAT'S SHE LOOKING AT?

Morality has infiltrated societies and cultures as a silent virus, spread by word of mouth and through the grape vine until we no longer realise what started this self-imposed moral policing of each other. Moralizing stemmed from our efforts to discourage promiscuity and encourage male parental investment, a structure encouraged in history. Specifically morality establishes what constitutes an authentic relationship and what is deemed appropriate sexual behaviour. H G Wells said “self-righteous morality is jealously with a halo”, and that is usually at the root of moral pointing and chatter.

Interestingly it is the female sex that historically endured the brunt of moral policing, and tend to be the main perpetrators. When did the basic impulse to treat others well based on kindness and empathy, not obedience to authority or to a rational principle become the norm? The glossy weekly magazines are full of stories of moral failings and headlines screaming “ My love triangle nightmare “ or “ love rat hell “ and I can’t resist mentioning the Jeremy Kyle show and the virtual hanging of the guests .

As adults we learn that loving healthy relationships sometimes end, people fall out of love and fall in love again. People get hurt and this is being a human. We don’t need to moralise breakups and demonize each other. Jealously and possessiveness kills love. Egotism, conflict, disharmony, cruelty and jealously are bad enough to endure without judgement.

When we judge another not worthy, for example sex workers needing protection and rights, do we automatically knee jerk a moral judgement? Or at couples that are liberated sexually, gay couples having children, adopting etc.

I think that morality is subjective and the core to any moral dilemma is uncertainty. Is it time we stopped being so judgemental and concentrate on our own happiness and let others do the same.

To illustrate this subtlety here is Jane Mansfield getting the eye from Sofia Loren in Truman Capote’s 1966 picture.


01/07/2016 - Suffolk punch? Unlikely at Latitude

If you didn’t manage to get down to Glastonbury then perhaps something a little closer to home might be in order. The Latitude festival in Suffolk takes place on 14-16th July so there is still time to get your tickets. More than just a music festival, all the various elements of The Arts are included here so if you need a shot of culture this is where you will find an eclectic mix all within the rolling countryside of Southwold in Suffolk.

Of course that is not the only attraction to bring you to Suffolk, at Foxy Kittens east Anglia escort agency we have a wonderful selection of stunning Suffolk escorts, some of whom are from the area whilst others hail from further afield. As you will see from our portfolio, we like to think that we have all desires and tastes covered so no matter whether you are looking for a busty brunette in Bury St Edmunds or a Slim model blonde in Ipswich, our escort agency should be able to fill the void whatever that may be. Given that our portfolio includes some sexy stunners from Europe we like to think that our gallery offers a wonderful choice to our discerning clients and each of our beauties is available for outcalls throughout the region. Whether you want to enjoy an overnight encounter or a single hour tryst, our East Anglia escort agency has the experience and skills to match you with the most suitable beauty for your personal needs.

Southwold is a popular location for people to visit and get away from it all. The picturesque seaside town has a history which stretches back hundreds of years and whilst it is used to playing host to many visitors during the summer months, when the Latitude festival is on, the small town can seem a little overcrowded. If you would like to book a date with any of our local escorts during this time we would advise that clients book with as much notice as possible. Our ladies can become extremely busy so call now to avoid disappointment.

01/07/2016 - Its all happening in Norwich this weekend!

East Anglia covers a wide area and this weekend if you happen to be around Norwich in Norfolk you could find your entertainment at the Lord Mayor of Norwich celebrations. They last the entire weekend and offer a wealth of different activities for all ages and interests.

For those of us who consider ourselves as adults there is a street feast, Lord mayor’s procession, street music and street entertainers to keep us happy. There are plenty of cultural activities too so if you are into your art then there are showings from various local artists in all genres of art and sculpture as well as musicians from the local area to keep everyone happy. Of course the bars and restaurants are likely to be extremely busy and the whole area is likely to be filled with people, so if crowds are not your thing then perhaps it could be somewhere to avoid!

If you prefer to keep away from it all you could enjoy your own private entertainment with any of our beautiful east Anglia escorts. Our ladies know exactly how to keep you attentive at all times and their own brand of fun and action is probably the most exciting thing not on the list of local activities!

Norwich has many excellent hotels for you to stay in and these are places in which you can entertain your East Anglia escort. Our ladies are from local and International areas and as you will see from our galleries we have offer an extensive choice to please all tastes. At 10.30 on Saturday there will be fireworks although if you are already ensconced in your hotel room with the Norfolk escort of your choice then you are likely to be enjoying fireworks of your own! Call Foxy Kittens to make that date now!

01/07/2016 - Whirlwind weather!

The UK has been suffering with the weather so far this summer and when you remember that this time last year we were enjoying something of a mini heat wave with temperatures reaching high 20’s and early 30’s every day the fact that a tornado has been spotted over Suffolk in the last few days is somewhat sobering. Our gorgeous East Anglia escorts have been lamenting the cooler weather as it means that they can wear their barely there summer outfits and sexy little skirts, although we are sure if you ask nicely and put the heating up in your home or hotel room they will be more than happy to give their flimsy attire an outing!

One of the best things about summer is the fact that there is always so much flesh on show, although in some cases it can also be one of the worst things about summer too! Our stunning escorts in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex are breathtaking beautiful in whatever they wear however in their strappy little numbers they are knockout! At Foxy Kittens we like to think that our beauties are always ready and prepared for anything so if you want a little hot and steamy role play then our girls are the ones for you.

Imaginative, creative and extremely adventurous you could enjoy all sorts of scenarios when you make a date with our beauties and the best part of it all is the fact that they will all visit you o matter where you are in the region and each of our beautiful escorts in east Anglia have lists of those places they are available for outcalls in. Why not browse our escort galleries and see if your favourite East Anglia escort is local to you, it is likely that you will find more than one beauty to meet your needs in terms of looks and preferences so if you need any assistance finding the perfect match for you – never hesitate to call.

01/07/2016 - Essex Pride. Nuff said.

Most rural areas tend to host their annual trade and farming shows and with the Norfolk show having taken place amid some of the worst weather we have endured for many summers, you could be forgiven for deciding to give the next one a miss however the annual Pride festival in Essex is not one you want to miss out on.

The carnival atmosphere and amazing sense of fun always brings party atmosphere to Chelmsford central park. It is basically a huge party in the diverse and accepting county of Essex where the people are never known for doing things by halves!

If you are looking for an adventurous and riotous day out then this is where you will find most of the fun. We say most because our Essex escorts are strong contenders for providing the most exciting fun around. Most of our Essex escorts are bisexual and so they like to enjoy their time with both men and women. If you are a couple seeking a companion to spice things up a bit between you then perhaps a date with any of our couples escorts or our bisexual escorts could be the tonic you need. If course some of our bisexual Essex escorts are available for duos so you don’t even need to be part of a couple to have some fun of your own.

The people of Essex are known for their ability to make the most out of everything so come rain or shine you are likely to have a whale of a time no matter what you choose to do – or indeed where you do it, or of course who you do it with! Our Essex escorts are obviously the very best choice and even if you don’t attend the pride festival in Chelmsford, our Essex escorts are available for outcalls in the entire Essex and East Anglia area.

30/06/2016 - The power of positive thinking!

The power of positive thinking is a wonderful thing and has been the very thing to inspire many different people over the centuries. There are many public speakers who are said to inspire wonderful feats of dexterity in others so spare a thought for those who are less successful and their hapless followers.

In Dallas, Texas, followers of a motivational speaker were encouraged to ‘unleash the power within’ by walking across red hot coals in a bid to show the powers of positive thinking however it all went a bit wrong when over 30 people had to be medically assisted by the Dallas fire rescue for various burn injuries. Perhaps they were the ones who had not bought the books!

The power of positive thinking is something which we do believe in at our London escort agency. Whilst we do not insist that our clients walk over red hot coals in order to show their desire for our stunning London escorts we would imagine that there would be a few that would, in order to show their appreciation! Positive thinking is something which comes from within and pushes us on to achieve great things in all aspects of our lives.

Many consider our elite London escorts to be unapproachable however this is not the case at all and if you think positively you could be enjoying a fantastic date with a sensational model escort in London (without the need for any assistance from the fire brigade – although if your passions reach fever pitch you may need a hosing down!)

Why not take the opportunity to make a date with our beautiful girls and enjoy a red hot scorching date in London. All you need to do is think positive and pretty much all things are possible – except perhaps walking on burning hot coals whilst trying to take a selfie!

29/06/2016 - Girl with a one-track mind

Following in the footsteps of Belle de Jour – the anonymous blogger claiming to be a sex worker – the girl with a one track mind started writing in open, explicit terms about her lively sex life in 2004. By 2006, the blog was bookified and published by Ebury, and spent much time on bestseller lists, beach towels and hidden behind the newspapers of serious-looking commuters. Though she was keen to retain her anonymity and continue her career in the film industry, author 'Abby Lee' was soon outed as north Londoner Zoe Margolis by a Sunday newspaper

So why not book a Foxykittens Escort

25/06/2016 - Nottinghamshire Escorts

Nottinghamshire is a county in the East Midlands of England. The county has several learning institutions like colleges and universities. When in Nottinghamshire you can visit different sites like the Mansfield, Newark on Trent, Beeston, Worksop, west Bridgford, Retford and Sutton in Ashfield. If you are a resident or a visitor in this great county, you can hire a Nottinghamshire escort from Foxy Kittens to show you the best places to visit and have fun in. The escorts are conversant with the map of Nottinghamshire and therefore know the best hotels, restaurants, clubs, casinos, private hotels among others. Foxy Kittens provide the best escorts and guarantee you the most fulfilling encounter.

How to book for a Nottinghamshire escort from Foxy Kittens;

• Ever since the agency started the escort business in 2005, technology has advanced. The agency has its own website where the escorts’ profiles are displayed. Nottinghamshire escorts are categorized according to their experience, clients’ reviews about their delivered services, their hair color, and the size of their bodies.

• Once you have logged in to the Foxy Kittens site, you are able to choose any lady of your liking. You can even decide to book different escorts a night if you so wish.

• Depending on whether you are old fashioned or digital; you can either book your Nottinghamshire escort on the site’s booking page or better yet call their hotline and book an appointment.

• You can specify the type of date you would prefer to have with the glamorous escorts; be it partying, a romantic date, ride around town or even a business party. Be specific with the time and location you are to meet at.

• Nottinghamshire escorts are fast, efficient and reliable in their services. They do not disappoint in delivering their skills.


Booking an experienced damsel in Nottinghamshire is not a hard task. Foxy Kittens has greatly simplified its booking process.

23/06/2016 - Oxfordshire Escorts

Oxfordshire is a beautiful county located in the South East England.. If you love visiting new places, there are several destinations to visit like Oxford, Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester, Witney, Didcot, Henley on Thames, and Wallingford-Oxfordshire. Having a tour in and around Oxfordshire can be a bit boring if you do not have the right company. Hiring an Oxfordshire escort from Foxy Kittens will go a long way in hooking you up with a nice lady to accompany you. The ladies are always available any day and anytime when needed. Do not hold yourself back from having a little fun when exploring Oxfordshire County. Below is a list of activities you can indulge in with an Oxfordshire escort.

? A romantic dinner date. Oxfordshire escorts are experienced and well placed to give you a good time. Hire them for a romantic dinner date in the evening at an exquisite restaurant. Later on, have a nice walk by the streets on your way to a private hotel suite. There, the escort will unveil her feminine magic either via a full body massage, or an explosive love making session.

? Masseuse; Oxfordshire escorts are experienced in giving professional massages. If you have had a long day at work and feel like you need to have a quiet, relaxed evening, hire these escorts.

? Weekend getaway; if you are planning a small road trip in and around Oxfordshire, there are several destinations you can visit. Why not take along a beau Oxfordshire lady from Foxy Kittens! She will make the trip more exciting and fun with remarkable activities. You can both have a spontaneous encounter in your car that will be a lifetime memory.

? Parties; are you a party person and need some company? Choose an Oxfordshire escort from Foxy Kittens. Be it a business party, corporate event, wedding parties or just clubbing, they will never disappoint. They dress according to the occasion and act the part.


Book an Oxfordshire escort from Foxy Kittens today and indulge in unrivaled fun together.

22/06/2016 - Lincolnshire Escorts

Lincolnshire is a historical county located in England. This county is still considered as a rural area where life is slower compared to most counties in the United Kingdom. If you are visiting this small rural town to experience their culture and historical value, do it in style. Hire one of the Lincolnshire escorts from the Foxy Kittens escort agency to give you a special tour around the town. The beautiful escorts know their way around the whole county and can give you a special memorable tour.

Listed below are services offered by Lincolnshire escorts from foxy kittens;

Romantic dinner date. Are you bored, alone and too shy to approach that beautiful damsel who is way out of your league? If the answer is yes, then no need to stress yourself on how to make a move. Simply look up at the Foxy Kittens website and choose a supermodel of your desire. Book a VIP Lincolnshire escort for a romantic dinner date around town. If you are a visitor and do not know any exquisite hotels, the escort will gladly show you around. They know the best hotels and clubs. They can engage in any conversation be it business related or just for fun.

Tour guide. Lincolnshire has several historical sites to visit. With an experienced tour guide, you are able to view all those sites within a day or two. However, no need to engage in the old fashioned way of site seeing. Hire a Lincolnshire escort from Foxy Kittens to show you all around the county. They are experienced, learned and licensed to give a tour. The best thing is that they will make the whole journey exciting, memorable and fun.


Lincolnshire is a great place to relax and engage in extra activities. Hiring a supermodel from Foxy Kittens agency will spice up your stay in Lincolnshire.

21/06/2016 - Hertfordshire Escorts

Hertfordshire is a county located in the southern England. If you are visiting this county either for business, pleasure or family events, you can book an escort from the fine and exquisite Foxy Kittens escorts agency. It is the best escort agency in the whole of England. Their services are excellent and they guarantee you memorable moments when you do business with them. They offer escort services in Hertfordshire.

Below are a few reasons why you should hire Hertfordshire escorts;

Reliability; Foxy Kittens is a well-established escort agency. They have beautiful supermodels that are experienced in making sure you have a good time. Hertfordshire escorts are grouped according to their experience, color of the hair and clients reviews. You can check Foxy Kittens site and choose an escort who triggers your fancy. After selection you are able to book an appointment with them. They are available for tours, all night party, business party, romantic dates and many more.

Professionalism; Foxy Kittens has been around since 2005. They are well experienced in delivering their services and making sure their clients are satisfied. Their range of beautiful escorts covers the whole of United Kingdom including Hertfordshire. Their services are well known throughout the towns as they satisfy your personal requirements. The most amazing thing about Hertfordshire escorts is that they are very discrete in their companionship. The agency makes sure you get nothing but the best girls who will satisfy your heart’s desires.

Experience; every escort available on the foxy kitten agency is well educated and mannered. They are graduates from known universities around Hertfordshire. They combine both beauty and brains, and few men can resist their personalities.


If you are in Hertfordshire and want to engage in a life memorable activity, hire the best escorts from Foxy Kittens escorts agency.

20/06/2016 - Norfolk Escorts

Norfolk is a beautiful county in the East Anglia. There are several sites to behold when in this county like the broads, Sandringh am house, Felbrigg hall, Bewilder wood, Norwich castle, Ox burgh hall, Cromer pier and the Norwich cathedral among others.. Many tourists visit this place just to behold most of the sites and learn about the local culture and traditions. You can always hire the services of a Norfolk escort to make your stay interesting, enticing and memorable. Foxy Kittens is the best agency for all your escort needs in Norfolk. It offers the best escorts to liven up your dull moments. Below are valid reasons why you should hire a Norfolk escort from Foxy Kittens to spice up your stay.

? Escorts; Foxy Kitten are well known for their wide range of ladies. They have brunettes, blondes, red heads and many more. Their varieties of beautiful ladies are all educated and have etiquette. They are classy and cannot be compared with any other escorts around Norfolk. They are experienced in offering services as specified by the client. The ladies are available for tours, dates and even parties. They dress according to the occasion and can never disappoint.

? Confidentiality. Foxy Kittens escort agency has been around for many years. Therefore, they have mastered the art of keeping their business confidential. The agency has a rule whereby whatever goes down between the escort and the client stays between the two.

? Efficiency; if you hire an escort from Norfolk you are guaranteed a moment in a lifetime experience. The elegant ladies are known to satisfy their clients� needs, fantasies and desires.


If you make a decision of hiring the admirable, alluring and appealing ladies from Norfolk escorts, it makes sense to pick theme from a reputable escort agency like Foxy Kittens.

19/06/2016 - Warwickshire party girls

Warwickshire Escorts

Whether you are a resident or a visitor in Warwickshire County and you are looking for a girlfriend to spice up your weekend or evening, hire the Warwickshire escorts. The escorts are some of the most beautiful girls in the UK, and are offered by the leading escort agency in Warwickshire, Foxy Kittens. The ladies are known for their beauty and appealing bodies. They are the type of ladies most men would shy awry from in the streets. Our supermodels are well trained to light up your moments and fulfill your lifelong fantasies and sensual desires. Foxy Kittens has been around for many years and therefore built a strong foundation all over Warwickshire. Warwickshire escorts have mastered the art of pleasing clients and spicing up their day with mind blowing activities.

Listed below are several activities the Warwickshire escorts offer.

Indoor activities; you can decide to hire a Warwickshire escort and spend some quality time indoors. The ladies are pretty with curvaceous bodies and firm breasts. Their whole physical body is appealing to the eyes and very tempting. They are very experienced in bedroom activities as they are well trained to deliver such activities. You cannot get bored with them because they love teasing and pushing your sensual fantasies to the limits.

Road trip; if you are an outdoor person and wish to enjoy your weekend on the road, hire a Warwickshire companion. Our escorts will make you feel at home even if you are in a new area. You can drive along different destinations and enjoy the county’s historical background. Later on, engage in an outdoor activity like camping or spend a night in a lodging.

Parties; are you a nightlife person and love dancing? Foxy Kittens provides you with the best ladies for such. They love dancing, playing casino games and offering a sexy unforgettable night afterwards. Experience the fun with a Warwickshire escort.


For more information regarding services offered by Warwickshire escorts, please visit the Foxy Kittens website page.

18/06/2016 - Peterborough Escorts

Peterborough is a cathedral city located in the East of England. It is also known as a unitary authority area with a population of about 180,000 residents. As a visitor, you can visit the Nene Park at Peterborough, flag fen, Burghley house, Nene valley railway, Elton hall, Long Thorpe tower, etc. You can decide to be more outgoing and experience a good time in Peterborough with an escort from Foxy Kittens. Visit all the exquisite hotels, restaurants, villas and clubs. You're always assured of experiencing exciting moments with escorts from Foxy Kittens that are skilled with satisfying their clients needs. Peterborough escorts from Foxy Kittens are the real deal; they are skilled at what they do.

Peterborough escorts are are smart, beautiful and classy. No other escort agency in Peterborough has such skilled escorts; you can never go wrong with Foxy Kittens.

You will not be disappointed with the services offered by our ladies. No matter the date you have booked them for, they will come in style and on time. Be it a party, clubbing, or for those discrete fun moments, our escorts never disappoint.

Wondering if you will have enough fun with our spontaneous escorts? Worry no more, because our escorts are known to be outgoing and very open minded. They will make sure you do not get bored as they satisfy your fantasies and desires.

Our Peterborough escorts are profession masseuses. They are able to help you feel more relaxed after a long day at work.

You will find out that our ladies are young, intelligent and have the etiquette needed to accompany you to both formal and informal settings. They are very beautiful and eloquent. Foxy Kittens hires the best and most experienced supermodels to work as escorts.


Foxy Kittens is your reliable and leading escort agency, for all your escort needs and queries in Peterborough.

17/06/2016 - Northampton Escorts

Northampton Escorts

Many residents and visitors come to Northampton to experience its natural beauty and strategic location. If you are visiting Northampton and you love to party, have fun and make memories, you can hire the beautiful Northampton escorts from Foxy Kittens escort agency. The agency is well known all over the United Kingdom for their excellent escort services. Foxy Kittens has been offering quality services for many years, and this has equipped them with invaluable knowledge ob the things men look out for in an escort.

Why choose foxy kittens?

Legal; Foxy Kittens has been registered as a business in the United Kingdom. It is licensed to offer escort services to the public. The agency has spread throughout England including in Northampton making it the most valued and experienced escort agency in England.

Availability; since the services of the Foxy Kittens are widely known, they are available in even the small towns like Northampton. Foxy Kittens maintains their excellent record of satisfaction by providing beautiful and experienced ladies. They avail escorts who will satisfy your personal requirements and provide discrete services like companionship, a little diversion after long day at work, or just a simple romantic company in the evening.

Check-up. All the Northampton escorts hired by the Foxy Kitten have undergone a thorough vetting process. Their selection process ensures the girls are beautiful, smart, and well-mannered and have the ability to offer the services required by the clients in a professional way. The ladies undergo a training session where they are taught about the rules of the game together with the consequences of breaking them. They do not hire an escort until she has fully understood the terms and condition set aside by the agency.


Northampton is a great town to have fun with an escort from Foxy Kittens.

07/06/2016 - do they deserve jail

Non-EU migrants illegally entering an EU state in the Schengen zone should not face detention on those grounds, says the European Court of Justice.

Migrants staying illegally should instead be returned to the country from which they came under the so-called Return Directive, it said.

The ruling applies to migrants crossing borders within the passport-free area and on leaving the zone.

It will infuriate critics of EU policy, but contains several important caveats.

07/06/2016 - Mathieu Debuchy to return to Arsenal

Mathieu Debuchy will reportedly return to Arsenal this summer.

The Frenchman spent the second half of last term on loan at Ligue 1 side Bordeaux after falling out of favour under Wenger.

Debuchy had hoped a move to his homeland would earn him a spot at in Didier Deschamps Euro 2016 squad, but he wasn't selected.

And according to French publication L'Equipe, Debuchy has decided not to try and extend his stay with Bordeaux and will instead return to the Emirates to fight for his place.

05/06/2016 - New English Escort Maria

check out Foxy's latest stunner

this one isn't to be missed. call now to book maria

you will have a great time With Maria

Maria covers Bedford, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Coventry, Leicester

26/03/2016 - Fun escorts to Visit You

Hey Guys,

its Easter weekend, book a fun escort to make you #smile #FoxyKittens @foxykittens

have a #Party with your mate and a few escorts in your hotel or home...

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09/02/2016 - English Escorts Required

We are a national escort agency lacking English escorts. We have very few English escorts on our books so when the few get booked up we lose many hours each night so if you're looking to make some extra money fill out become an escort and start working. #englishescorts #englishescortswanted

12/03/2014 - FAQ

We do have Frequently Asked Questions about escorts and what to expect. So below we have answered these questions for you, which will help you understand what you to expect from your escort experience. We hope that this answers any queries you may have. However if some do remain then feel free to call our staff who will be more than happy to answer your remaining questions.

How do I make a booking?

When it comes to booking your chosen escort you have two options. The first option is for you to phone our friendly staff who will deal which your appointment. All you have to do is say which escort you would like to book and they will have the time and place sorted within a matter of minutes. The numbers for the escorts are located on the homepage and also on the profile of the escorts.

Your second option is to book online which is simple as you only have to fill out to form and press send. Once you have sent the form you will have a reply in minutes to confirm you booking. To avoid any disappointment we do advise our clients to call in advance so that you will be able to book your chosen escort without her being busy. Booking could not be simpler and with our elite set of staff you escort will be on her way before you put down the phone.

I have a special request, can you help?

Yes of course we can help with this situation. Our escorts love to please their clients as much as possible. If you have a request such as an outfit or certain look then we will do everything we can to provide this for you. Some requests will be turned down depending on how extreme they are, but there is no harm in asking.

Can I extend my time with an escort?

Yes you can extend your time with your escort. This does happen a lot and if you would like to extend your time then this is no problem. Sometimes the escort will be busy afterwards so you may not be able to extend the time with her, but this very rarely happens.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We advise our clients to book at least 1 hour before a booking. This varies on the type of booking and how far the escort has to travel. But giving yourself time is a great way to avoid disappointment, as sometimes the escort you want is already booked.

Are there any cancellation fees?

This depends on the stage in which the escort has travelled. If you phone and notify our staff that you would like to cancel then no you will not be charged. If the escort has made the journey then you will have to pay transport fees.

Can I book more than one escort at a time?

Yes of course you can. To find out which of the escorts do a duo booking you only need to ask our staff that will help you choose the best option. Many of our escorts are bi-sexual and are more than capable to do these types of bookings.

Can I be sure of complete discretion at all times?

Yes we are a professional companionship agency and ensure that the clients receive this service everything they book with us. We do not keep any client information and will never pass on any details. The process is discrete and professional to ensure that the client has the best experience with us.

06/12/2013 - Your Favourite Time of the year

So the exciting time of the year has come around again and Foxy Kittens has all the presents for you. No matter if you have been naughty or nice you will sure to get your presents when you choose to book one of our girls. Sparkling personality's, amazing talents and slim figures is what the foxy kittens have to offer you. The girls love to have a wild evening and can make all your dreams come true. We have girls waiting for your call in all areas of the country so not matter what your location you will have a foxy kitten come right to your door step.

Giving you the ultimate girlfriend experience is what makes us happy which is why we would like you to keep your eye out for Foxy's new voucher which gives you vouchers to purchase for a friend or yourself. You can make your own voucher for any sum of money over £25, so why not buy a few for a mates stag night or birthday!

We also do a wind up voucher you can give a mate for a laugh. Of course you can open your presents early so do not hesitate to give us a call on the number on and our staff will have your evening booked within a matter of minutes.

To learn more about the girls then all you have to do is check out their profiles which has more information about them and their interests and also more amazing images which really show you why these girls are your perfect present this month! Some of the Escorts do both in-calls and

out-calls so that nothing will get in your way with meeting them. We have tall, small, slim, busty, red, and blonde, brunette the list goes on and you can have your own special time with these beautiful women. We update our photos and website constantly so that everything you see is exactly what you get. We strive on creating the ultimate customer service and will do everything we can to make your stay with us extra special. We understand that everyday life can be stressful and that you need time to yourself where all the energy and focus is on you. Meeting new people can always be a pain which is why all of our girls are looking for exactly what you are, so you just have to sit back and create some lasting memories together.

We would like to thank all of our clients and wish you a merry Christmas. Also would like you to keep your eyes out for updates on our site as we are always looking to improve you experience with us. Remember to follow us on twitter which always brings you the latest news of our girls and also any offers we may have. From all of the girls here at foxy we look forward to hearing from you soon.

17/11/2013 - Hope from Foxy Kittens

01/11/2013 - The weekend

So the weekend is here and our girls are ready to have a wild weekend with that special man or women. We have girls all over the UK so you can be sure to find your perfect companion in a matter of minutes. The foxy Kittens are truly special and you can have all the time you want with them just by picking up the phone and calling. We have stunning women who are single and looking for a gentleman like you to show them a good time. No matter where you are situated you can be sure to have the romantic evening you have always wanted. To find your dream women just check out the girls profiles which has a description of their interests and also some images which really show how beautiful they are. The girls love to have a great time and each have their own special talent which they would love to show you. The ultimate girlfriend experience is waiting for you so do not miss the chance. You can get in contact with us no matter what time of day it is so whenever you feel the need to meet a beautiful women just get in contact. If you have any queries then please do not hesitate to call as our friendly member's of staff who will happily answer anything questions you may have.

So what can you expect from foxy Kittens ? Apart from beautiful single women you will receive the highest standard of service every time you choose to book with us. The kittens love to keep themselves in the best shape so that you can appreciate every part of them. We have new girls joining the team constantly so make sure you keep updated with our blog as we will be posting all of the new girls soon. Please feel free to have a browse of our site and check out the Areas covered page to find the girl who is closest to you. If you would like to have the foxy kittens this weekend then please do not hesitate to call. From all the girls here at foxt we are looking for to hearing from you soon.

Lots of Kisses


04/09/2013 - Photo Shoot

We're slowly updating the escorts pictures to more professional ones.

After thinking mobile phone pictures were what our clients would rather see I am going to try something new because the old pictures let the quality of site down.

It's a very expensive site so it's time to upgrade the look and feel of it.

We will only take on new escorts with professionally shot pictures from now.

You can use the photographer we use or your own one.

This is a start of a new Foxy Kittens (the next level).

27/08/2013 - New photo shoot starting

Check out the pictures so you can see the true quality of the ladies you're booking. Over the next month you will see much better pictures of the ladies.

18/02/2013 - Check out the mobile site

check it out at

or go to the main site and click the Foxy app

Its the best and quickest way to view the escorts working

12/02/2013 - Mobile app

Hey, check out our new mobile site

Much quicker on your phone or tablet.

Save the app to your home page.

07/02/2013 - New photo's

Hollie had a photo shoot and her pictures came out stunning

16/01/2013 - Social Networking Coming Soon

Keep a look out for the twitter and facebook logos and get ready to join our forever growing site

24/09/2012 - Birmingham

Foxy Kittens is now covering Birmingham from £130 for the hour.

31/08/2012 - 121 adult chat launched

Have some fun with a sexy lady on the phone or fancy one to come and visit u?

Call 09824 326 669 foxy sexy 121 chat

Call foxy to arrange one of our delightful escorts to come and play with u.

Call 07986 596 768 to have a lady visit you.

18/07/2012 - First Photo Shoot in The Foxy Studio

Alexia's photo shoot went very well.

loads of pictures to choose from.

they will go on her profile very soon.

12/07/2012 - Recruiting Escorts

Experienced Escorts 18+

All shapes and sizes.

please fill in the Become A Kitten form and add some pictures.

One of our professional office staff members will be in touch with you between 12 and 6pm 7 days a week.

if you don't get a call please contact the office any time after 12.


Foxy Office.

11/07/2012 - West Midlands

To all potential clients in and around the west midlands areas. we're now covering all the towns and villages.

Birmingham one of the largest cities in the UK.

we're looking for professional escorts and drivers in the west midlands area.

10/07/2012 - New Escorts

Go to our gallery and check out the kittens covering Birmingham (West Midlands)

Aidah, Megan, Paris, Rihanna and Sydney.

Call 07758820190 to make a booking with a Foxy Kitten from your area.

07/07/2012 - Drivers Required

Hi All,

Are you looking for a driving job?

We work 24/7 and require drivers from the following areas:

Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Derby..

Please complete are online form and we will contact you back.

Foxy Kittens

06/07/2012 - New Photo Studio

Foxy Kittens are proud to announce the opening of their brand new professional photo studio.

Our escorts can now enjoy professional photo-shoots to make the best of their features.

13/06/2012 - Foxy Kittens Now 24/7

Foxy Kittens escorts agency now operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call 07914 608 256

Escorts available for out-calls 24/7

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