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AVA- EEfine fit young lady 02/10/2017Bottesford Notts escorts
AVA- EESUPPERPIC MOUTHWARTERING02/10/2017Bottesford Notts escorts
COOKIEI found Cookie very beautiful, and she arrived on time in the clothes I requested, hope to book her again, she speaks perfect English 30/12/2017Stowmarket escorts
ISABELLA B - EUROPEANbeautiful,friendly ,sexy and a pleasure to be with lovely lady09/08/2013suffolk escorts
JOLIE NEWJolie is an amazing girl and a great laugh, she really is easily approachable and is beautiful friendly well kept young lady. I for one will definitely be using her services again.23/01/2018london escorts
KANDY -ENGLISH Met with Chanel last night and she was a pleasure to meet. Helped put myself and my partner at ease and we fully enjoyed ourself. Looking forward to seeing her again 11/10/2017Peterborough escorts
KIMBERLY - ENGLISH kimberly is very god at her job. her bl** j** are really good. beauiful girl and would love to see her again and again.. 12/01/2014Cambridge escorts
KIMBERLY - ENGLISH kimberly is very god at her job. 12/01/2014Cambridge escorts
KIMBERLY - ENGLISH Kimberly was azmaing and stunning girl and she is so wild in the bedroom and she knows how to treat a man I will be looking forward to see her again :) x23/03/2016Peterborugh escorts
KIMBERLY - ENGLISH Kimberley will put you in your place and make you her lil bitch she is goals20/09/2017Ely escorts
KIMBERLY - ENGLISH Kimberly is stunning, intelligent and dominates like a queen she will own you02/09/2017Ely escorts
MARCELA - BRAZILIAN Had a night with this girl and she was amazing. Kind genuine and truly beautiful. Would love another encounter. Cant go wrong with this girl!!12/11/2015sleaford escorts
MARCELA - BRAZILIAN Excellent lady can't wait to meet again22/10/2014corby escorts
MARCELA - BRAZILIAN valerie is fun and a delight to be with23/02/2015somersham escorts
NIKITA - escorts
PAMELA BBest girl i ever had29/03/2017Cambridge escorts
PAMELA BPamela B is a stunning sexy young lady . Fantastic company.31/07/2016Thetford escorts
SARAA - ENGLISHVery beautiful and a wonderful personality.30/06/2017Spalding escorts
SUMMER P - escorts
SUMMER P - escorts
SUMMER P - escorts
SUMMER P - escorts
TANIA - EUROPEAN Tania is simply gorgeous - even better than her photos (which is saying something!)! I had a fantastic time - thanks Tania! Andy xx 08/06/2015Lolworth escorts
TANIA - EUROPEAN tanya , gorgeous figure lovely lady , very welcoming , highly recommended 10/1011/06/2016Milton Keynes escorts
TANIA - EUROPEAN Best night ever, she is amazing, highly recommend......wow14/09/2016Cambridge escorts
TANIA - EUROPEAN Tania what can I say Tania is so beautiful she had my eyes under controlle like a spell she is really a beautiful women Worth your time she made my year truly beautiful women with a beautiful personality would not forget meeting her she really crowned my year off won't forget 9 o'clock when I meet Tania really happy I meet her id advise you to take her out an let her make your day 06/12/2013Suffolk escorts

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